Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 540

Chapter 540: Good Boy

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"Don't let it run away, it already has fear for you." The Spirit of the Green Cow reminded Zhengde's ear.

"Little calf, you can't escape! Hurry up and come back to be my pet!" Zhengde's speed suddenly increased by a few points, chasing towards Xiaoqing Tianniu.

"Let's go, let's hurry up too, don't let this guy pick up cheap!" Yimeng Gui took out a slap-sized golden lotus leaf and threw it on the ground, the lotus leaf became a few feet in size, and Yimeng Gui pulled Zhao Yuande to jump On the lotus leaf.

Lotus leaves flying up, incredible speed, even soon caught up with Zhengde and Xiaoqing Tianniu, flying above their heads.

"What kind of baby is this?" Zhao Yuande looked at this lotus leaf with a stunned look on the wind, almost faster than the speed of Divine Emperor.

"Everyday Qingtian is a lotus, this is the first Qinglian after the chaos, and my father took a lotus leaf to refine this flying boat. With my current cultivation practice, this speed is already the limit!" Yimenggui Somewhat embarrassed.

"Goodong!" Zhao Yuande swallowed hard. The lotus leaf was so scary that even he was almost scared.

"Are we going to do it now?" Yimeng Gui did not find Zhao Yuande's anomaly. At this time, her mind was all on Xiaoqing Tianniu.

"Don't worry, wait for Zhengde to shoot first!" Zhao Yuande calmed his inner shock. He thought that Yimenggui should be renamed Yiduobao!

Zhengde chasing Xiaoqing Tianniu, the speed has reached his extreme, but still can not catch up.

"Senior, hurry up, but you are its elder, you persuade it." Zhengde has no way but to turn to the Green Cow Spirit.

"Also! The most famous thing about us is the speed. You really can't catch up with him!" The spirit of the green cow sighed softly. "But my bloodline is not as pure as him, and I don't know if my old face has any effect."

"Little calf, don't run away, we are a family!" The spirit of the green cow showed his true body, growled loudly, and the entire oscillating space violently oscillated.


The little calf turned his head curiously and looked at Zhengde. Sure enough, he saw the phantom of a huge blue sky beetle emerging behind this guy.

Xiaoqing Tianniu This is the first time he sees a kind similar to his own appearance. He suddenly stopped like the wind, and looked at the ghost of Qingtianniu dumbfoundedly. Soon it seemed to think of something, eyes. There is a touch of water mist.

"Moo!" Xiaoqing Tianniu seems to be talking softly with Qingtian Niu's phantom.

"Child, this is a disciple of Bajing Palace. You will follow him back to the top and find your true parents!" Qingtian Niu's voice is soft, with a trace of pity.

"Yes! As long as you follow me, I will help you find your parents!" Zhengde saw Xiaoqing Tianniu stopped and suddenly showed a happy face on his face, it seems that this matter has a door!

Xiaoqing Tianniu looked at Zhengde, and after looking at the phantom of Qingtianniu, he suddenly lost a glimmer of light among his lost eyes.

But at this moment, a little strangeness suddenly appeared in the eyes of Xiaoqing Tianniu. It looked at Zhengde in a strange way, as if he saw something incredible.

"What's wrong with it?" Zhengde and Qingtianniu virtual shadow exchanged, "Why do you look at me like this?"

"It saw through the falsehood and saw..." Qingtianniu Xingying didn't understand at first, but immediately exclaimed, but it seemed like it was a little late at this time, his voice was abrupt It's over!


Suddenly, Zhengde felt a heavy shot on the back of the head. His head was groggy, and he tried to turn his head to see who was attacking himself, but then it was a few heavy shots. Go up.


Zhengde looked up to the end, his eyes were white, and foam was constantly spitting in his mouth.

"Zhao Yuande..." The moment Zhengde fell to the ground, he finally saw the culprit of his own attack, which **** Zhao Yuande!

The remorse in his heart can hardly be described in words. If the consciousness is still there, he might still be angry.

"Little obedient, come to my sister!" Yimeng reappeared, and waved at Xiaoqing Tianniu, who was holding the Qingtian horn in her hand.


Xiaoqing Tianniu looked at Yi Menggui and felt the familiar dare brought by that horn. He couldn't help but walked slowly towards Yi Menggui.

"Haha! Little obedient, you are mine!" Yimeng Gui gently stroked the smooth hair on Xiaoqing Tianniu, his face filled with excitement.

Xiaoqing Tianniu leaned his nose on the horn, sniffed and smelled again, and his face showed intoxication.


Xiaoqing Tianniu seems to beg, let Yi Menggui give it to the horns.

"I'll make a collar for you and hang the horns around your neck!" Yimeng Gui took a golden rope from the space, tied the horns to the rope, and then helped Xiaoqing Tianniu to hang around his neck.


Xiaoqing Tianniu seemed very happy, and liked the smell of Yi Menggui very much, and rubbed intimately on the body of Yi Menggui.

"Is that all right?" Zhao Yuande dumbfounded, "Not so simple!"

"It's that simple. The bloodline of this little guy has almost returned to his ancestors, and I am the daughter of a congenital god. He has a strong pre-weather breath, even if I don't have a horn, it will like me." Yimeng Gui gently stroked With Xiaoqing Tianniu, your face is full of smiles.

"Come! Let me touch it too!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward, trying to touch this little guy.

"Moo!" Xiaoqing Tianniu looked at Zhao Yuande badly, seeming to be very wary of him.

"Okay, dear, this is a friend, don't be fierce to him!" Yimeng Gui patted Xiaoqing Tianniu's head.

"Moo!" Xiaoqing Tianniu nodded gently, but the humanized eyes still showed a bit of unfriendliness, the heels were digging the ground, and it seemed to be ready to slap.

"Forget it, I won't touch you anymore!" Zhao Yuande unconsciously looked at Xiaoqing Niu's hoof. He just saw clearly how far Zhengde was kicked out by this pair of hoof hoofs.

"What about this guy?" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhengde on the ground and touched his head. He smiled embarrassedly. "Just a few times just now, he was cruel enough. At least he had to be in a coma for at least half an hour! I'm sorry for him!"

"Oh! No way, who asked him to **** my little obedient!" Yi Menggui said in his mouth, but his face also became a little bit unnatural, "Otherwise, we rescued him, and he Apologize well?"

"I'm afraid he will eat me!" Zhao Yuande quickly waved his hand. This is not a joke. If this guy is not a sneak attack, it is basically impossible for him to beat him!

"Then put him in a safe place and let go, we got little obedient, and we can't let him go empty-handed."

The two men checked that there were no powerful beasts for hundreds of miles, and they placed him on the trunk of a large tree.