Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 555

Chapter 555: Dragon Sky

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No matter how strong Cangxin Soul is, he is not an opponent of Zhengde. Various spirit treasures and even innate spirit treasures are thrown out in his hand, but he cant stop Zhengdes horrific killing intentions. Pieces of Lingbao are turned into fragments. It is about to die under the sword of Zhengde.

"Stop it! Zhengde, if you dare to do it again, I will crush this soul-eating **** thunder, and we will finish it together!" Cang Xin soul raised a purple thunder bead in his hand, thunder Although the beads are only the size of a peach, the terror power contained in them can be felt even by Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart, and hurried away for dozens of miles. The terrible feeling gradually disappeared. He could assert that if his position just exploded, he would be directly blown into fly ash with his physical strength.

Especially the soul-eating of this kind of thunder, so that your soul can not escape, so that you only have one death!

The method of making this kind of **** thunder is very simple, that is, when a **** emperor was promoted to the **** emperor, he absorbed the plague that fell down into the body, and after 998 days of hardening, he came to condense this god. mine.

However, a Divine Emperor must make every effort to promote to Divine Emperor, otherwise, even a ash that is accidentally likely to be destroyed by the disaster will not be left.

Unless it is someone like Zhao Yuande who has an incredibly strong physique, it is possible to have time to tinker with this kind of stuff.

This is the best life-saving card for the younger generation. Even the strongest at the peak of Divine Emperor can't resist this bombardment of God Thunder!

"Soul Eater Thunder!" Zhengde's face suddenly changed, he didn't want to die.

"Zhengde, as long as you let me go, I promise not to detonate this **** thunder!" Cang Xinshen held Soul Eater Thunder in his hand and stared at Zhengde dyingly.

This **** thunder was accidentally obtained when he was exploring a ruin. This is his biggest hole card. If it is not at this juncture, he will not take it out at all.

"I won't kill you, you'll get me right away!" Zhengde's face turned blue, the enemy was in front of him, but he couldn't help him, which made him hold a breath.

Cang Xin soul kept retreating, and his figure soon disappeared. He even concealed his breath and escaped into the dark!

Zhengde couldn't help frowning. In fact, he knew that the person who reminded him just now must be that Zhao Yuande. Although he didn't know what the other person was thinking in the heart, he knew that he had not attacked the other party before long. The other party must hate himself. Hidden in the dark waiting for a sneak attack on himself.

And this guy Cang Xinshun had such a skill at this time, which made him even more headache. Both of them hated themselves and stared at them in the dark. If they stay here again, I am afraid that they will be killed sooner or later. Calculated.

He simply walked away, away from this land of right and wrong.

Zhao Yuande frowned, and he found that Cang Xin Soul had escaped this time. After he escaped into the dark, he didn't stay here, but left in a hurry.

His eyes were wide open, and the powerful spirit was overwhelmingly tracked. The body of the other party quickly fell into his eyes. He followed Cang Xin's soul all the way.

What he didn't expect, this Cang Xin Soul went around a few circles and came to the place where Ling Fei was beheaded.

At this time, the body of Ling Fei on the ground was ragged, the storage ring in his hand had been taken away by Zhengde, and not far away there were several fierce beasts gradually approaching.

Cang Xinhun quickly touched on the chest of Ling Fei's corpse, as if he had touched something.

When Cang Xinhun saw this thing, his face suddenly showed a relief expression.

This guy came here at the risk of death, and that thing must be nothing different. Zhao Yuande looked at Cang Xinshun. He was thinking about whether he should take it down now.

But Zhao Yuande hadn't done it yet, this guy started walking quietly towards the altar.

"Are there any great treasures on that iced light dance?" Zhao Yuande was even more curious in his heart and followed behind him.

Sure enough, this guy really returned to the place where Bing Qingwu died, and also touched half of her body, and also found something.

This time Zhao Yuande took a closer look. The guy came up with an ordinary wooden sign. The texture of the wooden sign is like ordinary wood, with the word "free" engraved on it.

This kind of wooden sign must be a very rare thing, otherwise Cang Xin Soul cannot venture back here to take these two wooden signs.

Zhao Yuande's soul carefully sensed this wooden sign. He found that although the wooden sign was ordinary, there was a very strange wave.

There seems to be time, space, life, yin and yang in this trace of fluctuation... Many kinds of very complex and mysterious source powers, if he had not been a **** emperor, he could not sense this fluctuation!

"There must be a big secret in this wooden sign!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt his heart beating. Although he didn't know the secret of this wooden sign, he didn't prevent him from wanting to get them.

It seems that this Cang Xin soul can't stay anymore, Zhao Yuande took out the Chi Tong bow and quietly pulled the bow and aimed at the other party.

At this time, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that someone was approaching at a high speed in the distance, and Zhengde was running in awkwardness, and behind him was a huge black dragon whistling and chasing.

This black dragon is breathtaking and terrifying. It turned out to be a mythical beast comparable to the **** emperor!

There is such a terrible existence on this tiny planet?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little shocked. He just found a woman who looked like his ancestor. A black dragon appeared again.

But soon he was even more shocked, because he found a young boy in white standing on top of the black dragon.

The young man in white is very gentle, as if he is a weak man, but he can stand on the head of a beast, saying that Po Yuan Zhao Yuande would not believe that he was just a weak boy.

"Long Qingtian, True Dragon Bloodline, Realm of Sixfold Heavenly Realm, high-end ingredients..."

Zhao Yuande felt normal in this way. The young man's combat strength is probably not under his own. It should be ranked among the top five in the world.

However, this dragon clan also has some publicity. The screening of Bajing Palace even brought a black dragon of the level of a beast. Is the dragon elder planning to use this black dragon to deter others?

Seeing this, Cang Xin's soul also changed greatly, and fled towards the distant yellow sand.

How could Zhao Yuande let him escape and quietly follow him behind him.

"Zhengde, please don't run away, you must die today!" The Dragon Clan's voice was indifferent, and there seemed to be a sense of superiority. "You have stolen my Dragon Clan's treasure. Today I found out that you must strip your soul and burn in the sky lantern Roast for thousands of years."

"Your vicious little boy, Dao Ye has just stolen you a broken wooden sign. Are you so unwilling to be unwilling?" Zhengde looked very ugly. Today is really bad luck, even if he met a big enemy here, even if He didn't have a headache without the black dragon. Now that the black dragon in the Divine Beast Realm appears, he already feels a little unlovable!