Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 545

Chapter 545: Team Up With The Enemy

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It doesn't matter if it is discovered by Zhengde here. On this road of three disasters and five disasters, he can't cope with his disasters. Even if Zhengde has a big enmity with him, he won't be so stupid.

At this time, he couldn't see Zhengde's figure, but just watched the terrible giant waves roll one by one, and the power of the first giant wave was no less than the full blow of a world power.

"Give me!"

Zhao Yuande punched out with one punch, this is the water fist of the boxing technique.


Under the violent collision, the first black giant wave was directly divided into two parts by his punch.

"Haha! Happy, come again!"

Zhao Yuande was so aggressive that he punched at the second black giant wave...

By the time Zhao Yuande blasted the fourth black giant wave, he had already seen the figure of Bing Qingwu.

At this time, the three men were joining forces to resist the ninth black giant wave. They were already feeling overloaded at this time, and their bodies were trembling, and they seemed to be unable to persevere.

The figure of Zhengde has disappeared, it is estimated that they have already surpassed them and walked forward.

The power of the black giant wave is getting stronger and stronger. By the eighth black giant wave, Zhao Yuande felt that he could not resist it. This was equivalent to the full blow of the late Emperor. Zhao Yuande is now somewhat skeptical. The next five To what extent the giant wave will be strong, can he persist until the end?

At this time, the three ice-dancing dancers had reached the eleventh black giant wave, and they each took out a powerful innate spirit treasure bodyguard, but still trembling in front of the black giant wave.

Zhengde had apparently successfully weathered the black water disaster and went to the next fire disaster.

"This Zhengde is really not simple, it is worthy of being the powerhouse of the world's triple dominance, and the power has indeed reached an unpredictable state!" Zhao Yuande successfully split the tenth black giant wave and came to Bingqingwu three of them Later, I couldn't help but sigh.

The three of Bing Qingwu are now fighting against the terrifying black giant waves. They have exhausted a little.

"It seems that we still have to take out a hole card separately, otherwise this level will not be able to fight against it!" Ling Fei looked at the terrifying waves of the mountains and mountains, showing a determined look on his face.

"That man... how did he come in?" Bing Qingwu suddenly saw a handsome and mighty young man striding forward to the eleventh heavy black wave.

"He... he is only a combination of yin and yang, how did he pass the top ten?" Cang Xin soul thought to the point of the matter.

"This..." The three of them suddenly changed their faces at the same time, and saw the young man punching at the eleventh heavy black wave.

The black giant wave that was originally blocked by them, even the back of the young man broke open with a punch!

The three people were stagnant at the same time. They forgot how Zhao Yuande entered this place. They were all shocked by the strength of Zhao Yuande's punch just now.

As if it were a giant axe that broke the earth, one axe split the endless chaos, and one axe split the new world.

"Goodong!" The three of them swallowed.

"What are you still doing cold, the twelfth black giant wave is coming, are you waiting for death?" Zhao Yuande saw the expressions of the three men and couldn't help but feel dark.

"Thank you brother, if we werent you, we might be eliminated!" Cang Xinshun reacted first and hurriedly showed a friendly smile. "What are we doing, the four of us joined forces in the twelfth black giant The waves are not easily broken!"

"Good, let's join forces!" Ling Fei's eyes lit up.

"Joining the enemy together!" Bing Qingwu looked at Zhao Yuande and shot two fine awns in her eyes. Although she had a lot of doubts, but now it was not the time for doubts. Only by working together can she successfully overcome the crisis in front of her.

And other things will be said later!

It is still the three people who joined together to resist the twelfth black giant wave, and Zhao Yuande broke open with a punch!

The twelfth layer of black giant waves separated, and then the endless oceans receded. They appeared on a blood-red ground. There were huge volcanoes standing there. From time to time, horrible flames erupted from the volcano. The whole world was like an end.

Zhao Yuande is accustomed to seeing this scene. He has experienced too many strong winds and waves. This little scene is really nothing.

But the other three people were worried, this terrifying flame mountain, the outside temperature was high, even they all felt that the water in the body seemed to be evaporated all at once, and their bodies were a small circle out of thin air. .

"How can this pass?" Bing Qingwu's face was a little white. She was an ice physique. She was originally afraid of fire. The last time she chose Danmen, she was burned by the fire. If it was not the last one The life guarantee card, I am afraid it will really be burned to death.

But the flame mountain in front of her was even more terrifying than the one in Danmen just now, and she suddenly retreated in her heart.

"This fire is not simple, but it is not that there is no way to get past." Zhao Yuande saw this flame mountain, but the shadow of Zhengde was long gone.

He couldn't help but have an idea that this Zhengde was so powerful. If he met him alone, it would be a disaster. If he could join forces with these three people temporarily, he might overwhelm this guy.

"I don't know what this son has any way?" Bing Qingwu's eyes lit up. She was confident of the various disasters below. If there is a way to transition through this flame mountain, it will be mostly successful.

"I am an alchemist, and there is a kind of fire in the body that can restrain the flames here. If you hide under my flames, you will be able to successfully pass the flame mountain." Zhao Yuande has felt the urgency of the Qinglian fire at this time. I've long wanted to rush out and devour this flame mountain.

"In this case, then there is this young man..." Bing Qingwu's face was overjoyed, but suddenly she felt something was not right, and she suddenly looked dumbfounded, "what the **** are you, why can you enter the hinterland of my Bajing Palace?"

"Hehe! Don't worry, Bing Xianzi. In fact, I am a child of the guardian family. It is the elders of my family who sent me to participate in this trial and wanted me to become a disciple of Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande could only lie.

The Iceman must know the guardian family, but they dont necessarily understand it. Although he said that the other party was not fully convinced, he could not find a reason for doubt.

"Are you guarding the family?" Cang Xin Soul's face suddenly changed.

"If it is a fake replacement, the guardian of this eight-year-old Bajing Palace also wants to share a slice of the soup. Moreover, the ancestor of my guardian family and the owner of Bajing Palace are old friends. Although these two old people do not know the present I went to the world of cloud travel, but this friendship is still there, so I came, and I know more and more details than the three of you." Zhao Yuande's unpredictable appearance, his words were half and half true. Fake, the three people who listened were stunned for a while, and it was really difficult to tell the truth.

"In this case, we are really not outsiders. On this extremely northern ice sheet, we are the only ice clan in the world. In fact, the Cangyun clan, the spirit clan, and even your guardian clan are all equivalent to the super clan. Since we are all The people of the extreme north ice field should cooperate sincerely, so as not to be taken advantage of by some outsiders!" Bing Qingwu's thoughts turn quickly, and they are a little difficult to fight against Zhengde. Now there is one more person. Their power is greatly increased. If they can be provoked This man fought Zhengde. When the three of them coaxed up, Zhengde would have to suffer even if he was stronger.

"Don't know your son's high name?" Ling Fei asked.

"My name is Yimeng Jun, but I still have a name you must have heard of, Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously.