Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 544

Chapter 544: True Genius

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"What do seniors tell us about the reincarnation of Zhou?" Yimeng Gui was very curious about Zhao Yuande's extra identity.

"Unspeakable! Unspeakable! When you practice to a certain level, you will naturally understand this matter!" Qingniu Xuying glanced at Zhao Yuande and continued, "This identity is both an advantage and a great thing. Crisis..."


Suddenly a thunder exploded in the void, and the entire temple was shaken violently.

"It's broken, I said more!" Qingniu Xuying glanced at the void, and some were afraid, "If I say more, I'm afraid my body will be implicated!"

At this time, even if Yi Menggui has changed a little, what kind of existence of Qing Niu's imaginary body is, she knows deeply, but it can suppress the terrible existence above the heavens and the world, now because of a word Being implicated!

"Seniors still talk about inheritors!" Although Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart, he had already speculated, and he was not surprised. Instead, he asked about the admission of the Bajing Palace.

"Among the heavens and the world, accepting the Bajing Palace is a remarkable event. The descendants of countless powerful people have broken their heads to become disciples of the Bajing Palace, but they have failed because they failed the test. This time, the scale may be better than in the past. The master may receive several formal disciples at once, so countless powerful existences in the heavens are staring at this disciple. Although you do not have to be afraid in your capacity, you should pay attention..." Qingniu Xuying said here, and quickly covered her mouth, "Don't say it, there are too many taboos, and you will be involved in the body if you are not careful!"

"Thank you, Senior, we are gone!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fist against Qingniu's virtual shadow. Although the other party only said a rough idea, he already knew the truth of the matter based on these words.

"Senior, do you still have to stay here?" Yimeng Gui asked.

"I hope you can treat this child kindly, and I will use my residual spirit to fill in the missing parts of the inheritance memory so that it will not become your drag! I am finally free from this world..." Qing Niu Xu The shadow turned into a blue shadow, and suddenly rushed into the eyebrow of Xiaoqing Tianniu.

Xiaoqing Tianniu's eyes darkened, but suddenly became very clear again. There was a light of wisdom in the depths of his eyes, as if he was suddenly enlightened! Especially when looking at Yi Menggui, his eyes are filled with a deep attachment.

"Okay, let's go, little obedient!" Yimeng Gui patted Xiaoqing Tianniu's head lovingly.

"Moo!" Xiaoqing Tianniu rubbed her hand with her head, then took a deep look at the stone figure in front of her, and got up to follow the two to leave.

When they walked out of this partial hall, they happened to see that Bing Qingwu and the three had recovered their wounds and began to walk towards the shining gate deep inside the hall.

Zhengde followed behind them at this time, and the white bear was taken into the inner world by him, with a sly smile on his face.

The three people walking in front of me suddenly felt that something was not right, the door seemed to be farther and farther away from them, and the scene in front of them suddenly changed, as if they were standing on a vast ocean.

"What the **** is going on? Is it a fantasy?" Bing Qingwu looked at the endless sea with some irritability.

"Unlike a fantasy, I feel here... you see..." Cang Xin Soul originally wanted to say that this place is very real, but before he finished talking, he saw a huge black wave hit the horizon, even in the sky They were all covered by the black giant waves, and the sky became darker and darker.

"We have to deal with this massive wave of water, but I am worried..." Ling Fei said halfway through suddenly, because he saw that after the huge amount of black, there are still more powerful and more terrifying. The huge waves!

"We seem to have missed something, that Zhengde has been covering something..." Bing Qingwu seemed to remember something, and his face was blue for a while, "This guy is **** damn, where the **** are we?"

"It seems that I have some memories. I have seen this in an ancient book in the family..." Ling Fei tried hard to recall, "I know, the black giant waves are monstrous, with a total of twelve weights, one weight is stronger than one weight, one weight A horror... This is the black water disaster among the three disasters and the five disasters!"

"Three disasters and five catastrophes..." Bing Qingwu's face suddenly turned white when he heard the name, and he looked at the two of them, "We, or shall we go back!"

"No! This is a test for us. Only through these three disasters and five catastrophes can we reach the door and obtain the final inheritor qualification!" Cang Xinshun's face showed perseverance, he did not look back. Towards that raging wave.

Bing Qingwu and Ling Fei looked at Cang Xinshen's back, and suddenly felt an inexplicable force pouring out of their hearts, their faces showing an expression of disobedience.

In their consciousness, Cang Xin Soul was the weakest, and Cang Xin Soul also performed relatively low-key on weekdays. Unexpectedly, the sudden burst of power today shocked both people, and they no longer dared to despise each other.

The three of them came forward one after the other and greeted the monstrous black masses without turning back.


The tumbling waves drowned three people.

But at the next moment, the figures of the three people appeared at the tip of the wave...

"Not good! This guy is really a scourge. He didn't expect him to have such a tenacious will!" Zhengde's eyes behind him showed a chill. He didn't expect that the lowest Cang Xin soul could make such a move, let other The two were also infected. "The three guys seem to be desperate. Let them jump for a few days!"

Zhengde also resolutely joined the ranks of resisting the black water disaster.

"Next, I will show you what a true genius is!" Zhengde strode forward toward the endless black waves and slammed into the first wave of black waves.

"Yi fairy, I'm afraid it will not be too short this time. If I can't go back, please help me and Senior Lei Zun of the Lei Hei clan to explain, saying that I will definitely go to the door and blame!" Zhao Yuande turned to Yi Menggui Solemnly asked, "I hope you can bring the Black Winds back to the guardian family first, tell them the truth, and stay with them."

"Hey! I had to do so!" Yimeng Gui looked at Zhao Yuande deeply, and there was a bit of reluctance and worry in his eyes. "You take care, remember to come back alive!"

Although she is very confident in Zhao Yuande, but the cultivation road is long, no one dares to guarantee that she is smooth all the way.

"Relax! I value my life more than anyone else, and I will definitely come back alive!" Zhao Yuande gently waved at her, and then resolutely turned around and walked on the road of three disasters and five disasters.

"Goodbye!" Yimeng Gui waved to him, his eyes glittering brightly.

"Moo!" Xiaoqing Tianniu gently rubbed the master's hand.

This time, Zhao Yuande didn't cover his figure with a spectacle, so he walked directly into the black ocean.