Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 563

Chapter 563: I Really Want To Hug My Thighs

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"No... Zhengde, forgive me, forgive me!" Cang Xin soul shouted in horror, but how could it shake Zhengde's heart to kill him, and the minions would also raise the descendants of the master like pigs. No one can forgive the unimaginable evil.

"Three, don't you know the name of the surname?" Zhao Yuande saw Zhengde's figure leaving, turned around and arched his hands at the three.

This time I dared not hold myself three times. The tall man seemed to be honest and smiled to Zhao Yuande: "Brother Zhao, I am the leader of the world!"

"I am the heart of the Wanjie Chamber of Commerce!" The cold and proud woman also smiled at Zhao Yuande and expressed her goodwill.

"I am the ape of the real ape world." The wax-yellow youth also smiled at Zhao Yuande.

"Eastern Emperor Great World Zhao Yuande, please take care in the next trial!" Zhao Yuandela lowered her posture and quickly got closer to everyone.

"I don't know where the Brother Zhao came from? What is the name of the brother above the list?" Di Kui asked curiously.

"Neither of your names appear on the list!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "That's all tiring virtual names. It doesn't have any substantive meaning, just don't dispute it!"

"Yes, Brother Zhao wanted to be the same as me. The list of people is meaningless to us. It is the ultimate goal of me to be able to make a name on the top of the list!" The ape couldn't show his big teeth, and he unknowingly put his hands on himself. Scratched beneath his ears, the action was like a monkey.

"No matter what list is just a list, I dont think its important to be there. The important thing is that you have the strength. Our Wanjie Chamber of Commerce only cares about the real strength!" Although He Yanxin temporarily approved Zhao Yuande, he said It's still cool to start the conversation, as if it's impersonal.

I don't know how the Wanjie Chamber of Commerce values this kind of expression. Has this cold face ruined the tenet of the Wanjie Chamber of Commerce?

This woman can be regarded as unparalleled in appearance. Compared with Ji Yuling, her daughters are not as grand as a girl, but a cold face makes people look uncomfortable.

Several people chatted a few words and gradually got acquainted, and the smiles on their faces became more and more, even He Yanxin smiled from time to time.

"Brother Zhengde is here. What misunderstanding did you two have?" The ape could not be the most active, and gently pushed Zhao Yuande to reveal a meaningful smile to him.

"That's why Brother Zhao talked about the story between you two!" Di Kui also curiously came forward.

He Yanxin also raised his ears and wanted to hear.

"That's it! I can't say it, otherwise I worry that Zhengde Daoist friends will be unhappy!" Zhao Yuande dare not tell himself the story of Zhengde stripping him after he fainted, otherwise the relationship that was just repaired might be disintegrated in an instant.

"It's okay, a few of us will never be rumored!" The ape couldn't wink at him and became more and more curious.

"What are you talking about?" Zhengde has already come up at this time, glanced at everyone, and finally put his eyes on Zhao Yuande, grinning at him, "We are really destined, I am Zhengde, you call Yuan Germany, I hope we will become friends in the future. I just liked that gift and thank you very much."

"Although there have been many misunderstandings between us, I never had any intention to kill Zhengde Taoist friends. Zhengde Taoist friends may have already felt it. I also hope that we will become good friends in the future, maybe here too. Can do a few big votes!"

The meaning of Zhao Yuandes words is only known by Zhengde, but other people heard different meanings. Their eyes lit up all at once, and they instantly determined that Zhao Yuande really concealed his cultivation practices, but in fact it was also a world. Powerful.

"Okay, now that we are all friends, how about we have a few drinks?" The ape couldn't grin. The guy's eyes were brighter than light bulbs when he talked about drinking.

"Agree to agree! Let's drink and talk. Here, our Eastern Emperor and the Great World are relatively weak, and we need to work together to really kill a **** path." Di Kui seems to be a greedy person and immediately responded to the call.

Only He Yanxin looked at Zhao Yuande with his eyes, and he seemed to remember something.

"Xiandi, since we are all friends, then I will call you Xiandi!" Zhengde patted Zhao Yuande's shoulder, his face clearly showed a bit of desire, "I know your details, today you may Show us these friends."

"Hey! Brother Zhengde, since Im welcome, Ill give you a pot of food today, but lets say, dont bother me after eating." Zhao Yuande is not secret, since he wants to To interact with these people, you need to show your sincerity.

"Relax, you're not a big beauty, what do we bother you!" Ape couldn't smile, "but then, if you do well, I might consider eating more!"

"I'm here to provide wine. Our world is rich in wine. It is very helpful for Xiuwei!" Dikui took out a wine jar from the storage space, and the wine was full of fragrance, which made everyone feel energized.

"Good wine! Good wine!" The ape couldn't move forward to unseal the wine jar. A more intense fragrance flew to the surroundings, and the whole garden was filled with wine.

Even Zhengde and He Yanxin could not help but stepped forward, especially He Yanxin was obviously the name of Di Shajiu who had heard of it, and his eyes were shining brightly.

"Xiandi, it's up to you now. I'm sorry for not drinking your real skills anymore. I'm really sorry for this good wine." Yuande blinked at Zhao Yuande. He had heard of Zhao Yuande's food attainment, and he also tasted it. However, it is absolutely unforgettable.

"Just look at it!" Zhao Yuande smiled and took out a dragon that had been hunted from the Desolate Realm, and a blood phoenix. "Come and help. This food needs everyone to work together."

Zhao Yuande directed everyone to peel and clean up one dragon and one phoenix. He took out dozens of rare elixirs, began to process them one by one, and then took out the gluttonous true spirit tripods in order to throw them into the tripod.

"Wow! Brother Zhao, you are really extravagant, but this is a treasure!" The ape couldn't look at the gluttonous true spirit tripod, the golden light exploded in his eyes, but at the next moment a blue flame wrapped the tripod all at once, covering his eyes Zhongs gaze swept away, and the ape couldnt scream, "Ah! Brother Zhao, youre not authentic, I almost blinded my eyes!"

"Okay, it's not that you watched Brother Zhao's treasure, how could such a thing happen, you are too greedy monkey!" Di Kui sneered, "you see me, it's fine."

"Oh, I'm so embarrassed, I'm used to it!" Ape couldn't rub some red eyes, and some embarrassed smiled to Zhao Yuande.

"It's okay, it's okay!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "Everyone still drinks the bar first!"

Everyone waited while drinking, and after three hours, Zhao Yuande finally lifted the cover.

Suddenly, an irresistible aroma came, and several people all joined up.

One gold and one red gleaming from the Dingzhong suddenly burst into the air, as if one dragon and one phoenix were dancing.

"This... how could it be so fragrant? Even this kind of wonder appeared! Brother Zhao, who the **** are you?" The ape could not rush up first, watching Zhao Yuande as if he saw the idol of worship.

"I finally understand, why did Brother Zhao say what he just said, now I really want to hug Brother Zhao's thigh!" Di Kui rubbed his palms, looking impatient.

And what was the most shocking thing at this time, He Yanxin, looked at Zhao Yuande in a daze, as if remembering something.

"Hey! You guys finally believe it!" Zhengde hey smiled.