Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 532

Chapter 532: The Return Of The Virgin

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"This seems to be an eye pupil! A very powerful eye pupil!" Yimeng Gui saw the black bead and suddenly revealed the color of difference. "The owner of this eye pupil is probably a congenital demon. If you can transplant this pupil into your own eyes, you might get the power of this pupil, maybe your combat power will increase suddenly in time! I have this method of transplantation in my hands. Brother Zhao does not consider it?"

"No! This is not possible, this is someone else's thing, how can I do this, absolutely!" Zhao Yuan quickly waved his hand.

"Okay! Then forget it!" Yimeng Gui was very satisfied with Zhao Yuande's reaction and smiled slyly at him, with a little more trust in his smile.

"You... Fairy Yi, let's not talk like this, you are tempting me!" Zhao Yuande is such a clever person, he instantly saw the meaning of the other person's smile.

"Hehe! Brother Zhao has no greed, but honesty first, admiration for the dream!" Yimeng Gui walked out of the cave with a smile, she had just got the answer she needed.

"Thank you two for solving the puzzle. We are running out of time and this is about to leave!" Zhao Yuande bowed his hands to the two.

"We send you!" Yuan Qi and Jin Mao walked out of the cave.

"Heifeng, we are leaving!" Zhao Yuande waved to them, "Give you time to say goodbye!"

"Golden Retriever, why don't you go with us!" Heifeng looked at Golden Reluctantly, only to get together and separate.

"No, my children are all here, I can't leave!" Jin Mao patted the black wind on the shoulder. "But one day, we will meet again, and I will ask you to drink enough when the time comes!"

"Good brother, if you have any difficulties, go to the people of Hope Zong, they will contact us soon!" Heifeng gritted his teeth, turned his head away, and waved his hand hard while walking, "I hope we meet next time Can no longer be separated!"

"Brothers, cherish all the way! If something happens, you can come back at any time!" Jin Mao watched the black wind and their figure gradually disappeared into the forest, his eyes a little blurred.

Lin Zhong respected Yuan Qi, Zhao Yuande and his team were unimpeded, and one day later they walked out of this vast pine forest.

When they walked out of the pine forest, the scenery in front of them made people wonder.

This is a small village. A vigorous old tree that has grown for unknown years has almost covered the whole sky like a big umbrella, and this small village has been sheltered from the wind and snow.

Several old men depended on the tree to squint, as if listening to the whisper of the tree. Several naughty children ran and played in front of them.

"It seems like an ordinary village, quiet and peaceful full of joy!" Yi Jie looked at the old man and the child under the old tree.

"No, this old tree does not know how many years have passed, it is chanting, and it is conveying a voice, these old people are practicing, and these children are constantly washing the body by the mysterious power of the big tree. They They are also practicing!" Zhao Yuandehui's eyes are like a torch, and he can see the truth of the matter at a glance.

"These people, this tree, I am a little bit familiar!" Yimeng Gui's voice is a little confused, he has never been here, why is there a sense of familiarity?

"Let's take a look at it!" Zhao Yuande felt that since Yi Meng came back to the top of the mountains, the state has not been quite right, and there is a strange feeling of emptiness.

"Who are you? Why did you come here?" They approached the village resolutely, and someone stopped them.

This is a group of young people, they jumped from the tall canopy, constantly looking at them.

These young people are shorter than ordinary people, but they are extraordinarily strong. Although the temperature is very low here, but they are all upper body red fruits.

"This big brother, we are just passing by, we want to climb to the top of the mountains." Zhao Yuande was very polite.

"You guys? Want to climb to the top of the mountains? The cultivation base is too low. I advise you to go down the mountain!" One of the young men with beard and beard has a pair of eyes the size of bronze bells and looks very powerful.

"How high can you climb the mountain?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"At least the Divine Emperor should be repaired! This is the minimum requirement!" The young man with a beard scratched his head.

"Okay! Shi Lei, let's go down first!" At this time, an old man leaning on an ancient tree stood up and waved to these young people.

"Yes, Elder Nine!" Shi Lei, a young man with a beard, seemed to be very afraid of the old man. When he saw that the old man was stiff, he hurried back to the village with his partner.

"This little friend, Shi Lei and Meng Lang are gone. You don't care." The old man looked at Zhao Yuande, with strange light in his eyes, as if he had seen him through.

"I don't know if the old man can point us a clear way!" Zhao Yuande knew that the old man was not easy. Standing in front of the old man, he had a feeling of horror always haunting.

And he felt the cultivation of those old people, each of which was above the nine elders, which made him even more shocked. There are so many **** emperors and powerful people in a small village in every district. Too.

"You want...she..." The old man said that suddenly his eyes straightened, because he saw Yimenggui behind Zhao Yuande. Seeing this look, the old man was speechless.

"What's wrong with this senior?" Yimeng Gui had always had a wonderful feeling before coming to this village, as if she had seen this big tree, and the remains of her ancestors in her storage space also had a feeling of temptation. .

"" The old man said more and more excitedly, and said more and more speechless, and finally his face was full of old tears, and he fell to the ground with a thud, and returned to Yimeng for a worship, "Holy Woman, you are finally back!"

"Holy Girl? I..." Yimeng Gui was a little confused, how could he be a holy girl?

"What's the matter? Old Nine, what's wrong with you?" Several other old people suddenly looked at each other when they saw what happened here, and rushed over to ask what happened.

"Look at her..." Elder Nine pointed to Yimenggui, "her appearance is like a saint, and even Shen Yun is so similar, she must be the saint we have waited for thousands of years!"

"Sure enough, exactly!" The old people all looked at Yimenggui's appearance, but they were all just dumbfounded, but they were not as impulsive as Elder Nine.

"I don't know who the girl's surname is? How old is this year? What are you doing here?" one of the shortest and fattest old man asked.

"My name is Yimenggui. At the age of seventeen, I came from the Desolate Realm and wanted to seek ancestors to ask the roots!" Yimenggui can be determined. This village must have a deep connection with myself.

"Sure enough... Sure enough... Haha! There are eyes in the sky, and the saint finally returned!" The chunky old man laughed excitedly in the sky, but next time he knelt on the ground and bowed to Yimeng.

"Well! What are you waiting for these old things, the saint came back, don't hurry up and kneel!" The chunky old man looked at several old people around him in a sluggish state, and hurriedly shouted.

"Have seen the saint!" All the old men knelt on the ground.

"This..." Although Yi Menggui thought of something, she didn't anticipate this situation, and suddenly she was in a hurry, and finally she turned her attention to Zhao Yuande.

"Okay, seniors, things haven't been figured out yet. Let's go into the village and talk about it!" Zhao Yuande will hold up the short and fat old man.

"Yes! You hurried back to inform several ancestors, preparing for the ancestral ceremony, the saint's return, but we have looked forward to the long-cherished wish of thousands of years!" The chunky old man directed the other old men to return, but he came to Yimenggui respectfully , "The saint, please come back to the village with me, and you will know everything when you return to the village!"

Yi Menggui nodded and entered the village together with Zhao Yuande and his group.