Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 531

Chapter 531: Candle Dragon Legend

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The reason why they are so fast is because there are teleportation arrays all over the entire world of the East Emperor, and Golden Retriever they cannot sit on the human teleportation array. It is indeed a miracle to be here.

"In the ruins in the wilderness, we accidentally triggered a teleportation platform. As a result, we were teleported to a cave on the top of the extreme north. We walked out of the cave and found a large ruin in the snow and ice. We It turned around in the ruins for a full month before turning out. After it came out, it was caught by a strange group of people, but they didnt harm us, just sent us here." Jin Mao was also a little bit sighed when thinking of the past.

"Can you pass me the map of that ruin?" Zhao Yuande said.

"This is no problem. At that time, we were in the ruins for a long time, and we have basically figured out the ruins." Jin Mao pointed at Zhao Yuande's eyebrows and immediately passed the memory in his own soul to him.

"Thank you!" Zhao Yuande is very grateful that most people will not do this, but this is a slight damage to his own soul.

"You saved our lives, I didn't say thank you! Just don't know how many of my children survived?" Jin Mao looked into the hole, and there was a trace of misery in his eyes.

"Golden Retriever, we just rescued a lot of little monkeys, including your descendants." Zhao Yuande just finished, a large group of monkey cubs rushed out in terror, gold and white, they are twittering like little birds. Laughed.

"Thank you!" The white ape, a half-beast, came to Zhao Yuande and bent down deeply again.

"You have taken Golden Retriever, and we have to thank you too!" Zhao Yuande did not dare to neglect the other party, but the other party is equivalent to half of the Divine Emperor strongman, and the fighting power is still above himself.

"Okay, the big guys are all a family. You see these little monkeys are too scared, and these brothers are injured one by one. It is better for you to order them a generous meal!" Heifeng told Zhao Yuande Blink.

"No problem, Jin Mao is our friend, this little thing is not a thing!" Zhao Yuande agreed, turning to Jin Mao Road, "But Jin Mao, don't be stingy with your monkey wine!"

"Good! Everyone is not drunk today!" Jin Mao gritted his teeth and took out his treasure.

The people who ate this meal had a big addiction, and everyone's face was red, and the monkey wine was too strong. If it were not for their cultivation, they would have been drunk.

All monkeys sit cross-legged like humans, slowly absorbing the mysterious power of food.

After a long time, the sky gradually darkened, and all the monkeys had finished their cultivation, and their faces were all filled with smiles, especially Yuan Qi, who was in the semi-beast realm, looked at Zhao Yuande's gratitude indescribably.

It can clearly feel the increase of qi and blood in the body, and even this kind of realm can get this kind of benefit. Those little monkeys have each raised a realm, and even have a good talent. They even rose two levels.

"Boy, thank you very much!" Jin Mao naturally felt that he had benefited greatly, and came to Zhao Yuande to face him and thank him.

"We are all old friends, don't mention these! Can you please invite that one, I have a friend who wants to ask you something." Zhao Yuande looked at Yuan Qi.

"This is no problem. You can bring your friends. Let's go to the cave." Jin Mao pointed to the cave, and then went to talk with Yuan Qi.

Soon Zhao Yuande took Yimeng Gui to the cave.

"If you have anything, just ask!" Zhao Yuande looked at Yimenggui. "This is the Golden Retriever I met in the Huoyunzong a long time ago. This is called Yuan Qi."

"The two can know the true origin of the guardian family? What are they guarding?" Yimeng Gui nodded and asked these two questions.

"The guardian family has a mysterious origin, and we don't know when they will appear in this mountain range, but my ancestors moved here millions of years ago, and the guardian family already existed at that time." Yuan Qi He continued, "It seems that the words passed down from the ancestors said that it may be a mausoleum protecting the family!"

"Cemetery? Whose tomb is here?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but ask curiously.

However, Yimeng Gui didn't ask any more questions. She seemed to realize that she had a sad look on her face.

"Are you going up the mountain?" Jin Mao suddenly asked.

"Yes, we are going to the top of the mountain, and I am looking for the legendary candle dragon!" Zhao Yuande did not say that Yimeng Gui wanted to seek roots and ask his ancestors, but he just said his mission. "Someone entrusted me to give him something. "

"What... you want to see the candle dragon!" Yuan Qi almost jumped up in shock. "Do you know what kind of existence he is? I'm afraid you haven't walked in front of him, but the cold from his body is exhaled. Freeze to death!"

"It wouldn't be so exaggerated!" Zhao Yuande was startled. "Is he more powerful than the innate **** and demon?"

"He is a living congenital demon, and he is also a congenital god. He has been sleeping on the top of these mountains for millions of years. If he wakes up, it might be a disaster. The whole of the extreme north It will turn into an ocean!" What Yuan Qi said next made Zhao Yuande and Jin Mao a little frightened, but Yi Meng returned to his stomach to meditate, seemingly unaware.

"The legend of the ancestors was that when we first arrived in the land of the extreme north, it was an ocean. Two rounds of divine days on the top of the extreme north were in the sky, and another round of red sun shines! The sky and earth fell into a icy cold, the ocean became a thick layer of ice, and then evolved into a piece of earth. In order to explore the truth, an ancestor climbed to the top of the mountains in order to see the truth, but saw a huge I dont know how much the huge body of thousands of miles is, that is, the candle dragon, he fell into a long sleep."

"It turns out that the legendary candle dragon opened his eyes for the day, and closed his eyes for the night, and it is not completely empty!" Zhao Yuande grinned. "Do I wake up this great god? If so, I am afraid that the entire northern land It will turn into a sea again, and those big cities will probably sink to the bottom of the sea!"

"Not exactly, the candle dragon cannot stay awake for a long time. He will wake up one day, and it will still be flooded. At that time, if you wake him up, you will only advance this matter!" Yuan Qidao said, "At this pole There is no ordinary human life in the northern land, and those who practice are not at all concerned, so if you wake him up, there is nothing."

"That's right, I got the horns!" Zhao Yuande took out the black bead and put it in his hand to play. This was the thing that he wanted to bring to the candle dragon. He never took it out to take a look. "You Look, this is it."