Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 541

Chapter 541: Three Disasters And Five Disasters

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"Let's go, we'll hide quickly. After a long day of work, he should be awake!" Zhao Yuande took Xiaoqing Tianniu and hid like a thief in a hidden mirror.

"Moo!" Xiaoqing Tianniu is young and ignorant, do not know what they are doing? With his head desperately rubbing Yi Menggui, his eyes flashed as if he were asking.

"Hey! Little dear, I will let you watch a good show!" Zhao Yuande blinked at the little guy and let it watch the show quietly.

"Little obedient, don't make a noise, you will know it in a moment!" Yimeng Gui appeased Xiaoqing Tianniu and made a forbidden sound.

"Moo!" The little guy looked at them inexplicably, but it relied heavily on Yi Menggui, sat very obediently on the ground, and looked curiously at the mirror that enveloped them above his head.

It didn't take long for Zhengde to wake up long. He first touched the pain in his head, but he soon seemed to remember something.

"Ah! The murderous Zhao Yuande thief, I and you are at odds! This is the first few times! The first few times! What are you like to be a Daoist, wooden stakes?" Now, this is the fire held in his body is nowhere to vent, as long as it is sprayed through the pores of the mouth and nose, otherwise it must be held back from the internal injury.

"Hey! This guy is really mad!" Zhao Yuande covered his mouth and snickered.

"Moo!" Xiaoqing Tianniu's eyes also widened, as if he was the first person to see the fire-breathing person, very curious.

"Are we overdoing it a bit?" Yimeng Gui looked at the little obedient next to him, and then shook his head. "No, if little obedient followed him, it was a secret shot of the pearl. I'm saving the little obedient, I Nothing wrong!"


Xiaoqing Tianniu seemed to understand Yi Menggui's meaning and nodded gently.

"I'm going to kill you! Little thief, don't let me touch you!" Zheng De scolded, kicking out his palm fiercely on the ground, and the earth suddenly cracked like spider webs.

"Ah!" Zhengde jumped crazy from left to right, rising up into the sky, shattering the ground, and violently crashing into it again.


At this time, Zhengde's madness finally alarmed a lurking beast in the distance.

A giant white bear, thousands of feet high, rushed out of a large mountain and made an angry roar towards Zhengde.

Seeing this giant bear, Zhengde suddenly seemed to have a place to vent, and no longer jumped around, but screamed and rushed towards the white giant bear.

Suddenly, the earth-shattering war began.

This white giant bear is a little more powerful than the previous wind-winged tiger. Zhengde went up and summoned three avatars directly. Everyone teamed up to attack. The weapons in everyone's hands were powerful innate spirits.

For a while flying sand and rocks, the sky and dust, the whole world will be torn apart by the war.

Although the white giant bear is powerful, it is a semi-beast, but Zhengde under the rage is still bewildered. Many scary blood holes in his body are spraying blood. If it is not as big as a mountain, it may be directly Beheaded by Zhengde.

The two guys fought for half an hour, and the white giant bear finally pushed Jinshan down like a jade column.

The giant white bear is not dead yet, but a pair of eyes looked at Zhengde without hatred, but with a deep awe.

"Hey!" The voice of the blue giant cow on Zhengde's body emerged, and he sighed softly. "The little calf didn't get it, so he could only take away the frost giant bear, and her potential is also good. The beast is not impossible!"

"It can only be so!" Zhengde also lost most of his anger at this time, looked at the white giant bear beside him, and snorted coldly, "You are willing to follow me!"

"Yes! White scales are willing!" There was a hint of joy in the eyes of the giant white bear, his body quickly shrank, and finally turned into a three-meter white big bear. A grunt climbed up and stood beside Zhengde.

In a short period of time, the huge wounds on this giant white bear have basically healed, and the blood no longer flows.

Zhengde's eyes brightened, this kind of resilience is almost comparable to the undead!

"This guy picked a cheap one. This is a descendant of the Snow Dragon. Although the Snow Dragon is not as good as the Green Dragon, it is also among the ancient beasts. Its most prominent is its resilience, and it is not afraid of death in battle. Absolutely. It is one of the best choices for pets."Yi Menggui's face showed a faint smile, Zhengde got a white giant bear is also the best ending, the guilt in her heart gradually dissipated.

"Let's go! That Zhao Yuande got Xiaoqing Tianniu, it is estimated that he has left, and we will quickly go to the next level besides this imperial beast world!" Qingniu Xuying reminded, "There must be something in this Zhao Yuande that can block the breath. Innate Lingbao, I am afraid that the Emperor of God will not find it, even if I did not find it just now, I must be more careful next time!"

"Let this guy laugh first! Soon I will make him cry without crying!" Zheng De gritted his teeth, his eyes shimmering coldly.

"What are you going to do?" Qingtian Niu Yingying asked curiously.

"Soon you will know!" Zhengde waved his hand, but only a smug smile appeared on his face. He turned to look at the white bear and said coldly, "As for you, Bai Lin, you are now seriously injured and can't fight. Just start Come to my inner world to recuperate!"

Zhengde waved Bai Lin into the body world and strode forward.

"This guy is hitting bad ideas again. It seems that we are still too kind!" Yimeng Gui looked at Zhengde's smile and suddenly felt a chill.

"Otherwise, shall we give him a second?" Zhao Yuande said.

"Forget it, give him another chance!" Yimeng Gui looked at the small green beetle around him and couldn't help smiling, "He's all so miserable, and he doesn't let him have some bad thoughts, so he asks for a bad person. Not too much."

"Okay! I listen to you, but I carried a black pot for you. But this guy has calculated things to my head!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a trace of helplessness.

"Well, I know!" Yimeng gave Zhao Yuande a glance, what a clever woman she was, and suddenly understood that Zhao Yuande was talking to herself!

They followed Zhengde all the way, and a small door later appeared a door in front of them.

Zhengde pushed out the door. Outside the door was a grand palace, and at the end of the palace there was a gate.

At this time, there was no one in the palace, Zhengde stepped out, and began to observe the situation in the hall.

There is a stone stele not far from him. The stone stele is densely covered with small heads.

When he stepped forward, the words in the first line above changed Zhengde's face.

"To be eligible for the inheritance of the Bajing Palace, you need to go through three disasters and five disasters..."