Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Do Good Things

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Suddenly a huge rumbling sound came from afar, and a billowing smoke quickly approached from a distance.

what happened? Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and looked in that direction. It was found that Bing Qingwu and the three of them were being pursued by a group of terrible giant beasts. These giant beasts were huge black scorpions lurking in the yellow sand. Each of them had a house size. At first, Zhao Yuande escaped this group of black scorpions and made a yellow stone.

Unexpectedly, these three people have shocked this group of big guys, they can bear some today!

The three hadn't recovered completely after their original cultivation, but now they encounter this frightful group of scorpions, and they suddenly become confused.

They were quickly overtaken by the scorpions, and the war immediately began.

"It's Zhengde's bastard, he seems to be attacking three people!" Zhao Yuande saw Zhengde secretly showing himself in the distance. He didn't rush to attack the other party, but was observing.

This guy seems to be dead this time, but Zhao Yuande did not intend to save the three.

The family of these three betrayed their masters, and the pigeons and dogs were also used to support the blood of their masters as a tool to open the lineage. Such a family should have been extinct.


Suddenly Bing Qing screamed, her body was pierced directly by a scary black scorpion.

It was at this time that Zhengde's figure appeared. He carried a large sword and chopped towards Bing Qingwu.

The horror of this sword, the entire space was torn under this sword, and the sword of Zhengde used all its strength.

"Zhengde! How dare you..."

Cang Xin Soul shouted, and there was a silver skynet in his hand.

"Useless, your innate spirit treasure can't stop this sword at all. This is an ancient sword. Today I will use this ancient sword to take the lives of all three of you!" Zheng De's face was stern. , He almost fell into a frenzy.

In fact, if Zhao Yuande attacked him at this time, it was the best opportunity, but he did not do it, but let him do it, which represented his position. Rather than let Zhengde go today, he would also let the three family members suffer. Trial.

"You... you know what will happen if you kill us!" Cang Xin's face was frightened. Those scorpions were already very difficult to deal with. Coupled with Zhengde chasing behind, they will definitely die today.

"I care about what happens to you and die for me!"

Jianmang cut through the sky and slashed fiercely on the silver skynet.


The silver skynet, which is an innate spirit treasure, was torn as if it were a rag.

"Ice Spirit God is coming!"

At the most critical moment, Bing Qingwu became extremely calm, the sky was wide open above her head, and a horror like a **** appeared suddenly.

"It turned out to be the ice spirit god, she was willing to put the true spirit in your sea of knowledge!" Even Zhengde did not expect that this ice spirit **** is a **** emperor's peak strongman, already standing on top of this world Of existence.

Cang Xinshen saw the ice spirit god, and his face suddenly showed a surprise color. He knew that this was the biggest card of ice light dance, a powerful true spirit body that could fight the **** emperor.


"Junior is you again. If I hadn't been the beast last time, I would have cut you off. I dare to attack my descendants today!" Bing Ling's eyes opened and looked at Zhengde, his words were very cold.

"It's a pity! It's a pity that there is no such opportunity!" Zheng De's eyes showed a crazy color, and a golden sperm blood was sprayed from his mouth. This golden sperm blood was all absorbed by the Excalibur in his hand at once, and the power of the sword awn immediately Increased several times.


Jianmang was chopping on the weak body of Binglingshen, splitting the body in half at once, and Bing Qingwu had been scared with white face at this time, and an incredible look appeared in his eyes.

Jianmang fell and split Bing Qingwu into two sections at once. Her eyes showed extreme unwillingness, but she did not have Zhao Yuande's undead body, and the body fell to the ground, her brow splitting a shadow. Rushed out of it.

"Save me! Save me!" This shadow is the spirit of Bing Qingwu.

At this time, the other two were already frightened. Where else was they trying to save Bing Qingwu, they turned left and right and fled.

"Look! This is your partner. This is the fragile alliance between the three of you. You are the first ice house girl. Your ice house will soon have my revenge, my revenge by Li Zhengde! "Zhengde's face was fierce, and a sword shredded the spirit of Bing Qingwu, chasing in the direction of Lingfei's escape.

"This sword is not simple, and it is not lost to Yi Menggui's Chaos Excalibur!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhengde's back, and he could not help revealing a dignified color on his face.

But for a moment, there was a scream of screaming in the direction of Lingfei's escape. It was clear that Zhengde had already caught up with Lingfei and beheaded him.

Zhengde's figure was like an electric light. After returning from a distance, he chased away in the direction of Cang Xin soul.

However, this Cang Xin soul seemed to disappear out of thin air all at once, and no matter how Zhengde searched, he could not find this person.

Zhao Yuande saw a shadow at this moment, sneakingly approaching this direction quietly, it was Cang Xin Soul!

This guy didn't actually flew in that direction, but came back here again. He also had a treasure to cover his breath, so Zhengde didn't feel his presence.

Zhao Yuande looked at Cang Xin Soul, this person was lying in a grass, a pair of eyes were looking at that direction momentarily, it seemed that he was planning to wait for Zhengde to leave before he appeared.

"It seems that I am going to do something good today!" A smile appeared on his face. Although he was very uncomfortable with Zhengde, but in front of the right and wrong, he still made it clear that this Cangxin soul must die today. .

Soon after, Zhengde returned angrily to the side of the altar, where he simply closed his eyes and practiced.

"Dao Dao don't believe that you can't come out today, we will be more patient!"

"Hi, you guys have patience, but I haven't!" Zhao Yuande looked at the Cang Xin soul lying on the ground motionlessly, he couldn't help but look black, he didn't have time to hide and hide with these people, and pick them up on the ground. A stone was thrown towards the place where Cang Xin Soul was hiding.


The sound of the stone falling on the ground is not loud, but what kind of cultivation is Zhengde, let alone a stone, that is, a mosquito leg falling on the ground, he can hear clearly.


Cang Xin Soul knew bad, turned around and fled, but his speed was no faster than Zhengde.

Zhengde was rushing towards Cang Xin Soul like a hawk and a rabbit. The horrible killing intention came out with the divine sword, and even Zhao Yuande, not far away, couldn't help but feel a little creepy.