Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 567

Chapter 567: Kill Me

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"Thank you all. Since you are here, I am Zhao Yuande's true friend. I won't say much about it. I will know how to get along in the future." Zhao Yuande has some trust in these people, especially Zhengde. This guy, he did not expect the other party to stay and help himself, which completely subverted his previous understanding of Zhengde.

"Hey! Brother Zhao, I still want to eat something else!" The ape couldn't touch the corner of his mouth. When he remembered the deliciousness just now and the powerful effects contained in it, he was a little excited.

In fact, he is betting this time. If he leaves Zhao Yuande in the future, he will definitely not see him. It is basically impossible to eat this kind of delicacy, and staying through this difficulty will be indispensable for delicious and delicious!

"No problem, as long as this matter passes, I will take out the good wine I have collected for many years, and guarantee that it is a hundred times stronger than Disha wine!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, he was more confident in this regard, and the three holy wine was in his Hundreds of altars have been accumulated in the space, which has already been fermented.

"Really?" The ape couldn't swallow hard, if there was good wine, it would be perfect!

"Xiandi, you have no intentions and what cards are there. You must know that the inspectors are all powerful players above the Divine Emperor. The power they control is beyond the ability of several of us, and as long as we are out of the city, repair In order to be suppressed immediately, if the strong men above the emperor would come to kill us, it would really make Tiantian should not be called to be groundless!" Zhengde frowned, "And beyond the city our spirit treasure is full Will be suppressed by the Qiankun Bagua furnace, and it will not be able to exert its original power..."

"Qiankun gossip furnace! Is it the legendary chaotic treasure that can refine everything in the world?" Long Qingtian was a little surprised. Although he knew that the world he was in was the interior space of a treasure, he did not know that it was Qiankun gossip. Furnace, the dignity in my heart suddenly a little more.

"It's okay, what about Qiankun's gossip furnace, and how about the inspectors, I will definitely let them come and go!" Zhao Yuande remembered his eternal tower and the red bow borrowed from Yimeng, these two things But it is not worse than Qiankun's gossip furnace. If they start to deal with themselves, don't blame him.

What's more, the owner of Chi Tong Gong and the owner of Qiankun Bagua Furnace are the best friends, maybe they are very familiar between the two treasures...

Zheng De got Zhao Yuande's reply, and he was shocked in his heart. The kid was not simple. I am afraid that there are treasures inferior to Qiankun Bagua furnace, otherwise he would not be so calm.

"Furthermore, isn't there still the main palace in this city? Isn't he an inspector who can cover the sky with one hand?" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhengde, he knew that the other party was more familiar with this place than himself.

"The city owner here is said to be a disciple of the owner of Bajing Palace. He was exiled here to guard the city because of one thing. He has been practicing for tens of hundreds of years, and he will not appear at all on weekdays. This strong man." Zhengde explained.

"Yes, this strong man will only come out at the beginning of the trial, and this person is lonely and moody, expecting him to be unrealistic at all." Long Qingtian added.

"There are three inspectors in this city, and these three are in a competitive relationship with each other, so if we want to find helpers, we can go to find the other two inspectors and make things clear to them, maybe there will be wonders!" He Words gently said such a situation.

"It's a good way, seems too late now!" Zhao Yuande suddenly frowned, feeling that dozens of powerful breaths were coming towards the other courts, and the killing instability in these breaths was obviously caused by the inspectors. People are coming.

As soon as Zhao Yuande's words were finished, a few figures were dropped in the sky, headed by a middle-aged man with similarities to Shangguanfei.

As soon as the man saw the pool of flesh and blood in the field, his eyes were suddenly split, and his body almost fell to the ground.

"Nine Brother! You..."

A young tiger-eye young man around the middle-aged man saw the situation and immediately knew that the news was not false. The young man was really killed. He glared at the five people and shouted, "You are so bold. Dare to kill the inspectors and envoys in the city, and today I will correct the five of you! Come on, take them down to me, if there is any resistance to kill!

Seven or eight strong men rushed up like them, and they would take Zhao Yuande down.

"Don't kill, I want to live!" The middle-aged man's lips shuddered, and his teeth gnawed out from the cracks between his teeth, "I'm going to sacrifice their lives to honor my ninth brother!"

"Yes! Inspector!" The tiger-eye youth swept at the five, with a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

"Humph! I am a real dragon blood, I think you dare to do it!" Long Qingtian snorted coldly, his body shaking with a huge real dragon phantom appeared behind him, this dragon shadow was as high as a thousand The terrible Longwei was released, and the strong men who rushed up seemed to feel that their bodies were shaking, and they did not have the courage to take another step forward.

"Stop it first! can go! I don't embarrass you." The middle-aged man's face shakes, but he has to make such a decision. Zhenlong is the friend of the old beast under the old master, he But dare not do it.

"I don't go, these are my friends, why should I go! If you go, you go." Long Qingtian shook his head and expressed his position.

"You... you don't deceive people too much, what about the real dragon, it's a big deal. After I captured you, I personally went to the Dragon Clan to ask for sin!" The middle-aged man was originally on the verge of anger, and it was even more open, "Give me Take it, don't kill it!"

"Brother Long, let's kill it!" Zhao Yuande shrugged helplessly to Long Qingtian. He already knew this was the result.

"Good! Brother Zhao, let's see who defeats our opponent first and kill!" Long Qingtian screamed and slayed towards the strong man who rushed across.

"Haha, that's what I meant!" Zhao Yuande laughed and turned his head to wink at Zhengde again, "Brother Zhengde, you need to work hard to be a high-potential person! Brother Ape and girl He want their safety. Take care, if they are in trouble, I will ask you!"

"Huh, stinky boy, I still want to ask you if you want to ask that!" Zheng De blows his beard and glares, watching Zhao Yuande collide with the attacked strong man, he can't help but shake his head, but he's still a little bit helpless now. It's hard to fight!

Fortunately, these strong men are the strong men in the triple dominance of the world, and he is equivalent to his cultivation, so he has no difficulty in fighting alone.


But the opponent who blinked Kung Fu Long Qingtian was seriously injured by Long Qingtian. He spewed blood back and flew back to Feile. He fell heavily in front of the middle-aged man.


Then there was another scream, another person was directly smashed by Zhao Yuande with a punch, and a screaming shattered before the death.

"Haha! Brother Long, please be merciful, but you are still faster than me!" Zhao Yuande laughed, his murderous intentions at this time, since someone dares to kill him, he will never keep his hand, big deal, don't take this opportunity Then, directly into the Aion Tower to ward off disaster, he did not believe that the so-called inspector was able to break the Aion Tower.

"Boy, don't kill anymore, you will make things bigger!" Zheng De sent a message to him to stop him from killing.

"Brother Zhengde, the more patient you are, the more we will bully. Where did you go against the Divine Emperor and the Powerful Lord alone in the Desolate Realm?" Zhao Yuande said, "I can only attract more people by doing things big." Attention, this inspector does not dare to act arbitrarily!"

"Your kid..." Zhengde's eyes lighted up. He was really busy just now, so he didn't expect this step.

"Don't keep your hands, kill me!" Zheng De shouted, Zhao Yuande's words just made him suddenly cheerful, and he suddenly let go of his hands and feet, and suddenly the three people who attacked him across the other suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis. Frightened back and forth.