Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 542

Chapter 542: Partial Hall

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This hall is a trial site for three disasters and nine hardships. As long as you walk to the end of the hall, you are truly qualified.

Three disasters and five disasters!

Zhengde's face is very unsightly, but this is the tragedy that the legendary cross-tribulation needs for the immortal. Now it is just for a quota, which is a bit too difficult for others!

"Don't be afraid! The three catastrophes and five catastrophes are small catastrophes and three catastrophes. Although it is a little difficult for you, they can survive it safely!" Qing Niu's voice echoed in his ears.

Zhengde let out a breath, but he is a man with a great hatred, and he will not take the risk of death in order to enhance his strength.

"Go with confidence! Everything is up to me!" Qingniu Xuying gave him a pill.

"Boom!" Zhengde was about to move forward, but heard the sound of heavy objects falling behind him.

He turned his head and looked at it, suddenly happy!

Bing Qingwu's body was burnt by flames and her hair was messy and inhuman. She fell heavily from a gate and her face was disoriented.

"Bing Fairy, what's wrong with you?" Zhengde's face showed a gloating expression. He knew that this woman must have suffered a great loss among Danmen.

" came out early?" Bing Qingwu got up from the ground, her body slightly backed away, and she looked at Zhengde with a pair of eyes, and found that he was neat and clean, without a trace of embarrassment, and his heart suddenly burst out. Is it so much stronger than yourself?

Bing Qingwu's face appeared dignified, and his fingers had been put on his own storage ring.

"Oops!" Suddenly there was another miserable voice around him, a door opened quietly beside her, and a figure rolled out from inside in a state of embarrassment.

At this time, Cang Xin Soul was covered in cold stubble, and his face was very pale, and his mouth even made the sound of clashing teeth!

"It's so cold! It's so cold!" Cang Xin's souls were trembling, looking at the Quartet, and suddenly found the ice dancing around, and suddenly pointed at her and laughed, "! You are more than me It's miserable!"

"What nonsense, didn't you see Yuande staring at you?" Bing Qingwu sent a voice to Cang Xin soul.

Cang Xinhun guessed Zhengde's smiling face.

Cang Xin Soul did not dare to neglect. He was a person who knew the importance of lightness. He was inconsistent with Bingqingwu. This was an infighting. However, Yuande, the enemy of the three tribes, was here.

"The two of you are not my opponents. In your current state, it's easy for me to kill you!" Zhengde sneered again and again, stepping towards the two step by step. "Now killing one less one who snatches the chance with me, I don't Hands are fools!"

"You... aren't you afraid that our two big families will unite to destroy you?" Bing Qingwu's face is very ugly. She knows that the other party is telling the truth, but she can only threaten the other party with such words.

"That's what happened after I went out. Maybe after I got the inheritance, I would directly practice in Divine Emperor Realm or Divine Emperor Realm. Even when I went out, would your two families be able to bear me?" Zhengde was awe-inspiring. There are three more steps to go before them.

"Slow down! Zhengde, you seem to have forgotten my existence!" At this moment, a gate emerged out of the void out of thin air, and Ling Fei floated out of it. He not only was not injured, but his breath was still faint. Increase, he actually got a big benefit in Fumen, great chance!

"Oh! It turns out that Lingfei, since you're here, it's okay!" Zhengde body quietly and then retreated, just blocking the stone tablet that introduced the hall.

"This guy is really insidious. In fact, he didn't want to kill those two people, but wanted to take this opportunity to force them back so that they didn't notice the stone tablet, and then..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but shivered. If the three of them dont know the text on the stele, without a trace of preparation, they may be killed by this guy.

"He is too bad, but in this way to deal with the worse people, I am in favor!" In Yi Menggui's mind, there is no sinister or not, only right and wrong.

"However, these three certainly have their own life-saving cards. It is basically impossible to want them to die, but it allows us to see what their cards are." Zhao Yuande naturally agreed with Zhengde in his heart.

"Humph!" Bing Qingwu snorted coldly, looking at Zhengde's eyes full of murderous intent, he is the inheritor of the ice man clan, has the strongest blood, in the clan is definitely above one person under 10,000 people However, she was frustrated repeatedly in front of this Zhengde. The anger in her heart was nowhere to vent, and she was almost crazy.

"Okay ice fairy, we should not provoke this person now. After we go out, we beg the gods and ancestors of the clan to go out and cut this person!" Ling Fei secretly transmitted the sound to the two of them, so that they should not move.

Cang Xin Soul is most calm, he just silently remembers today's things in his heart, as Ling Fei said, there will be times when he regrets in the future.

"The front door should be the exit. What is this hall doing?" Lingfei always looked a little weird when he looked at the end of the hall.

"Probably a rest area! We have been hit hard by the gate, and it's reasonable to rest here!" Cang Xin soul sat on the ground cross-legged, took a handful of medicine, and began to recover his strength.

"Let's recover first!" Bing Qingwu also sat down cross-legged.

Lingfei was constantly looking at the Quartet at this time. When he saw what Zhengde was doing, his face suddenly appeared shocked.

Zhengde summoned Bai Lin at this time and completely covered the stone tablet with its huge body. Although Bai Lin was still scarred at this time, he still could not hide its fierceness and power.

Could this guy conquer this white bear in the imperial gate, I am afraid that the power of the white bear is above us, if he drives the white bear to fight against the three of us, I am afraid that all three of us will have to draw the cards to win, and his We don't know what the hole card is, it's so bad!

At this time, Zhengde was not in a hurry, recovering with his eyes closed, in fact, he was snickering in his heart!

Zhao Yuande and Yimeng Gui felt a little bored here. They started wandering around the two halls. This hall is very vast. In addition to the road leading to the front gate, there are also partial halls on both sides.

The two of them, together with the curious little obedient, wandered around a few side halls, and finally found nothing. Just when he was about to give up the idea, he suddenly felt a very uneasy restlessness from the little obedient around him.

"What's the matter, little obedient?" Yimeng Guiyuan also felt this change.

Xiaoqing Tianniu, with his eyes wide open in confusion, looked in one direction, where is a partial hall.

"There is something in that partial hall, it may be related to this little guy!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, but this was an unexpected discovery.

"Let's go and see, maybe there will be a big discovery!"