Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 539

Chapter 539: Zhou Heyu

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He didn't know when there was an extra blue fruit in his hand, which exuded a refreshing aroma.


Xiaoqing Tianniu's nose flapped, his big eyes fluttered and fluttered into Zhengde's hands!


This taste is too fragrant. Xiaoqing Tianniu has been grazing in this valley since its birth. When did you smell this aroma, it followed the aroma and involuntarily walked towards Zhengde.

"Hey! Little things, I don't think you are fooled!"

Zhengde's innocent smile appeared on his face, and shook the blue fruit in his hand to the small green beetle: "Come on! Little one, this is for you!"

Xiaoqing Tianniu smelled the scent, his face drunkenly, and walked towards Zhengde step by step.

Zhengde held the blue fruit in one hand, and the other was behind his back, holding a silver projectile in his hand.

"This guy has Yu Lingzong's flying **** net, but it is Yu Lingzong's one-time spirit treasure to catch the spirit beast. Xiaoqing Tianniu will not really be caught by him this time!" Zhao Yuande knew the silver projectile, As soon as the projectile is shot, it can instantly be transformed into a huge net, and the fierce beast under the ninth order can never escape.

"There should be no problem. Xiaoqing Tianniu is a descendant of the ancient **** beast. It has the ability to distinguish between good and bad. I think this guy is unlucky again!" Yimeng Gui smiled slightly and was full of confidence in Xiaoqing Tianniu.

"That's good, I really want to see the tragic scene of this guy being kicked off again!" Zhao Yun looked at Zhengde with bad intentions.

Zhengde didn't know why, and suddenly felt some creepy feeling, feeling that there was a crisis coming, but he didn't know where the crisis was?

Is it the calf in front of me? Suddenly Zhengde burst into his heart.

At this moment, the fascination on the face of the calf disappeared, and taking advantage of the moment when Zhengde froze, the body suddenly turned into a blue shadow, and rushed to him at a speed that Zhengde could not respond to. In front of him, he bit the blue fruit in Zhengde's hands.



Zhengde screamed. Xiaoqing Tianniu didn't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. He almost bitten Zhengde's small half of his fingers. Zhengde almost burst into tears with pain!

Xiaoqing Tianniu, biting the fruit, Sahuan escaped far away.

In the distance, he looked at Zhengde with a high-spirited look, and a pair of big eyes showed the expression of gloating.


Xiaoqing Tianniu laughed at Zhengde, opened his mouth and chewed the blue fruit, the juice was overflowing, the fragrance was sweet, the eyes of Xiaoqing Niu were narrowed into a slit.

"Damn, the calf calf Dao and you are endless today!" Zhengde roared angrily and rushed towards Xiaoqing Tianniu.


Xiaoqing Tianniu looked at the rushing Zhengde, a pair of big eyes grunted, and Sa Huanzi fled towards the depths of the valley.

Zhengde's instinct feels a little bit wrong, but he is a daring artist, and he simply rushed into the valley directly regardless of it.

"We also keep up, but can't let this guy tame the small green beetle." Yimeng Gui urged Zhao Yuande and quickly followed.

"I always feel that there is some danger in this valley!" Zhao Yuande looked at the valley, and there was a sense of crisis in his heart that still haunted him.


A loud roar came.

"Ah! The calf calf Dao was miserable by you today!" Zhengde roared and rushed out of the valley. "Old man, don't you say that this calf calf has no wisdom? It's more **** than me fine!"


The calf turned into a cyan shadow, still running before Zhengde, with a pair of big eyes looking at Zhengde happily.

A violent wind in the valley, a huge figure rushed out of the valley.

This is a white tiger with a length of tens of feet. It has wings on its back and a tail like a long whip. It accidentally slammed on the ground, and the earth cracked a huge crack.

"Windwing Tiger! This is a descendant of the ancient beast White Tiger. Although it is not as good as the small green beetle, it is enough to sweep the Quartet!" Yi Menggui was shocked when he saw this white tiger.

"The descendants of Baihu are not as good as a calf? Are you right?" Zhao Yuande didn't believe it.

"Mavericks? It's a blue beetle. The true adult beetle is not weaker than the white tiger. The blue dragon Suzaku Xuanwu white tiger is always a mythical beast. It is not the most top of the ancient mythical beasts. "Yi Menggui gave Zhao Yuande popular science fiercely.

"So what is the most powerful among the ancient beasts? Three-legged Jinwu, Kunpeng?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"It's Yu and Zhou! Yu space gods and animals, it is said that the space we are in now is in Yu's belly! Zhou is a time beast, he controls time, and all births, diseases, and death are in his mind!" Yimeng Gui said, It shocked him inexplicably.

Could it be that the universe that she said in her mouth is the same body as the congenital demon universe now? Is this universe an ancient mythical beast, or a congenital demon born after breaking the earth?

And there is an inexplicable connection between this Zhou and himself. His rebirth seems to be the handwriting of this Zhou. Many powerful existences can see that he is the reincarnation of the Zhou. Why is this?

"Do you... do you know what happened to the reincarnation?" Zhao Yuande suddenly asked this question.

"Zhou's reincarnation? Never heard of it." Yimeng Gui shook his head.


Although Zhengde ran very fast, it was not as fast as Fengyihu, and was soon caught up by Fengyihu. A world-shaking battle soon took place between the two.

Windwing Tiger is a ninth-order holy beast, coupled with his ancient **** beast bloodline, its combat power is no worse than Zhengde.

The fierce battle between the two made Zhao Yuande and Yimeng Gui see the strong side of Zhengde. Yimeng Gui clearly stated that even if his fighting power is fully open, he is not an opponent of this guy.

Of course, no one knows how many cards she has on her body. No one knows how rich the background is of a parent-child of an innate god. I am afraid that even a Divine Emperor will take her for granted!

Zhao Yuande also feels that he is not an opponent of Zhengde. This guy has no weaknesses. His body is powerful and his spiritual power is vast. The spirit of the soul is comparable to that of the late Emperor, and the inner world is perfect!

The small green beetle on the side was also scared back by their wars. It was not long before it was born. When did it see such a terrible war, and it was once chased by the windwing tiger, which made it have a heart against Zhengde A trace of fear.

"Beast, don't blame me for killing you when you are entangled!" Zhengde suddenly roared, and three Zhengde appeared in a flick of the body. Although the breath of these three Zhengde was not as strong as Zhengde, it also had 60% of the combat power.

Four hits and one, the wind wing tiger fell in an instant!


Windwing Tiger is not a fool. I am afraid that it will suffer a loss in the battle. It growls helplessly and turns its body into a breeze, thrown into the valley.

Seeing the wind-winged tiger fleeing, Xiaoqing Tianniu suddenly showed confusion in his eyes, turned into a blue shadow, and fled towards the distance.