Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 546

Chapter 546: Wind Knife Array

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"Zhao Yuande... the owner of the world's first food?" Bing Qingwu's eyes light up instantly, but she has heard many legends about Zhao Yuande and even sent someone to specifically investigate this person, "Are you really Zhao Yuande?"

"Zhao Yuande, Brother Zhao's big name, did not expect to be a person who guarded the family." Ling Fei also thought of those legends, but now he was able to see a real person, really did not expect it.

At this moment, only that Cang Xin soul looked at Zhao Yuande with some suspicion, he always felt that this person was a bit mischievous.

"Well, Brother Cang, don't hurry to come and kiss Brother Zhao!" Ling Fei pulled the soul of Cang Xin and quietly whispered in his ear, "Okay, now it is useless to doubt, regardless of him Any conspiracy, we beat Zhengde with him!"

"Brother Zhao has seen him. The name of Brother Zhao is like Lei Guaner. I don't know when I can help us cook a good food. We can't be deserved of this life!" Cang Xin soul hit haha and arched his hand at Zhao Yuande.

"Since the three want to join forces with Yi, then we can say ugly ahead, we can make a heavenly oath, lest I die unclear!" Zhao Yuande looked at the three men, his face sullenly said, "You too Dont say good things, lets be villains before gentlemen."

"That's what I want!" Ling Fei clapped, and then said, "But this heavenly vow can only take effect in this world, and if we leave the world and start a real competition, we will be Contractual constraints cannot completely let go."

"This is natural, and naturally I wouldn't be so stupid!" Zhao Yuande smiled. "Since this, let's start!"

"It should be so..."

Soon four people made a heavenly vow, and the four of them happily discussed how to survive these three disasters and five disasters.

"Come on! Everyone comes into my flames!"

Zhao Yuande summoned a green lotus fire to protect his body, and the flames around him suddenly receded like a tide, as if the mouse had seen the cat.

"It really works! I don't know what the name of Brother Zhao's flame is? Fortunately, the three of us will have a long experience!" Ling Fei looked at the huge red lotus, and a trace of fiery appeared in his eyes.

"This is the red lotus industry fire, the Buddhist flame, and the special restraint of all fires. I also worked hard to exchange it from the hands of the Heavenly Zen Buddhism." Zhao Yuande had secretly changed the color of the blue flame long ago, otherwise it is true Will be a bit troublesome.

"It turned out to be this kind of flame. No wonder I have never seen it before. It's really nothing strange in the world." Ling Fei chuckled, but there were 10,000 in disbelief in his heart.

Although the temperature of the flame in the flame mountain range is extremely high, but I did not expect to encounter the Qinglian fire and was restrained to death.

"That's it?" Bing Qingwu didn't quite believe it. The place she was most afraid of came over unharmed, as if dreaming.

"Don't be careless, the wind knife array below is the most terrible. This time I have no choice. The big guy can only break through!" Zhao Yuande spread his hands.

"Brother Zhao has helped us a lot, as long as we pass the Flame Mountain, we will no longer be afraid!" Cang Xin soul also smiled.

The most cold place is the cold snow and ice, and their physique also tends to the water attribute, the most feared is the flame, so as long as Zhao Yuande takes them out of the flame mountain range, the rest of them are not worried.

"The next few levels will depend on everyone!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands to the three.

"Everything is wrapped in us." Lingfei patted his chest.

"But Brother Zhao, I think you are strong, and you broke through the twelve layers of black waves with one punch. You still use us with your strength. Hey, you are making fun of us!" Said, "Do you want to save your strength!"

"This is all seen by Cang Brother, ha ha!" Zhao Yuande laughed, but he had a trace of killing intent on this Cang Xin soul, this guy is the most calm, and the thought is meticulous and can bear, this person is absolutely better than others Both of them are terrible!

However, this kind of thought just turned around and disappeared in an instant, because these three people are Zhengde's dishes, and they are nothing compared to Zhengde.

In front of them was a valley, where the wind was breathing. From the far end, there was a man at the end of the valley. His clothes were ragged, and he was dangling with a blade of wind.

"That's Zhengde, he was so embarrassed, how terrifying is the wind knife array in this valley?" Ling Fei uttered his tongue. He thought that after passing the Flame Mountain, there was nothing to stump them. The Wind Sword Array is even more terrifying. Even Zhengde, who is the world's triple ruler, is so embarrassed.

"This Zhengde is really treacherous. In order not to reveal the cards in front of us, he has resisted this wind knife array stiffly." Cang Xin soul sighed.

"Okay, we are not as high as his cultivation base. If we want to get through the difficulties without loss, we need to use some shots." Bing Qingwu doesn't care about waving his hand. "We have a deep foundation in each of our three families. , We are not afraid to expose!"

"Three disasters and five hardships, the wind knife array is the third and the most difficult one. Let's be more careful!" Zhao Yuande stepped up to the valley. Although he knew the wind knife array, he never experienced it. Coupled with his comprehension of the rules of the wind, he was eager to try the wind knife array.

As soon as he entered the valley, he suddenly knew he was wrong. He had thought that the rules of the wind could be improved here, but he didn't expect the rules of the wind to be disordered and unable to catch any rules at all.


Before two steps, the terrible wind knife shredded the clothes on Zhao Yuande's body. Zhao Yuande also immediately understood why Zhengde was so embarrassed.

The wind knife was cut on his body, and he only felt a tingling, and his heart gradually let go.

His physical strength is far above Zhengde, but he cannot be too strong.

"Hey! It hurts!" Zhao Yuande waved his fists pretendingly, splitting countless oncoming wind knives, but his face showed a burst of pain.

"Brother Zhao, how is the strength of the wind blade?" Ling Fei asked Zhao Yuande, looking nervous.

"It is equivalent to the attack of the top five or six heavyweights in the field!" Zhao Yuande estimated and touched, "You must be careful, this thing hurts very much on your body!"

When the three of them heard it, they immediately felt relieved and joined forces to break into the valley. They suddenly aroused countless wind knives and surrounded them.

The three men are strong, and they are all in the top ten in the rankings, and they have many innate self-defenses.