Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 537

Chapter 537: Four Doors

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They sneaked into the hall quietly and stepped into the door of time and space.

After they entered the space gate, they really lost their function through the mirror. After the space gate, there was a grand palace queuing group. At this time, the four people of Zhengde had already lost their traces. After they exited the space gate, they were covered with the mirror again. The figure began to set off towards the palace.

"The breath here is somewhat familiar, it's the real Bajing Palace." Yimeng Gui inherited the memory of his parents. His parents have a very good relationship with the owner of Bajing Palace, and she can naturally recognize the authenticity here.

"We saw a stone monument of Qingtianzong outside. What is the relationship between Qingtianzong and Bajing Palace?"

"Qingtianzong is a sect built by a disciple in Bajing Palace. This disciple was later framed by three servants, namely the Iceman, the Cangyun and the Spirit. These are the elders of the Taishang before they left. Mine, let me be careful of the people of these three groups."

"Are these three tribes stronger than your guardian clan? I can see that the predecessor dressed as a woodcutter is a peerless **** emperor, and the whole world of the emperor Donghuang is more powerful than his horror!"

"No! You don't know, the East Emperor's great world is like a cloud, even if there are many innate gods and demons, especially the one on the top of the mountain, but the creation-level innate gods and demons can almost match the ordinary ones. Now!"

"Yes, I have also seen two innate gods and demons!" Zhao Yuande thought of the fire spirit under the Fire Cloud Sect and the water spirit in the wild land. This pair of brothers is at least the level of innate **** and demon. Strong.

The two of them followed the breath of the four, searching all the way, and soon appeared in a huge square.

There are four gates in front of the square, and a large character is written above each gate, namely, Dan, Qi, Fu, Yu!

At this time, the four Zhengde people were hovering in front of the four gates. They happened to be four people, but they did not know why they had a dispute.

"Bing Qingwu, why should I let you, this'artifact' door is obviously my first choice!" Cang Xin soul of the Cangyun tribe's youth is a little bit angry, "Brother Ling, why don't you let me tell you she was!"

"Hum! If you don't let it, then we will play the last game. If you win the device door is yours, I will enter Danmen. If you lose, you enter the door, I will enter the door!" Bing Qingwu With a cold smile on his face, he squinted at Cang Xin Soul.

"Brother Cang, you are not her opponent, so bear with me! Haha!" There was obviously a sneer in Lingfei's words.

The three are in a competitive relationship, with respect to cultivation as ice and light dance as the supremacy, and on the mind and spirit flying first, but Cang Xin soul is neither. His physical body is unparalleled, known as the body of the sky, which can be congenital with the heaven. , To withstand all attacks will weaken the three points.

If the three are united together, even Zhengde has some fears, so they dare to enter this eight-view palace with Zhengde.

At this time, Zhengde stood before the Yumen, and looked coldly at the intrigue between the three. He had already chosen the Yumen, and no one would really tear his face with him.

"Which door do you think we should choose?" Zhao Yuande looked at Yimenggui.

The two are so close together that they can feel each other even when they breathe, which makes the two very embarrassed, especially Yi Menggui's face is red to the neck.

"Zhengde protects Yumen so strictly, I think he must have known something, maybe the phantom of the green cow has instructions to him, so we choose Yumen!" Yimeng Gui laughed.

"Yes, I think so too. We really have a heart!" Zhao Yuande's eyes looked at the door, and there was a scorching glory in his eyes. "And, I felt the fluctuations of the Qi and Qiqing exercises, right there. after that!"

"That's right, this guy must have been here, he got one gas and three clear here!" Yi Menggui's face suddenly appeared shocked, "So how did he get here? Enter There are three psychic gems and Qingtianzong orthodox blood needed here. He owns three psychic gems. Isn't it... This Zhengde is actually a descendant of Qingtianzong, that is, the descendant of the orthodox Bajing Palace, no wonder that Qing Niu Xuying will follow him and let him get the Qi and Qing Qing exercises."

"You said that Zhengde is the true descendant of Qingtianzong, that is, the descendant of Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande was frightened by the speculation of Yimenggui, but such things are only reasonable. No wonder Zhengde saw three people. There is a kind of bitter hatred deep in his eyes, no wonder he saw a pain in the eyes of the young man who was raised like a pig.

He is definitely not a soft-hearted person, but the young man may be his loved one, and in order to obtain the true inheritance of Bajing Palace, he hides his bone-cutting murderous intention, hides all the ideas in his heart, and waits for revenge in the future. Day.

"Yes, he is the true descendant of Bajing Palace." Yimeng Gui nodded, a trace of sympathy on his face.

"In this case, then I won't hurt him anymore. This will only make your three families succeed. I will return the diamond bracelet to him and let him destroy those three families." Although Zhao Yuande is in the cultivation field Rolling can be such a long time, his heart is as hard as steel, but he has his own set of guidelines for doing things, or that his heart has a limit.

As long as it exceeds this limit, she will never do it, and she hates the kind of people who do things above the limit, Bing, Ling, Cang Sanjia's approach has exceeded his psychological limit, he Think they are damn, **** it!

And Zhengde as their opposite, as a person who bears humiliation and wants revenge, he feels that he can not only harm him, but also help him.

"Okay! I agree with you to do this." Yimeng Gui looked at Zhao Yuande, his face could not help but show satisfaction, Zhao Yuande's idea was surprisingly similar to her, she originally planned to persuade Zhao Yuande to do so.

But at this moment, Cang Xin soul succumbed. Although he hated his teeth, but he was not the opponent of this frivolous dance, and he did not want to let Ling Fei look lively, he could only bow his head to choose Danmen.

"They have entered their own gates, aren't we going to take the imperial gate now?" Yimeng Gui saw that they soon adjusted their relationship and couldn't help but ask Zhao Yuande curiously.

"No! We should still follow. There must be countless benefits. We can't let this guy get his own benefits!" Zhao Yuande laughed. "Maybe we can get real one-off and three-clear exercises." ."

"That's right! What you said makes sense!" Yimeng gave him a glance.

They pushed the gates apart. After Danmen, it seemed like a vast ocean. A stream of water rushed out from behind Danmen, and even a light rain fell from the square. Cang Xin soul shook his head and went helplessly. In this ocean.