Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 535

Chapter 535: Runaway

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Zhao Yuande can conclude that they are all human beings, but he dare not say that they are the people of the Eastern Emperor Great World, which is too strange.

"It seems that I have to go back first, otherwise they might be anxious, so don't be seen by the group of people."

Zhao Yuande quietly sneaked back into the array, voiced everyone, told them what was happening here, and separated a avatar to stay here and pretend to explore, while his body went back to monitor the three parties.

At this moment, in the space of the eternal tower of Zhao Yuande, Zhengde Taoist woke up slowly.

As soon as he woke up, he found himself slippery, and he was locked in a closed room with no windows and doors on all sides.

"Zhao Yuande! I'm fucking..." Zhengde jumped on his feet and was attacked by himself, even his clothes were stripped off and his body was clean and slippery.

He instantly thought about things before and after, and this Zhao Yuande was the guy who attacked himself in the Desolate Realm, intercepted himself from his hands, and put himself in danger.

How did he reach the Desolate Realm, and how could he hide himself so that he could not find it? He must have a terrible strange treasure on him, and a chance to go against the sky than himself. Otherwise, how could a small person with a combination of yin and yang step on and off on his head!

Thinking of him, he felt distressed, the diamond bracelet, twenty magic medicines, and even the resources among the three storage rings on his body...

In particular, the diamond bracelet is considered to be the most powerful treasure on his body, and it was just taken away!

What can I do now? I dont know where I was locked, how to escape?

But...but Xiuwei still seems to be there!

Discovering this layer, his face suddenly showed a surprise color, as long as the cultivation base is still there, I can't trap me anywhere!

He first took out his clothes from the inner world and put them on, then carefully took out a small silver mirror.

"Hey! This kid didn't drop his dead hand and didn't kill him directly. In the future, when I catch him, he will leave him with a touch of affection." While playing with the small silver mirror on the ground, he took out three of them and glowed The jade of white light, each of these jade exudes terrifying energy fluctuations, is simply more powerful than a strong man in the Emperor Realm.

"Waste! The three immortal jades are so wasted. The kid should wait for me to go out and count you... No, let's go to those three heirs who are competing in the Eight King Palace first!"

Three immortals were inlaid by him in three directions of the small mirror. The small mirror exuded a dazzling brilliance, and a space door appeared in the room.

"Leave! Kid, I will remember you!" Zhengde stepped into the door of the space and disappeared.

"It's not good... Zhengde's guy escaped! How did he escape?" Zhao Yuande felt Zhengde disappear at this moment, and the soul came to the room instantly, only to see a small mirror shining on the ground, while A space door above the mirror is slowly disappearing, and one hand protrudes from the space door to grab the small mirror.

"Leave me!" Zhao Yuande is the master here, and when the soul moves, the small mirror is imprisoned by him.

The hand grabbed an empty space at once, and an angry roar came from the space door.

"Zhao Yuande, you and I are not finished!" Then the hand resolutely shrank back, and the space door disappeared.

Zhao Yuande looked at the small silver mirror, his face suddenly showing a happy look.

"The ancient treasures, the void mirror, can open the portal with coordinates, which consumes a lot..."

"This is inlaid with... immortal jade!" Zhao Yuande looked at the three immortal jades clearly, and his face suddenly showed ecstasy. These three immortal jades still have about two-thirds of their energy at this time. It seems to be sent once Will consume one third.

"This baby is mine. Brother Zhengde, you are really a wealthy boy, and you will try your best next time!" Although Zhengde escaped, he didn't regret it. He couldn't bear to kill the other party, but he couldn't let it go. Now it's the best ending to escape.

Zhengde stepped out of the void in one step, looking at the white space in front of him, and his heart was irritated. He was out of prison, but a treasure fell into Zhao Yuande's hands. Don't pull it off!

But he couldn't help seeing the scenery in front of him, but he was also fortunate for a while. Fortunately, this kid didn't go far, otherwise he might be too late.

Zhengde lightly knew the road, and soon entered the ruins.

"Oh! This guy is here, is he the one who can wait for the three tribes?" Zhao Yuande had covered all his breath with his spectacle at this time and appeared around Bing Qingwu. He felt it all at once. In a familiar breath, it turned out to be Zhengde.

"What happened? What happened? Why would anyone enter the ruins without being trapped?" Bing Qingwu suddenly saw a young Taoist appear in sight and immediately looked at the elders around him.

"Bing girl, don't make a fuss, it's my integrity!" The Zhengde Taoist saw Bing Qingwu and showed a bright smile on his face.

"Zhengde! Didn't you go to the Desolate Realm?" An iceman elder looked at Zhengde with a very bad look, but there was a trace of confusion in his eyes, but he didn't hide it.

"Okay, don't be false, the channel will open soon, are you ready?" Zhengde waved his hand, and ignored the elder, but looked at Bing Qingwu.

"Zhengde, don't say I didn't remind you that the Cangyun and Ling tribes are here, aren't you afraid that our three tribes will unite to win you?" Bing Qingwu looked at this evil Taoist, although what was said in the mouth threatened Language, but there is a deep helplessness in my heart.

This evil Taoist, infiltrated their Iceman clan, stole their psychic ancient jade, and even sneaked into the other two stolen two other psychic ancient jade. These three ancient jade are one of the means to open the channel Without these three pieces of ancient jade, they would not be able to enter the passage, and the kind of heritage they had coveted for tens of millions of years would pass by them.

Although they have fought for many times, even the Divine Emperor Ancestor went out several times, but he couldnt catch him many times, and the Ancestor of Divine Emperor Realm couldnt help him, so they chose to cooperate with this evil Taoist .

"Don't be wordy, time is pressing, otherwise I have to wait for a hundred years. I can't suppress it and wait for another hundred years!" Zheng De was disdainful. "Hurry and let these old guys find it."

"You wicked Taoist, you are a rogue! This inheritance belongs to our three families, and you are just a thief!" The elder's face was black, and almost all the fire spewed out of his eyes.

"Okay, old things, are you good things? Do you want me to expose your old people?" Zheng De's eyes turned cold and turned to look at the elder, sneering, "Huh, your three are just slaves to the Eight Kings Palace, He killed his master and divided his masters property, and now he dare not go out to meet others, so he said to me!"

"You..." The elder's body was trembling, and his face turned purple, and he didn't say a word.

Zhao Yuande heard this next to him, and there was a moment of excitement in his heart. There was a story in it, and it was still a very wonderful story. He had never heard of Bajing Palace, but the statement that the servant murdered the master was affirmed. The opinion of the tribe instantly fell to the extreme.

Although this kind of thing is not rare, it is most hateful.