Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 551

Chapter 551: Sneak Attacked

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Yimeng sits down, holding the strings of his hand and sings out. Zhao Yuande suddenly seems to be in a beautiful field. Groups of cattle and sheep are eating grass on the ground. Beautiful people are light on horseback. Dance, and a group of beautiful white birds flying in the sky...

wrong! This is definitely a problem!

Zhao Yuande looked at Yimeng Guifu and immediately understood what was wrong.

Yimeng Gui grew up in the Desolate Realm from an early age. As a human being, she was chased and killed in the Desolate Realm all day. How can she have time to learn to play the piano!

Having figured this out, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but relax and began to think about the other party pretending to be Yi Menggui, what kind of conspiracy is in his heart?

"Brother Zhao, how is this song for me?" After one song, Yimeng Gui looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile on her face, her eyes full of spring, and her mind was self-evident.

"Miao! Really wonderful!" Zhao Yuande clapped his hands, but his face sank at this time, and his tone became a little cold. "But the girl is not a fairy, you are here waiting for me to do it. what?"

"Brother Zhao is about to laugh, I am Yi Menggui. You forgot that we came back together from the Desolate Realm, experienced life and death together, and calculated the Yuande Taoist together..."Yi Menggui not only said his name, And many of the secrets of Zhao Yuande and Yimenggui, she even knew it clearly, and said nothing wrong!

"You... have you hijacked Yimenggui! Did all these secrets come from her mouth?" Zhao Yuande thought of this possibility, and the whole person suddenly showed up, and there were more Eternal Towers in his hands. Euphorbia.

"Brother Zhao is so, is there something wrong with Menggui!" Yi Menggui is full of emotions, tears rolling in his eyes, watching people can't help but feel sad.

"The more you are so pretentious, the more exposed you are. Although Fairy Yi is a woman, she will never cry. Her tears have long been squeezed out of the Desolate Land!" Zhao Yuande no longer waited, Euphorbia. Waving toward Yimeng Gui swept past.

As the euphorbia landed on Yimenggui's body, the scene in front of him shattered like soap bubbles.

He is now in a barren desert, where can there be Yi Menggui in front of him?

"This... this is probably a kind of postgraduate exam for me!" Zhao Yuande stayed for a long time, he thought it was incredible.

The spirit of the level of his Divine Emperor didn't even notice a trace, what he just experienced was just an illusion, and the environment was born from his own heart, and he wanted the woman most.

The woman will appear in the illusion, everything in the illusion is provided by your own heart, so the person who controls the illusion or the large formation will know everything about Yimenggui.

"Hey! I should have discovered that this is a illusion from the beginning, and it seems that I am still slacking." Zhao Yuande sighed softly. "In fact, I should have used esophageal identification technology just now, as soon as I identify it, it will be true and false!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of the appraisal technique of eating Dao. So far he has seen less than two hands of things that cannot be identified. A small illusion must be in his hand.

I seem to have passed this level. I don't know what the next level is.

His soul was radiating for thousands of miles in an instant, and it was discovered that there was an ancient altar thousands of miles away.

"That altar must be the key!" Zhao Yuande flew directly to the ancient altar without delay.

For thousands of miles, for Zhao Yuande, it was only a dozen breathing things.

When he appeared in front of the altar, he found that there were obvious man-made marks on the altar. There were grooves in the four directions of the altar, among which four different colors of yellow, green, blue and red stones were placed. Among them, the stones of these four colors have become very dim, as if they have exhausted their power.

Many four-colored stones were discarded next to these grooves, and apparently someone has done so many times.

Zhao Yuande instantly understood that this is a teleportation array. Only by finding the four-color stones and filling four grooves can the teleportation array be successfully opened to leave here.

But where did these four-color stones look for? Zhao Yuande didn't expect it for a while.

These four-color stones do not seem to be precious, and the energy contained therein is also limited. Now it seems to be just an introduction. The energy to start the formation is not actually these four-color stones.

Where are you looking?

Zhao Yuande looked far, the yellow sand in the east rolled, it seemed that someone was fighting, the lush green in the south seemed to be a lush forest, and the west was the direction he had just come from. At this time, the blue sky looked like an endless wave of water. Rippling, and finally the north is a sea of fire, almost the flames rushed to the sky.

"This is the answer! Four directions and four colors. This is for me to look around. I seem to be busy again!" Zhao Yuande whispered, and went all the way to the place where the East Emperor Huangsha rolled. .

It is not difficult to find the four-color stones. His soul is extremely powerful. He quickly searched the four directions all the way along the way. He searched the four stones for a complete range. A few pieces, so that even if it fails once, it can be carried out a second time.

Retrieve the four colored stones and carefully place them in a groove. The altar suddenly lit up, and a space gate appeared in the center of the altar.

Among the space gates this time is still a dark starry sky!

Zhao Yuande smiled on his face at this time, did I pass the choice of the inheritor?

But at this time, he suddenly felt a huge crisis coming, followed by a powerful terror force that he could not bear to bombard his back.

"Boy, you have today too. I will let you taste the sneak attack today!" Yuan De's arrogant voice rang in Zhao Yuande's ear.

"Poof!" Zhao Yuande spouted a mouthful of blood, and his body began to crack at this moment, and the cracks began to spread. At the next moment, he was torn apart and turned into several pieces, and the blood was spilled on the ground.

"Haha! You are the front road to watering and cooling off the future, I left your baby, I used the formation you used for you, I have accepted your original quota!" Zhengde looked at the torn Zhao Yuande, Haha laughed, he was proud!

At the moment, he was carrying a strange-looking copper furnace with rusty spots on it, and several depressions that seemed to have been beaten down. He used this copper furnace to attack Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande's head flew, and his eyebrows opened in an instant, and a silver electric manhole directly penetrated the space gate.

The gate of the space was attacked by the Thunder Eye, and it was shattered and the four-color stone suddenly dimmed.

"You... your kid is going to die when he dies!" Zhengde looked at the altar distressedly, but soon he looked at Zhao Yuande's head on the ground and grinned, "I still solved your kid first Besides, lest the night be long!"

"Zhengde... Your ungrateful thing, I think that you have the blood and the vendetta, spare you a few times, but you are committed to killing my life, and today I will die if I die!" Zhao Yuande's head glowed, The power of thunderous thunder continued to squeeze and swell, and instantly became a huge thunderball with extremely dangerous.