Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 550

Chapter 550: Girl Playing The Piano

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As soon as he landed on this small planet, he was surrounded by countless black monsters. Although these monsters are not strong, their number is almost endless.

On this small planet, the gravity is very small, even if ordinary people can fly away, jump a few tens of meters high, these black monsters are infinitely powerful, originally equivalent to the blood sea **** fetal realm. Now, the fighting power exerted by each is not weaker than that of Yin and Yang.

However, Zhao Yuande is not a good boy or a girl. If you are cruel, he will be even more cruel than you. These black monsters will be submerged by a blue sea of fire as soon as they rush up, and a blue lotus flower of a few acres will bloom around him as long as he encounters a blue flame. The black monster instantly turned into a pile of coke.

However, Zhao Yuande quickly put away the Qinglian Fire, and he found that the tide-like black monster seemed to be just right to help himself and master the boxing skill.

"Wind! Thunder! Water! Fire! Gold! Earth! Time!"

He exhibited one kind of boxing intention, and each kind was not converted into the next boxing style until the perfection of the exhibition.

He has been fighting here for three days. The black monster bodies around him are piled up like a mountain. In addition to the time punch and some obscurity, the other six of his seven types of artificial boxing are already perfect.

These opponents are too low-level to allow Time Fist to exert its due effect. It is probably useless to continue fighting here. He has the meaning of retreating at this time.

But at this time, a horn sounded in the void, and the monsters seemed to have received some orders, and they all retreated with a hula.


The howling sounded again, the earth began to cluster and tremble, and countless white bone shelves crawled out of the ground.

These bone racks vary in shape, from humanoid to animal-like, to snakes and birds, some as large as mountains, and some as small as ants and insects.

But in the eyes of these bone racks, there was a trace of black flames, these flames seemed to be the force supporting them to crawl out.

"It's so powerful!" Zhao Yuande looked at a flying dragon skeleton with huge wings.

This skeleton is thousands of feet long. I am afraid that at least it is a powerful existence of a Divine Emperor Realm. I don't know why this powerful corpse appeared on such a small planet.


The black flame between the eyes of this flying dragon's skeleton burned, staring at Zhao Yuande momentarily.

"Woo!" thought of howling again in the void.

All of these skeleton racks turned their attention to Zhao Yuande. They took a heavy and difficult step and oppressed Zhao Yuande step by step.

"It seems that I don't show my true skills today, but I have to explain it here!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold, his body was full of blood and blood, and his body continued to swell, and finally turned into a giant of dozens of feet, "Time..."

Zhao Yuande no longer keeps his hands, the powerful physical strength is undoubtedly revealed at this moment, and the time fist is constantly played as he collides with these horrible skeletons.

Especially the most powerful dragon's corpse was still fighting with him. The huge body plus Cui Liang's white jade-like skeleton, the shaking Zhao Yuande's arms were sore and his body receded. It turned out several times that it was almost succeeded by other skeletons that came from behind.

At the moment in the clouds, a long-bearded old man in Tsing Yi looked at Zhao Yuande and these skeleton battles, and he frowned deeply.

"What is this kid going to do? Do you want to kill all the ghosts from my first trial site? Does he not know the rules or deliberately stir up?"

"Elder, I don't think he knows. Except for the space-time tunnel, he lingered for a long time. If it wasn't for us to open the battlefield, I'm afraid he didn't know that he should land in our first trial field!" There was a man beside Tsing Yi Long Beard Elder The 13-year-old boy was holding a blue horn in his hand. It was obvious that he just blew the horn.

"Also, since he didnt know, then forget it. This kind of genius is rare. He even controlled seven rules, especially the rules of time. I didnt even get into the fight, but it was a weak point. If he can, he is now in the sixth field. He can also enter the top ten with the least weight." The old man in Tsing Yi nudged his long beard and watched Zhao Yuande's battle. He could not help but nodded secretly, "Well, let him pass this level!"

"Yes! Elder!" The child raised the horn and blew his cheeks.

As soon as the horn sounded, the skeletons were all broken, and the ghost fires in the eyes of the skeletons suddenly gathered together, and then escaped directly into the underground.

Zhao Yuande also only felt that the huge flying dragon skeleton in front of him suddenly fell apart, as if it was a punch on cotton, which was powerful and useless.

"Hey! I just thought about a little doorway, this is over?" Zhao Yuande's face twitched, but he was helpless.

The bone racks were all clapped back to the ground, and in front of him there was an area leading from the avenue to the location.

Zhao Yuan's master of art was bold and set foot on the road.

Soon he appeared in front of a forest of birds and flowers, the forest was not big, and there was a faint voice in it, like a woman.

Immediately afterwards came a wonderful sound of the piano, which sounded melodious, as if it could knock off the heart of the person, even Zhao Yuande was somewhat laid-back at this time, wanting to see who the girl was playing the piano.

He saw a path winding through the jungle, a stream running down the path, the local tax dingdong sounded the Yuanqin sound, and a naughty fish probed the brain in the stream, as if also enjoying the Qin Yinxian song.

"It's strange, how could anyone play the piano here?" Zhao Yuande said to himself, Lin Zi was very small, and soon he came to a secluded hut, and a slim figure was gently stroking his back against him.

"Why, how could this figure be so familiar?" Zhao Yuande felt even stranger. He stepped forward and saw that the woman turned out to be Yimenggui.

"Yi fairy, why are you here? Did you come here with me instead of going back?" Zhao Yuande stepped forward, carefully observed, and even probed with the spirit of the soul, which is just like Yi Menggui. .

"Brother Zhao, I'm a little worried about you, so I'll follow you! You won't blame me!" Yimeng Gui's expression was shy, her head drooped slightly, and she also looked at Zhao Yuande from time to time. Some people can't help but think about it.

"No..., how can I blame you, it's too late to be happy!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly waved his hand, but he always felt something was wrong.

"It's better to sit down with Brother Zhao and listen to me play a song. We haven't seen it for a few days. I talk about my feelings of miss in my heart!" Yimeng Gui took Zhao Yuande to sit down, and the coldness of his hands made Zhao Yuande feel secretly. Swing.

"Please!" Zhao Yuande had a good time, and he became more and more suspicious. Although no matter where the Yimenggui looked from, or the spirit of the spirit explored her breath, there was nothing wrong, but they only said goodbye a few days ago. Any such sign, which is now so active in its performance, is still pulling its own hand, which is definitely a big problem.