Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Loophole

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Bing Qingwu held a small lotus in his hand at this time, and a lot of gods were scattered on the lotus. These gods were so magical that they could form a hazy mask, and the dripping water that put the three people in front of them could not leak.

Cang Xin Soul put a small bell in his hand, and the small bell gently oscillated and exuded ripples, where the wind knife was broken by inches.

A pair of golden and glorious swords shattered all the wind knives that struck around in order to let Lingfei dance around.

But as they went further into the valley, the wind knife they felt was more powerful. The last handle of the wind knife almost torn the void, and one accidentally cut on the body, and suddenly the whole body was bloody.

At this time Zhengde had walked out of the valley. He turned to see that there was a figure at the entrance of the valley. He couldn't help but look closely.

It didn't matter at all, he was almost spurted by Qi Qiqiao. If it wasn't still hurting him now, he almost rushed back to the valley, looking for that person to avenge Xuefen.

"Damn! How could this guy appear here, **** it! Damn!" Zhengde punched the ground, but a terrible force came back, flew him out of the shock, and hit the mountain wall .

"Zhao Yuande, you are dead today!" Zhengde fell down from the mountain wall in a hurry and was desperate. He wanted to get angry but had nowhere to send.

"I'm so mad!" Zhengde found that he couldn't make up his mind now. He had always conceited himself. He entered the three big families and stole the psychic treasure. It was like a walk in the court. Losses again and again.

He was teased repeatedly by him, and was stripped of his clothes, which was a shame to him!

"Hoo! I'm not angry, I'm not angry, I want to calm down!" Zhengde tried to straighten his chest, forcing himself to quiet down, "I'm going to make troubles when I'm messed up, I not only have to deal with this kid, but also guard against those three Guy! I cant go wrong in one step, and I cant do anything wrong!"

Zhao Yuande had already seen Zhengde's face. This guy was almost not blown away by himself. Be careful this time. This guy should not jump off the wall and wait for us when we go out.

"The three of you are careful. There is a person there who is looking at us fiercely. I think he has bad intentions!" Zhao Yuande pointed to Zhengde.

"It's Zhengde's evil Taoist. We move forward slowly, rather than being injured." Bing Qingwu saw Zhengde suddenly showing a light of hatred on his face, "We will go out and join him to remove him in a while, there are him in our 'S plan is about to fail!"

"Relax! I will never keep my hand! As long as you create opportunities for me, I have the means to kill them with one blow!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fists.

In the eyes of everyone, they remembered that Zhao Yuande broke the twelfth black giant wave with one punch, that kind of power could definitely bombard a powerful person in the world.

Four people carefully discussed, Zhengde is like an ant on a hot pot.

He saw that the four people seemed to be forming an alliance, and the three of them were not afraid, but Zhao Yuande was out of the ghost. He still thinks that there is still a chill in the back of his head. If he is waiting here now, maybe the four of them are rushing. When you come out, you will start on yourself.

Under the union of the four, he couldn't get any benefits at all. He thought about it for a long time, and finally gritted his teeth, and turned around and left.

Further forward, it was a sky full of haze, and the road thunder fell from the nine days, bombarding the holes of the earth, black smoke came out of the hole, and the thunder continued to swim on the earth, very Soon, he became a Lei Ze.

"This is the first robbery, thunder robbery!" Zhengde looked up at the sky, feeling the terrifying power of the thunder bombardment, he could not help but shivered.

Ordinary people have begun to have thunderstorms since the yin and yang integration, and the one of these crossing robbers sees that thunderjacking is not trembling.

The legend of Tianlei since ancient times is a kind of punishment by God. Only those who make mistakes will be bombarded by the Thunder.

The cultivator walks against the sky, the cultivator wants to live together with the sky, wants to rush to the sky, and wants not to be restricted only by this heaven and earth, so God will drop the punishment to punish the practitioner.

In short, Thunder Tribulation is the most feared disaster for all practitioners. Even the powerful genius such as Zhengde is inevitable.

But Zhengde finally rushed into this piece of Lei Ze without turning back.


At that time, there were dozens of thunders falling from the sky and falling **** Zhengde.


Zhengde shouted, his body strength was thin, protecting important positions around his body.

However, his speed was not as fast as the Thunder. At this moment, he was scorched black, fell to the ground with a thump, and did not get up for a long time.

In fact, he was not seriously injured, just some burnt out of the skin, and did not hurt the inner abdomen or even the soul. He was too scared to dare.

Strange to say, this Zhengde was lying on the ground, and the Thunder didn't even hack him, as if he had left a little life in the sky.

Zhengde soon discovered this problem, and he couldn't even get up. He lay on the ground and began to repair his wounds.

"Thunder doesn't hack me this day. If I walked through this thunder area like this, would the thunder let me go?" Zhengde thought, trying to manipulate the earth to move his body.

I didn't expect it to work, but I lay out of the Thunder Daze unharmed.

All four of Zhao Yuande's eyes were dumbfounded. They didn't expect this man to come up with such a method?

Although the wind knife is extremely sharp, the three men each have innate Lingbao bodyguards, and rushed out of the range of the wind knife array.

"Shall we try it again in a while?" Ling Fei's face lit up with joy, "Although it's a bit shameful to say, but only a few of us will not spread it at this time."

"It's worth a try!" Cang Xin soul nodded. "As long as it can pass through without loss, it is a good way. This is a virtue that is for us to explore the way ahead!"

"I have some research on Thunder. I need Thunder to refine my flesh, so I won't go like this!" Zhao Yuande felt a sense of closeness to Thunder. Although his eyebrow, Thunder's Eye has never advanced again, nor did he play his role. There is a role, but the power of the Thunder stored therein provides unlimited power for his Thunder Fist, and it is temporarily a tool for storing Thunder.

After he achieves the realm of the field, he must have time to study the Thunder Eye, find a few good recipes, and raise the Thunder Eye to the limit, saying that he can not be promoted to become the Eye of Chaos God. Estimated.

"Brother Zhao, you are free, then let's go one step first!" The three of them lay down on the ground, forming a row, manipulating the power of the earth to support their bodies, and soon except Lei Ze.

"Hey! It's really a huge loophole. I don't know who built it here. I have to meet this person. I must tell him about this loophole." Zhao Yuande was surprised, but he didn't bother to use this loophole. Step towards Lei Ze.