Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 534

Chapter 534: Tribe

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"It has been five million years, and there are still teleportation arrays available in this ruin, which is simply a miracle!" The black wind looked deep into the ruins, although most of the buildings were ruined, but some palaces still stood If this ordinary building has been broken by the wind and the sun, there must be a powerful magic circle still operating in these palaces.

"Let's go in and around! But don't run around casually, although there are no organ traps, but there are probably terrible beasts hiding." Zhao Yuande walked ahead, although Jin Mao said that there was no danger in the ruins, but Zhao Yuande was still there Some are uneasy. This ruin is so vast that it almost occupies half of the hillside. No one can guarantee that there is no fierce monster in it.

But in the next time, six people in this ruin actually did not encounter a little danger, and the fierce beast does not exist, it seems that here is just a dead place!

"It's unreasonable! Although there is no particularly cherished holy medicine, magic medicine, but there are some fifth- and sixth-order elixir, it should be very attractive to the fierce beast, why is there no vitality here?" Zhao Yuande condensed his eyebrows, his soul covered thousands of miles, and he didn't even find a beast.

"Could it be that it's too high here and the beasts can't come up?" Heifeng felt a little far-fetched when he said this reason.

"Is it the fairy fairy's clan that blocked the fierce beasts and prevented them from coming up?" Shaking his head after Yi Jie finished his speech.

"Master, we have been around for such a long time, and we haven't found the teleportation array. Was it destroyed by someone?" Qin Xingyu suddenly said, "I have read the map of Uncle Jinmao many times, but I always feel that we are now The place they are in does not match. Is Uncle Jinmao lying to us?"

"No... it shouldn't be!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "I think we might be caught in a formation. This formation is a maze, only trapping people and not killing them!"

"It's possible!" My eyes lit up as soon as I quit. "I once read an introduction to the formation method in the sect, which included this kind of sleepy formation method."

"Then what are you waiting for, break away quickly!" The black wind rushed over, "I didn't expect you to have this hand for baldness, hurry up and don't be wordy."

"I can't break it. I have only read the introduction. I only know that there will be a burst of eyes in this formation. If we can find the formation of this formation, this formation will naturally break." Yi Jie shook his head.

"Then look for a look!" After turning around here for almost a day, everyone was a little anxious, and they began to look for the so-called lookout separately.

"This method is absolutely unusual. My soul is now comparable to the early days of Divine Emperor. Even if it is still blinded by this large array, it seems that this array of eyes will not be easy to find." Zhao Yuande couldn't help shaking his head, but very As soon as his face moved, he seemed to remember something. He took out the horn of the green beetle and held it in his hand. He smiled lowly, "Although it is the top of the mountains, stone is also a kind of soil."

His body sank slowly and sank into the mountain.

Although the mountain is a very strong rock, under this ancient treasure, it has also turned into something of ordinary water quality, let Zhao Yuande swim in it.

"Sure enough, because of the firmness of this mountain, this method did not cover the mountain, but just over the ruins." Zhao Yuande entered the underground, and suddenly the soul radiated out, and then he saw the black wind and these people, always No matter how they go, they can't get out of this small circle.

In other parts of the ruins, many people are busy at this time. They are beating in a ruined palace, as if looking for something.

These people are familiar, and their costumes seem to be Iceman tribe? Zhao Yuande didn't say anything, these people passed through carefully, because he found that in addition to these people, there are several gangs busy here, and there seems to be a connection between them, as if they are working together to find.

These forces are all very powerful, especially the Ice Man Clan is beyond imagination, there are seven or eight emperors between them who are guarding here, and these people also respect a girl and stand beside the girl.

"Bing Qingwu, the inheritor of the ice royal family, the ice emperor body, the sixfold heaven realm of the field, intermediate ingredients..."

This girl is not simple, even the girl of Dongmen Zhen is not necessarily her opponent. This ice man definitely does not want to be as simple as it seems on the surface. It seems that the Eastern World is really a land of hidden dragons and lying tigers.

"Elders, that the Soul Array can be insured? Won't those people get rid of it?" The young girl Zhu Lip lightly opened, although she was not very young, but there was a kind of majesty among them.

"Return to the young master's words, absolutely no problem! This array was worn by the ancestors, not to mention them, even a divine emperor could not escape!" An elder said with confidence.

"But I heard that there is a weakness in this formation, that is underground!" The girl frowned at Emei, "but just don't let them drill this loophole.

"The young master is assured that even this Divine Mountain cannot be destroyed even by the Divine Emperor and the Powerful, they simply have nothing to do!"

"Well! Don't hurt their lives. Let's let them go when we find something!" The girl waved her hand.

"Young Master Kindness! But do we need to notify others?" asked the elder.

"No! It's their luck if they can escape. If they can't escape, they're unlucky. We just need to be ourselves!" The girl replied lightly, "Ah, yes, that person hasn't yet Come? Does he know the time is coming?"

What are they looking for? Who are you waiting for?

Zhao Yuande knew that the Black Wind would not be in danger for a while, so he calmed down and dived in the other direction.

In that direction was a group of people in white. Their looks were blank, as if they were puppets, without any emotional fluctuations on their faces.

Among this group of people, a cold-faced young man sat cross-legged. The young man was as white as a fat jade, with no trace of blood on his face, and several strong men stood beside him.

"Cang Xin Soul, Cang Yun Clan Inheritor, Cang Tian Body, Realm of Sixth Heaven, Middle-level Food..."

"Cangyun tribe? I have never heard of this race. This person is not weaker than the girl. Where are all the strong people who got out of it?"

He went in the other direction. There was a group of people covered with mist all over. They were all busy. The first one was shrouded in the mist. He could not see his head and face, only listening to the voice was a man.

"Lingfei, the inheritor of the spirit family, the body of the mist spirit. The realm of the sixfold heavens, intermediate ingredients..."

None of these three races are exposed, their descendants are so powerful, and they are clearly distinguished. These three forces are probably more powerful than the Jiang family and other super families. What is their identity? Is it the influence of other big worlds?