Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 565

Chapter 565: Shangguan Son

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"Shangguan Fei Gongzi is here!" Outside Bieyuan at this moment, I don't know who shouted.

Everyone seemed to be very familiar with the name. Qi Qi turned around and found that a young man in Jinpao came over with a smile on his face.

"Master Shangguan!"

"Master Shangguan..."


Everyone greeted each other enthusiastically.

"How the **** are you here?" Shangguanfei is a handsome young man with a folding fan in his hand, which makes people mistakenly think that he is a scholar with no power at all. Nodded back to the crowd one by one, but he also smelled the scent in an instant, "Hey, good fragrance, this fragrance..."

"You don't know, Mr. Shangguan, just now a strange fragrance came from this garden, and there is a shadow of dragon and phoenix in the air. We all want to see what is going on inside." The demon fox bloodline woman showed a charming smile to Shangguanfei.

"Yes, Mr. Shangguan, we are afraid that they will make alchemy in the Beyond Garden. If this kind of vision breaks, I am afraid that half of the cities will be destroyed." Some people exaggerated the facts.

"Shangguan son, you as the son of the inspector of the city, should have the right and obligation to ensure the safety of the city, I think you should go in and see what happened." Some people suggested.

"Yes, you should go in and see..."

"Alright, this is also my duty." The Shangguan son was also a little bit perturbed by this fragrance.

A folding fan shook his hand, and a beam of light hit the gate, which suddenly opened.

Under the crowds, Shangguan Gongzi walked into the other courtyard.

When they appeared in front of the pavilion, they all couldn't help but look at the gluttonous true spirit tripod, which was still hot and hot, and the incredibly rich aroma continued to stir people's hearts.

"Master Shangguan, you see, all of these people are red-faced, and they seem to be poisoned. I doubt that the things in the big tripod must have extraordinary toxicity. Should you confiscate them and take them back to let the inspectors identify the adults? Fan!" The woman with the blood of the fox clan touched the official gentleman gently.

"Well! Yes, this girl is right, this tripod is very suspicious, I want to confiscate it!" Shangguan Fei glanced at the Fox women, "Well, you are good, you can go back with me to investigate The suspiciousness of this Ding."

"Hu Jiuniang, thank you, Mr. Shangguan!" The woman of the Fox family is so excited that she winks and throws away money.

"Son, I think that kid is suspicious. See if you took him down together." Some people saw that there seemed to be a bargain, and they immediately came up and pointed to Zhao Yuande.

"Everyone else is red-faced, and only he is normal. This person is really suspicious, but..." Although Shangguanfei is crazy, he knows where this is, and he can't help it.

Zhao Yuande had long been aware of the entry of this group of people, and even heard the words of Hu Jiuniang and this Shangguan son, he immediately understood what was going on.

With a stroke of his hand, the gluttonous Zhen Ling Ding suddenly flew into his sleeve.

"What are you doing?" Zhao Yuande got up and looked at the disdain in the eyes of the group of people.

Although these people are all geniuses, they are just mediocre among geniuses. Real geniuses are not bored to do such things.

"Boy, you are suspected of poisoning your companions. The son of Shangguan wants to take you back and ask for a crime. Hurry up and hand over what you just collected. That is a witness." The man looked at Zhao Yuande, his face showing greed, he could Decided that the energy of the soup just now was comparable to the Divine Pill, if he could drink a bowl of himself, the cultivation would suddenly advance.

The five people are the best example. At this time, they can clearly sense the surging power of the five people. The five people are like five volcanoes that have not erupted.

"Yes, hand it in!" Someone followed to cater.

"If you don't say it, you may not know that this is the son of Shangguan Fei, the inspector of the city. He was ordered by the inspector to inspect various other courtyards. Your yard smells and is noticed by the Shangguan son, so... you hand it over and catch it. !" Hu Jiuniang smiled and stepped forward, as if he had become a spokesperson for Shangguanfei.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande felt disgusted as soon as he saw this Hu Jiuniang, so he didn't show mercy at all, and he sneered directly.

"You... you dare not cooperate with the son of Shangguan!" Hu Jiuniang was scolded by someone, and she suddenly looked bloody, but she knew that if she could not do anything to the other party in her own name, only firmly grasping Shangguanfei was the right way.

"Go away!" Zhao Yuande glanced at him with a chill like a sword light, and pierced Hu Jiuniang's eyebrows.

"Ah!" Although Hu Jiuniang's cultivation practice is the sixfold heavenly realm of the realm, but all her cultivation practice is above the charm, how can it be more than Zhao Yuande's horror blow.

"Bold, you dare to attack other practitioners. You know that this is a violation of the rules in the city. I have the right to detain you to the law of the city's main government." Shangguan Fei hit a golden light and opened Zhao Yuande's eyes, his face With a slight anger, the other party dared to attack Hu Jiuniang in front of him, which obviously did not put himself in the eye.

"Why do you have the right not to do it, do you think I am a fool?" Zhao Yuande sneered, "This is my Bieyuan from the beginning, no one has the right to break in privately, you as a descendant of the inspector, but Knowing the law and breaking the law, aren't you afraid that I will sue you from the city owner?"

"You... I only noticed the anomaly here before I broke in. Do I just let the danger happen regardless of it?" Shangguanfei's eyelids jumped and always felt that something bad should happen, but he would not step back, otherwise Your reputation is over.

"I will give you one last chance to get out of my garden, otherwise don't blame me for taking you as a robber!" Zhao Yuande couldn't let these people disturb the practice of several others, he strode out to Shangguan Not waiting.

"It's crazy! You dare to hinder inspectors from performing official duties, and I will let you know today what authority is unshakable." Shangguanfei is also a powerful genius, and also exists in the top ten in the city. How proud he is. Zhao Yuande threatened that his face suddenly showed a terrible color, and a folding fan waved a bright golden awn in his hand and shot towards Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.

This golden man's speed is unbelievable, and a cry of horror.

"Golden Thread Snake! This turned out to be a semi-beast-level Golden Thread Snake!" After seeing this golden light, Hu Jiuniang was frightened and backed up again and again, and looking at Shang Guanfei's gaze had become fear and fright.