Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 558

Chapter 558: Strange World

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Zhao Yuande grabbed Cang Xin's soul and threw it directly into the prison of the Eternal Tower.

"You..." Cangxin Soul Karma turned into a huge space and suddenly found herself thrown into a house with no windows on all sides.

The house is extremely strong. Although he has restored his repairs, he still cannot shake the house.

"Damn! It seems that he hasn't counted on this trick, he still has this kind of space baby!" Cang Xin soul squatted on the ground.

"You want to count me, it's ridiculous, as soon as I go out, I will throw you to the guy of Zhengde, I think you are dead!" Zhao Yuande smiled and looked in the direction of the altar, at this time he already felt that Zhengde's breath was already here The planet is gone, he probably has left.

"Although Zhengde has not been counted this time, Cang Xin Soul is also an unexpected joy. Since Zhengde has left, then let me go!" Zhao Yuande also hurriedly walked towards the direction of the altar.

"A lot of strong people's breath appeared on this small planet. These are probably cultivators of continuous trials. I don't want to have conflicts with them and have branches!" Zhao Yuande came to the altar and activated the four-color stone into the groove. The teleportation array, and then step into the new journey.

Zhao Yuande stepped out of the door of space and found himself in a strange world. This world gave people a feeling of extreme depression. Even breathing the air here felt a bit laborious, just like a seventy-eighty mortal Got tuberculosis, extremely painful!

And he also found that it is difficult to walk even with his own practice, let alone flying!

"What the **** is this place?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel shocked. He had never been to this world, but he had heard in rumors that it seemed that the fairyland was somewhat similar to the situation here.

But here is definitely not fairyland, because there is no fairy gas.

The place where he appeared was a barren mountain. Although the plants here were low, it covered a huge area. A big tree occupied almost half of the hillside.


Suddenly there was a roaring sound in the sky in the distance, a huge white tiger figure crossed the sky, and his eyes disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"This... this is a white tiger in the realm of a mythical beast! And the bloodline is pure, reaching the realm of returning to the ancestor!" Zhao Yuande just glanced at this white tiger's reality.

After the white tiger passed, in the blink of an eye, a horror figure that covered the sky was passing over Zhao Yuande's head. Zhao Yuande only felt that an irresistible terror was pressed down. He was fighting on his legs and almost fell to the ground. .

"My mother! This is a phoenix in the realm of gods and deities. Where is this place?" Zhao Yuande only felt terrified. The other party just exuded the power that was inadvertently just now, and made him tremble, which was terrible. Too.

Is this really a place of trial? Where should I go now? Zhao Yuande looked at the Quartet from afar, and there was nothing special about his eyes.

Both of these horrible beings are heading in that direction. Should I also pass? Zhao Yuande thought of this matter. These mighty existences may be like the black dragons of the dragon clan. They all escorted their family's juniors to participate in the trial.

He didn't hesitate to go directly according to what he wanted, and soon he found that he was right, because there were many powerful presences across the way, and there were big ships flying in the sky, all of them pointing in there.

"That's... a big city!" Zhao Yuande walked for more than an hour, and suddenly saw a giant city appear in front of him.

At this time, there were many young men and women walking on foot like him. These people were in the same state as him, and they were breathless under the terrible pressure here.

"Hey, brother, which big world are you from?" Zhao Yuande was about to stop and rest, a little fat man not far away, walking towards himself with a difficult pace.

The little fat man was 17 or 18 years old and was born in vain, but there was a slight **** smell on his body. Obviously this person had a fight soon.

"Eastern Emperor Great World!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the little fat man and found that he was also a sixth-level man in the field.

"Oh! East Emperor Great World? That is called the most mysterious and oldest Eastern Emperor Great World?" The little fat man seemed a little surprised. "You, you dare to come here only when the yin and yang are together. ? How did you pass the first level test?"

"You belong to that big world?" Zhao Yuande listened to each other's meaning, and it didn't seem to be a person from the beginning world.

"True Emperor Realm, Yingtian World, Zuoqiu Tianyu!" the little fat man proudly said, "our Zuoqiu family are among the top ten big families in the True Emperor Realm."

"True Emperor Realm, I have never heard of it." Zhao Yuande couldn't help shaking his head, but he had never heard of this name, even when he was a **** emperor in his previous life, he hadn't heard of it. , And did not join some major forces, so intelligence is still somewhat blocked.

"Normal, the real emperor realm is too far away from the beginning realm. Even a **** emperor needs hundreds of years to arrive in time." Although the fat man said so in his mouth, there was a trace of contempt in his eyes.

True Emperor Realm is also regarded as the top five domains in the vast universe. This person has never heard the obvious fact that the forces behind him are too weak, otherwise there will be no lack of such knowledge.

He originally wanted to have a relationship, but looking at the situation, the enthusiasm for communication faded.

Zhao Yuande is naturally not a fool, it is easy to see the expression on the face of this little fat man, he naturally does not matter, if the other party does not dislike, he will say more, if he looks down on him, he will stay away, and no one will provoke anyone. .

Zhao Yuande didn't answer, and the little fat man didn't talk much anymore, and soon they gradually approached the big city.

As soon as he approached the big city, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt light on his body, and the terrible pressure disappeared suddenly. The whole person seemed to be in a cloud, and a little bit appeared at the gate of the city.

At this time, there were many practitioners wandering at the gate of the city. Whenever they saw young men and women coming from a distance, they greeted each other, asked about their feelings, and then enthusiastically brought these people into the city.


In the distance, a big ship landed from the sky. A young man with four followers jumped down from the big ship and landed in front of the city gate, just standing in front of Zhao Yuande.

Originally, a girl was running to ask Zhao Yuande, but was swept away by one of the four entourages, and the girl screamed and flew towards Zhao Yuande involuntarily.

Zhao Yuande helped the young girl and frowned as he looked at the five.

He wanted to say something, but this time he was pulled by someone alone.

"Son, don't talk too much. This person is too big for you to provoke." He turned to look at the girl, only to see that she was grateful and shook her head gently.