Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 538

Chapter 538: Little Green Beetle

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When the Fumen opened, it was misty, as if another fairy mountain appeared and disappeared in the fog, a viscous infusible aura fluttered out of the Fumen, which made people feel that the spirit was refreshed and Lingfei looked In this scene, a sudden excited head rushed in.

When the door opened, it was a terrifying sea of fire. Bing Qingwu saw the scene, and her face changed suddenly. She looked around and found that the other two had entered the door.

Although Zhengde was still standing quietly before the Imperial Gate at this time, she was the only one at this time, and she didn't dare to challenge each other. There was no way, she could only break into her teeth.

Zhengde saw that all three had entered their doors, and then he slowly pushed away Yumen's face.

Behind the Yumen is a vast prairie, a mud mixed with grass breath rushes out of it, rippling through the space.

Zhengde stepped in one step, and his figure soon disappeared into the grassland.

Zhao Yuande and the two hurried to keep up, hanging far behind him.

The prairie is endless, Zhengde is walking in the front, straight all the way without any direction, as if there is a goal.

"Where is he going to go?" Zhao Yuande whispered, this guy had walked for two hours without stopping.

"In this way, he avoided many powerful beasts. I think there is a kind of prohibition in these beasts. As long as these beasts are overcome, they can be conquered. He does not fight these ordinary beasts. It seems that he knows the most here. The strong fierce beast is there. It is likely that there is a trace of true spirit in the phantom of the green cow, and this trace of spirit is guiding him." Yimeng Gui quickly guessed the truth of the matter.

Because Zhengde stopped after climbing a hill, he was observing where there was a blue figure in the valley below.

This is a small blue calf, the size of a puppy, the eyes are clear and transparent, and the size of a copper bell, and the two horns on the head have a small pointy point. At this time, they are nibbling in the valley grass.

"The cub of Qingtianniu! It's so cute! I didn't expect to be able to encounter the pure blood descendants of this ancient **** beast here. If this green ox grows up, I'm afraid it can directly crush a big world!" There was a scream, and even her eyes showed excitement.

"Yi Fairy is really powerful!" Zhao Yuande had to admire her, her insights and insights were even more extensive than that of Zhao Yuande, and she was indeed the parent of the innate god.

"Shall we **** this little green beetle?" Yimeng Gui looked at the little calf with excitement and thought the little guy was very cute.

"What about Zhengde?" Zhao Yuande felt that he needed to consider it.

"Oh! Don't care about him. After the big deal, we will help him destroy these three tribes as a compensation for robbing Xiaoqing Tianniu!" Yimeng Gui looks like this little guy very much.

"Well, this is what Fairy Yi said, and we will be sorry for Zhengde once again today!" Zhao Yuande smiled and took out the chaotic Tianyin. Only this guy can make Zhengde confused!

Zhengde looked at the little green beetle, but his face was hesitant.

"This is the descendant of that powerful beast? Can this be used to fight? I think it's just selling cuteness!" Zhengde mumbled softly.

"Fool! This is a true pure blood descendant, only a few months old. If you can conquer, the chance of inheritance this time will be a little bigger!" A ghost of a green cow appeared next to Zhengde, face The last look of hating iron is not steel.

"But, can it work? If I take it, it won't cause me trouble! It's so small, I still have to protect it." Zhengde muttered, seemingly dissatisfied with this little green beetle.

"Are you listening to me, do you even want to take revenge?" Qingniu Xuying pointed at the blue calf and said angrily, "If you listen to me, you will immediately go over and conquer it, or I will not wait for you!"

"I'm going, can't I go?" Zhengde walked down the hill reluctantly. What he needs now is a powerful help, not such a small cow that can slap to death.

The small green beetle under the mountain was very vigilant, looking at Zhengde who came down with a wary face, and gave him a fang, as if it was a warning.

"Hi, you little thing, dare to slap your teeth to Dao Ye!" Zhengde came over with dissatisfaction, he decided to give this calf a little quietly, and save his nose for a while.

But soon he found himself wrong, and wrong.

Before he approached, he saw the calf turned into a blue shadow, and kicked on Zhengde's calf pole.

With Zhengde's cultivation base, there was no time to dodge. I can imagine how much the speed of this little green beetle is!

"Yeah! Great! This speed is worthy of the mount, known as the day trip to the stars and the night, returning to the chaotic city at night!"Yi Menggui's eyes are all small stars, she is a daughter of an innate god, A treasure of an innate **** is on her body. I don't know how many treasures I have, but I have never seen her love such a treasure.

"Oh!" Zhengde only felt that his legs were about to be broken. Tengyun flew out of the fog and didn't know how far away he fell on the ground. His tears were about to hurt!

"You... you little calf, Dao Ye and you are endless today!" Zhengde jumped up, but after landing on the ground, his face was twisted. He saw that his pair of calves were almost swollen into elephant legs. Which one was kicked by a calf was simply kicked by a wild beast.

However, there was a trace of joy in his eyes. This power of speed and speed can't even be avoided by himself, but it can really help himself!

When he looked at Xiaoqing Tianniu again, his eyes were excited as well as angry.

"Moo! Moo!"

Xiaoqing Tianniu snorted, grinned his teeth at Zhengde, and the bronze bell-sized eyes showed gloating.

"Hey, your little calf dare to laugh at Dao Ye, and Dao Ye doesn't tame you today, you're not called Zhengde!" Zhengde was furious, kicked and flicked by a few months of calf calf. The other party laughed, is this still reasonable?

"Be careful, its speed has surpassed you, but shortly after it was born, there is no wisdom, you should start from this aspect!" Zhengde's ear came a reminder of the green cow phantom, "such as Lingguo, Ling Dan..."

"Ginger is old and spicy, and you old man counts as shameless as his juniors!" Zhengde said with a bright eye.

"Huh! You kid, if it was not for the life-saving grace of the old patriarch, I slept well, and I was too lazy to take care of you." Qing Niu's voice seemed a little angry.

"Okay, okay! I just grumbled, seniors don't know me like that." Zhengde quickly apologized. The spirit of this green cow was the only thing left to him by his ancestors, and it was the basis for him to grow up step by step. He can be regarded as a great kindness, and the most respected one in this world is the spirit of this green cow!

"I'm not going fast!" Ling Ling of the Green Cow hated the urging of iron and steel.

"Just look at it!" Zhengde raised twelve points of caution this time and approached Xiaoqing Tianniu.