Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Everyone Has Their Own Ambitions

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Their family is inextricably linked to the demon clan, and they have a deep understanding of this powerful monster of the semi-beast level. The wisdom of this golden thread snake is similar to that of children of one or two years old. Its favorite food is Women especially young women.

The golden thread snake will parasitize in the womans heart and gradually devour it. This time will last for ten days. Within ten days, the woman is still alive but not as good as life and death. The golden thread snake cultivated to the level of demigod does not know how many. The woman becomes its food.

In each star field, the family that cultivates the golden thread snake is regarded as a public enemy. I did not expect anyone in this world to dare to support this kind of thing.

Some cultivators who knew exactly what the Golden Thread Snake was, all took a breath of air, and they slowly backed away like Hu Jiuniang.

Especially some women have both fear and anger in their eyes!

"Humph! It's so insidious! It seems that your Lao Tzu is not a good thing." Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold, and he naturally knew this terrible beast, and he suddenly had a murderous opportunity in his heart.

Zhao Yuande Chitong bowed in hand, gently pulled a silver arrow to shoot.

Yinmang is the arrow of thunder, and Zhao Yuande is still involved in the power of time.


As the Golden Thread Snake crashed together, it made a soft noise.

"Poof! An arrow is like stopping my Golden Thread Snake, really ignorant!" Shangguan Fei sneered disapprovingly, struggling with his hands and trying to command the Golden Thread Snake to kill Zhao Yuande.

But at this time, Shang Guanfei's expression suddenly stagnate, because he found that the connection between his soul and the golden thread snake was cut off at this instant.

"You look too high on yourself!" Zhao Yuande's body shaking has appeared in front of the Golden Thread Snake, and he grabbed it and thrown it directly into the void prison of the Eternal Tower. This fierce demigod beast in a short time It's really impossible to kill, but it is easy to keep it in captivity and keep it refined in the future.

" can..." Shangguanfei looked at Zhao Yuande with some horror. He knew the horror of the Golden Thread Snake, even if his father was a strong man in the Emperor Realm, he would not dare to touch the Golden Thread Snake easily. , Because the poison on its body is enough to make the emperor strong kill instantly.

"You dare to raise a golden thread snake, which is simply a loss of conscience. I will get a fair deal for the women you killed today!" The light of the thunder in Zhao Yuande's hand burst into a bright thunder spear, A stab at Shangguanfei was fierce.

"You dare to move me, I will make you as good as death!" Shangguanfei blocked the thunder spear with a folding fan in his hand, a look of fright.

He is just this block, he knows that he is not the opponent of the other party at all, far away!

"Killing you is justice. Today I killed you. I don't know how many innocent women were rescued. You die!" Zhao Yuande's hands exploded, and Thunder's spear burst into infinite power, instantly piercing the opponent's folding fan. .


The thunder spear penetrated directly into Shangguanfei's chest. The terrifying thunder's power suddenly destroyed Shangguanfei's internal organs, and he collapsed suddenly.

"Don't kill me! Kill me, you can't walk out of this city alive!"

Shangguan was begging painfully. He originally wanted to see what kind of masters he had. He didnt plan to go out to fight. He didnt expect to meet someone who would dare to take his own life without scruples. Take it out, otherwise how can he lose so fast.

"Xiandi, Mo is about to kill, this person can't kill!" At this time, Zhengde's five people woke up one after another. They saw Zhao Yuande's thunder spear picking Shangguanfei, and Zhengde hurriedly came to discourage him.

Zhengde came earlier than Zhao Yuande. He heard from outside that the name of Shang Guanfei had also seen him before, knowing that his father was an inspector.

The duty of the inspector is like the chief of the city defense. He has a large number of soldiers under his command. Most of these soldiers are descendants of the geniuses who have tried failed here. After they failed, they did not want to go back to face their family members and choose to stay. it's here.

These people have a very strong blood lineage, and some of them are not even weaker than the top geniuses of the outside world, and each of these soldiers will have ten qualifications in each trial.

Since you want to participate in the trial here, dont provoke the inspectors, otherwise they will make you difficult to move, especially the ten places, the ten soldiers are all determined geniuses, they will trouble you together during the trial, imagine It makes people shudder.

"Brother Zhengde, this person is dead!" Although Zhao Yuande didn't know that the inspector made the bend, but he knew Zhengde's concerns, but he was not a person who was afraid of things, and the spear of the thunder in his hand flickered. Shangguanfei's body shattered, leaving only a head on the ground.

Zhao Yuande stepped on the head of Shangguanfei and crushed it.

"Ah!" Everyone couldn't help being shocked by Zhao Yuande's determination.

Even the always arrogant Long Qingtian couldn't help but feel a little shocked at this time. As a descendant of the Dragon clan, he naturally has more intelligence than Zhengde knows. He is very clear about the right and wrong of this, and also knows that Zhao Yuande will What kind of trouble will usher in.

"It's broken, hurry and go, here will soon be surrounded by the inspectors, we won't make it clear if we don't leave!" The crowd that followed Shangguanfei's influx, turned around and left at this time, they could I don't want to provoke such a lawsuit.

"Brother Xian, you... hey! You're in big trouble!" Zheng De sighed and turned around to say something to He Yanxin. "Let's leave here first! I'm here to see if there is any way to remedy."

"Zhengde, can you stay here, I can stay here, and they will dare to provoke my dragon clan no matter how powerful they are?" Long Qingtian shook his head slightly, how proud he would abandon his friends and run away, although they were just friends he had just met .

"Oh, I'll stay too! Since we are all people from the beginning, then we must unite!" The words that the ape couldn't be very determined made Zhao Yuande a little surprised.

Originally, he thought that the first of these people who wanted to leave must be the ape.

"I still have something to do, let's go!" Di Kui Si thought before and after that he couldn't lose his life for a meal, he just turned his teeth and walked away.

He Yanxin looked at Di Kui, and some at Zhao Yuande, and there was perseverance in her eyes. She did not speak, but stood firmly beside the crowd.

"Hey! This place..." Zhengde sighed, but the following words were not spoken.

"Everyone has their own ambitions. Everyone's choices are different. We just stick to our own heart, and his choices can't be said to be wrong!" Long Qingtian looked up into the distance with a little bit in his eyes. Starlight flashes.

"I only know that Brother Zhao has graciousness with us, and graciousness will pay off!" The ape can't say very directly, there are not so many twists and turns.

He Yanxin's eyes became brighter, and she could not help smiling at the corners of her mouth.

"Okay! Okay! Since you are going to stay and I won't say anything more, we will carry the next risk together!" Zhengde didn't have as much enthusiasm as them, and there was a gloomy face on his face.

He is relatively old, now he is a middle-aged uncle, and he thinks more.