Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 560

Chapter 560: This Woman Is Not Simple

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Ordinary people are based on various powerful beasts and fierce beasts, and the transformed fascination will also have different powers because of their different strengths and strengths. It is very rare to use mountains as the fascination.

However, Zhao Yuande did not dare to underestimate this person. He felt that the other partys physical body was very powerful. Although he could not compare with his own, it was not much different. If the other party practiced any terrible exercises, it would be perfectly acceptable. Contend with your own flesh.

"Then you come!" Zhao Yuande was stimulated by the other party's outgoing momentum, and he strode toward the other party, his face showing a fierce fighting spirit.

The two people collided with each other, making a thundering burst of thunder, and the huge waves pushed the crowd watching around back and forth.

Everyone's face suddenly dignified. The battle between these two people made many people see their own shortcomings. They originally came full of power. At this time, when they saw the strong strength of the two, they suddenly gave birth to a kind of Frustration and loss, although this part of the people can't talk all the way down, but in this competition, there will certainly be no big achievements.

Of course, some people feel lost, and some people are inspired by the fighting intentions in their hearts. This part may stand out, although they may not be able to obtain the final inheritor qualification, but as long as they live back to their world, they will inevitably burst out Never before has the brilliance.

"Is this person really just a combination of yin and yang? Isn't he covering up his cultivation?" The other two beside the young Master Xia family whispered at this time, speaking with a character Young man.

"I think he is a combination of yin and yang, but he only cultivates the flesh, and cultivates the flesh to a terrible state. There are people like this in our Rong family. The flesh is strong and unparalleled, but the realm is stagnant." Another person was disdainful. Smiled, "This kind of cultivator seems to be very powerful, but they have a fatal weakness. I only need one breath to defeat him."

"Oh! Rong Fei, I think you are bragging!" The mouth of the young man with the character of "Bai Zi Xu" raised his lips, his face unbelieving.

"Liu Tong, since you don't believe it, then we'll bet, if I win, you will give me your sister Xu, if you win the conditions to let you open!" Rong Fei is a little crazy, but he has a crazy Capital, under the leadership of the Xia family, his cultivation is recognized as the most powerful.

"You guy, dare to hit my sister's idea!" Hearing the other person's condition, Liu Zitong's Ba Zi Xu suddenly looked very unsightly, "You are a thing, my sister is a peerless arrogant, The fourth place in the list of people, you cant catch up!

"Liu Tong, I dont like to listen to you saying that. I ranked seventh, only three places behind!" Although Rongfei mentioned Zhangs sister, he suddenly became honest and his voice seemed very small. No confidence.

"Humph..." Liu Tong snorted coldly, no longer talking, but turned to look at Zhao Yuande and Zhong Hong who had collided together.

Both of them are physically strong and unmatched. As Zhao Yuande thought, this Zhong Hong has a very powerful technique as an auxiliary. Although the physical body is slightly inferior to Zhao Yuande, but with this kind of technique and his pocket. It's a match.

The two of them did not use other tricks, all of them collided physically, the ravines on the earth said, countless practitioners looked back dignifiedly, and the aftermath of the collision between them was too strong.

The shining light from time to time on the city wall not far away, this is a powerful protective array, in order to prevent this kind of thing from happening today.

The two men became more and more courageous, and the more they were more excited, especially that Zhong Hong was no longer like a woman. She was angry and fluttering her golden masterpiece, as if a terrible golden armor, the whole sky was shining into a piece of gold.

"This woman is so powerful, I think that kid will do it!" Many people saw the golden light in the sky at this time, and saw the terrifying golden armor gods straightened their eyes. Is this still a woman?

"I know, this woman's physique is Shenguangba, but this is the physique of the sky!" Someone exclaimed suddenly.

"Shenguang Ba Body? One of the top ten systems, but it is a pity that she is a woman with congenital limitations, otherwise it is impossible to be under the leadership of the Xia family." Someone sighed.

"You don't know, this woman is mainly for a man under the young master of Xia Family." Some people know the truth and quietly point to Song Buyu.

Everyone looked at Song Buyu strangely and started whispering, pointing at Song Buyu.

Song Buyu was injured just now, just stood up and saw countless eyes looking towards him. The strangeness in his eyes suddenly made him feel very depressed in his chest, and he almost vomited blood.

There are almost ten thousand grass and mud horses running in his mind. Am I just handsome? Why did God torture me like this, all my women were beaten up by this wicked woman, and now she is even complacent. Zun Zun came to the son to torture himself, which made him desperate. Even the son had to acquiesce to this because of the power behind the evil woman.

"She is so powerful!" Rong Fei looked at Zhong Hong in the golden light with some stunned eyes. He only now knows how powerful this woman is, only to know why the son looks at her differently. It was not because of her family background. It is fighting power.

"Stupid!" Liu Tong said with a stern look, "I said earlier that this woman is not simple, you still don't believe it, I think she is only stronger than my sister!"


A loud noise came from the battlefield, and a figure flew out like a shell, crashing to the ground and smashing the ground out of a big pit.

"Victory! Victory!" Someone pointed at the two of them at this time. They saw Zhao Yuande flying backwards. He was dripping with blood on his body, lying in a big pit, and half of his body was a little broken.

Many people couldn't help but shook their heads in disappointment. They originally thought they could see a dragon fight, but they didn't expect to see the last thing they saw.

"Although this kid has a strong physical body, he still can't compete with the Jinguang Pa body, plus the cultivation of a whole lower level, this ending is also expected!" Someone shook his head and sighed.

"Hey! I originally wanted to make friends with him, and now it seems that my choice is correct!" The little fat man Zuo Qiu Tianyu also shook his head, and seemed to have guessed this ending.

"This kid, I haven't seen him anymore. Brother Song was absolutely careless!" Rong Fei hurriedly changed the subject to cover up his embarrassment.

"No! You see..." Liu Tong suddenly looked at Zhao Yuande in the big pit with solemn eyes.