Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 553

Chapter 553: Taboo

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Zhao Yuande frowned, he was hesitating now, whether to save or not to save!

It stands to reason that he should not be saved. The opponent is too powerful. If he is out of trouble, he may be able to point himself to death with one finger, which is too dangerous.

But at this moment there was a faint voice echoing in his heart, save him!

This seems to be a call from the blood, an instinctive call, as if the owner of this voice has a deep and inseparable blood connection with himself!

He didn't feel this blood connection to his parents. Is this person my ancestor?


Zhao Yuande finally decided to save the other party. Although the other party seemed a little confused and unconscious, he was able to sense his blood connection. He felt that after the other party got out of the trap, he should not harm himself.

With a stroke of his finger, the blood of his wrist sprayed like a pillar, pouring straight on the stone ball.

Blood poured on the stone ball, and the blood-red runes on the stone ball seemed to have encountered the scorching sun, and gradually melted away.

But for a while, the stone ball became completely lacquered black, without showing a trace of luster.


The stone ball shattered at once, and a slim figure came out of the stone ball.

So powerful!

Zhao Yuande felt an unspeakable horror breath for the first time, which was transmitted from this figure. This breath was more terrifying than all the creatures he saw, and it was frightening.

In his imagination, perhaps only the stone man called the horn, barely able to match it.

"Finally out of trouble!" The slim figure walked towards Zhao Yuande step by step, and her appearance became more and more clear.

When he saw this woman, Zhao Yuande was stunned directly. There were countless beauties he had seen in his past life and his life. Even the fairy corpse had one, but he was not as beautiful as the woman in front of him.

"Hey! I don't know what the outside world looks like now, I don't know if my industry in Wanjie City is still here, I don't know what happened to my descendants of Su Qin'er now?" The woman calmed her breath, gently Sigh, looking at Zhao Yuande said, "What's your name?"

"Go back to my predecessor, my name is Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande replied respectfully, facing the existence of this level, he had to be careful.

"Zhao Yuande, who is your inheritance of Chaos?" the woman asked again.

"My mother inherited me, and my grandmother is a chaotic holy body!" Zhao Yuande replied truthfully, and he felt more and more that there seemed to be a strength in the other person's body.

"No wonder!" The woman said again in a moment of silence. "No wonder your surname is Zhao. It seems that my Su family will never have a chaotic body ever again!"

"What does this mean, Senior? Is there only one person in the Chaos Eucharist?" Zhao Yuande's face changed slightly. If so, his grandmother might not be in this world at this time.

"Yes! There can only be one person, but if you are killed..." The woman's eyes swept to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a cold biting around him. If the other party wanted to kill himself, he might only need one look.

"Senior... You are the younger and you are out of the bitter sea. You will not revenge!" Zhao Yuande barely smiled, his face pale.

"Okay, how could I kill my descendants, just a joke just now." The woman smiled and said, "Moreover, you are the person that the guy in Zhou attaches great importance to, even if I want to kill you That skill."

"Seniors also know Zhou, can you tell me about it?" Zhao Yuande put it down in her heart. Hearing about Zhou from her mouth, she seemed indifferent and could not help asking.

"I don't dare to talk much about this, and Zhou is a taboo. I dare not say anything. Well, take me away! I'm just a ray of remnant soul, and I can only parasitize on you!" Lian Bu walked towards Zhao Yuande, before Zhao Yuande agreed to enter his eyebrows and enter Zhao Yuande's knowledge.

As soon as the woman entered Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, she immediately occupied the center of the sea of knowledge and squeezed Zhao Yuande's soul to the side.

"Good! It's good here, it should help me recover a little bit of strength, and I will leave after finding the right body for me!" The woman sat cross-legged in the sea of knowledge and instantly fell into silence.

"This..." Zhao Yuande's face was at a loss. Such a powerful and unparalleled existence, even more powerful than the innate gods and demons, was only a ray of residual soul. How powerful was she in her heyday? Is it a blessing or a curse that she lives in her sea of knowledge?

But now that the matter is over, he doesn't think much about it, so let her go! From the tone of hearing, this person seems to be his ancestor. If he is in danger in the future, he may be able to save his life.

Thinking this way, Zhao Yuande's anger also went smoothly. He tasted a sigh of relief and thought of his being attacked by Zhengde just now.

"Well, you are a virtue, dare to attack me, and you want to kill me. It seems that it is time for you to see what it is like to sleep and eat." Zhao Yuande's face showed a grin, he took out the Tongyou mirror, Cover your body and head towards the altar.

Zhengde will go to the altar anyway, because it is the only place to go to the next level, as long as he is waiting for him, he will do!

Soon he dived back to the altar. He didn't see Zhengde, but saw Bing Qingwu.

At this time they were in a state of distress and their whole bodies were decayed, apparently suffering from very serious trauma.

Especially the ice dance, the whole body is scarred, and the clothes are broken into threads, which can only barely cover the key parts, and the beautiful body is undoubtedly revealed.

The other two are not much better. Now Zhao Yuande feels that if he goes out, he can easily win these three guys.

However, he wouldn't do this. This is Zhengde's opponent, and he would not avenge him, saying that this time he must join forces with the three to conduct a surprise attack on Zhengde.

But soon he was disappointed. The three guys observed here for a while, and seemed to have found the key here. The three joined forces and hurried toward the east.

"I don't believe that you can't come out, and I'll wait for you here today!" Zhao Yuande simply sat cross-legged here, separated a trace of spirits to monitor here, and he began to realize the completeness of the whole book.

One gasification and three cleansings are actually similar to Divine Soul Differentiation, but to a higher level than Divine Soul Differentiation, which involves mirroring and copying. Zhao Yuande's research is so fascinating that he quickly enters the realm of ecstasy.

He found that the one-gasification and three-clearance performed by Zhengde was transformed into a pangolin, which was actually overkill, he had a very bold idea, that is imitation!

Imitate a special physique and differentiate it in one gasification and three cleansing methods, but this is not a simple matter. First of all, the person with this special physique should completely let go of his body and let him explore!

"I can't do it. I'll catch them and attack them! I'm strong at hitting sapsticks and clapping bricks!" Zhao Yuande noticed that he immediately had a thought in his heart. I didn't know what physique this Zhengde was. If I stunned him, It is also a good idea to copy his physique.