Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 529

Chapter 529: Yakugetsune

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The corpses are all over the mountain, and a large number of monkey corpses are spread on the ground, among which are monkeys with golden tails.

A great dogfight is taking place in the Col. Dozens of people in black are besieging a few giant apes. These giant apes are just like the one they saved. They are all in madness, surrounded by these dozens of people in black. In the formation, there are more and more gray colors on their bodies. If they come later, I am afraid that these giant apes will be poisoned.

"Roar!" The monkey rescued by Zhao Yuande and them rushed madly towards these men in black with a roar of anger in their mouths.


The sound of Zhao Yuande's Buddha swayed, and the whole mountain collapsed, and the giant apes suddenly woke up from the rage.

" the cave..." One of the giant apes recovered and looked at Zhao Yuande. They suddenly radiated a surprise light, pointing at the cave's face showing a pleading look, "Please benefactor to save our patriarch, but also There are those innocent children..."

"You are packing up the mess outside, guarding the hole, and you come with me as soon as a ring!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the ring, and his figure had disappeared into everyone's eyes.

He had come to the cave and saw a war.

A snow-white giant ape is now in a fierce battle with an old man in black. At this time, half of the body of the giant ape has been infested with gray and white. Although its eyes are still clear at this time, it is retreating.

This great ape is a half-beast, and its power can almost shake the sky. If it is not poisoned at this time, the old man in black is not his opponent at all.

The old man in black was cultivated by the emperor in the mid-term. The whole body was black and angry, and a snake whip in his hand appeared ghostly, adding a wound to the giant ape.

Not far away there was a young man dressed in red. His face was scarred and full of hideousness. This young man was wandering in front of a rough stone door.

Although the stone door was rough and rough, there was a golden rune paper on it. The rune paper seemed to contain terrible power. The young man in red kept trying to get close to the stone door. There will be a golden electro-light striking from the rune paper.

"Great elder, hurry up to solve the beast, there must be some baby hidden behind this stone door." The young man in red appeared anxious.


The great ape roared up in the sky, and the entire cave shivered in its roar. It saw the young man in red approaching the stone gate, and was suddenly irritable, trying to get rid of the old man in black, to fight the young man in red, but in the hands of the old man in black The snake whip did not know what material it was made of, with tiny barbs on it, and the giant ape would be ripped off a large flesh every time he wanted to leave.

"Damn, you brute, how dare you want to kill me!" The young man in red was furious, and a large gray poisonous mist spewed in his hand, rushing towards the giant ape.

"Master, don't rush to kill it, it's already a half-beast. If it's not poisoning, I'm not its opponent at all. We need to make it angry. The more angry, the better, before finally harvesting its rage spirit. Only in this way can the interests be maximized!" The old man in black waved away the gray poisonous mist and smiled, "This beast is dead or alive, can his treasures still run away?"

"The elder elder is right, hey!" The young man in red only showed a grinning smile.

"Master, now you go outside to see if the little cubs are lazy, and let them guard against the golden ape, it may be hidden in a mountain forest at this time, waiting to attack us!"

"Hopefully, after I come back, the elder elder has extracted this animal spirit..."

"Young Master, rest assured!"

The young man in red walked outside the cave, but suddenly felt a stiff body, and he could not control his body.

He suddenly knew that he had been attacked, he wanted to yell, wanted to send a signal, but found that it was not possible.

A large hand reached him and pinched his throat.

At the next moment, the young man in red recovered his ability to move, but he felt the wind whisper in his ear, and the back of the head was hit hard with a heavy object.

His head fell for a while, unable to control the spiritual power in his body. He was suddenly taken advantage of by others, and his spiritual power was instantly sealed by a man. From a powerful person in the world, he became a sick seedling without the power of a chicken.

"You..." The young man in red looked at the two in front of him, and suddenly his eyes were split!

Because he saw a warning, he could not forget that his ancestors were destroyed in that year. At that time, the scene was tragic, and tens of thousands of disciples of Xieyuezong were surrounded by monks of the Heavenly Zen Sect. Zong lost.

These monks are surrounded by Buddha's light, and the six-character mantra is continuously descending from the void. They rely on the deterrence of the world to be completely restrained by the monks of the Zen sect, and they can't exert any effect at all.

In the end, only a few of them were thrown into the void by several Taishang elders, and this was a lucky escape.

"I'm going to kill you, you group of executioners of Heavenly Zen..." The young man in red roared and gritted his teeth.

"Save some effort! Everyone from the Devil Clan will be blamed. You dare to practice the Demon Clan Skills, you must be prepared to be destroyed!" The cold side is rarely seen in Yi Jie.

"Fart, we are the voodoo method passed down from the ancient times, it is not a demon clan method at all! And we didn't kill other human beings, we just used fierce beasts to practice the method, which violates that one? Your Heavenly Zen Its not that we value the piece of magnetic pole mine in Houshan, and we want to take it as our own, so we find a reason to destroy my sect!" The young man in red showed a hysterical look on his face, and looked at Yi Jies face. After mocking, "You are probably just a **** that is being used!"

"What are you talking nonsense!" Yi Jie's complexion suddenly changed into a haze. "Tianzen Sect is to get rid of the poisonous tumor for the Eastern Emperor Great World. How could it be the coveted mineral of you! The devil people are the most sophistical."

"Huh! You just go to my evil moon Zonghoushan to see it! You can refine the magnetic pole **** stone of Hou Tianlingbao, who knows you won't be excited?" The young man in red sneered, he was not excited at this time, obviously the other party also It was just a little pawn, who was blindfolded.

"You... well, I will definitely check it out!" Although Yi Jie said this, he thought of the words after the Master's return from the Evil Moon Sect. Li Xiang.

"You will know by the time, how shameless Tianzong is!" There was a trace of contempt on the face of the young man in red.

"Okay! Don't talk about it any more. You can't cover up the fact that you wantonly ruined these spirit apes." Zhao Yuande glanced at Zhao Yuande and cut his palm in the back of the young man in red to stun him.