Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 568

Chapter 568: Great Aries

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A sword rang, and a sword in Zhengde's hands flew, and a gleam of dazzling gods flew across the sky, instantly breaking the three people in front of them.

"Oh! Give me death!" The ape couldn't stand like a monkey, and a pair of crimson claws in his hand shone with blood, and was inserted directly into the chest and abdomen of the strong man opposite.


The strong man was instantly torn apart by the ape, and his claws seemed to carry some terrible power and had a great lethal effect on the soul of the god. As soon as the soul of the strong man escaped from the sea of knowledge, he seemed to be settled. Again, there is no way to escape.

At this time, a small tower in He Yanxin's hands zoomed in, drawing his opponent into the tower.

The battle came to an end, and within three breaths, seven of the opponent's seven powerful men died and five were seriously injured, and one was imprisoned. This shocked the middle-aged.

He did not expect that the other party would really dare to resist, and then he did not expect that the other partys resistance would be so fierce. It was just a stunned martial art. Seven powerful triples of the world were defeated here. Although he is already a strong in the Emperor Realm However, it is not as simple as these people to cut melons and vegetables, and he suddenly retreated.

"Hurry up!" The middle-aged man turned and fled, and the tiger-eyed youth fled when the situation was not good.

"Where to go!" Zhao Yuande was the first to catch up. His speed has exceeded the imagination of ordinary people. The two have not yet reacted and have been blocked.

In the back of Zhengde, Long Qingtian and others also rushed up and surrounded them.

The fighting was just too great just now. At this time, many people were watching in the surrounding sky, and soon someone recognized the two people who were surrounded by Zhao Yuande's group of five.

"That's the eldest son of Shangguan's inspector, who dared someone to surround him. Who can tell me what happened just now?" A bald man who had just arrived scratched his ears and asked his people.

"I don't know the specifics. Anyway, the eldest son brought the people in a fierce manner, and only two people left after he was counter-killed!" The people around had also just arrived and did not understand the foreword.

"I know, Jiugongzi broke into the Bieyuan of the beginning, and was killed. Grandpa is here to seek revenge!" Naturally, some people understand the inside story and tell the truth.

"This is a good show! Hey, it seems that it's not too late for me!" The bald man touched his bald head and muttered in his mouth, "I can't admire such a good show myself, I have to let it Brothers too! Shangguan Jingyun eats deflated, this scene is interesting! Really interesting!"


"You dare to kill the inspectors, you can't save you even if the real dragon comes!" The middle-aged man couldn't help but feel a little short of breath when facing five people. He always thought he was a peerless genius, but now he seems to be really Wrongly ridiculous, there is even a little guy in the other five of the other party, and this guy is bold and generous, shot cleanly and ruthlessly, the first to kill a world triple power.

If he did not conceal his cultivation behavior, it was definitely a powerful existence against the sky, and the strength behind him must be so unimaginable.

Even the origin of the true dragon blood is even bigger! He began to regret it. He should inform his father before coming, otherwise there would be no such embarrassing situation. At this time, some acquaintances in the city might be secretly watching their jokes.

"You are trespassing on my beginning Bieyuan, wanting to **** my baby, I kill you is justified, who knows if you are the inspector." Zhao Yuande's righteous words on his face, facing the increasing onlookers around him Or, he has a very loud voice, just want to make things big.

"You incited a large group of cultivators to break into my Shijie Bieyuan in order to **** the baby, did you see that my Shijie is weak and easy to bully." Zheng De also asked loudly.

"It turns out that this is the case, Shangguan Jingyun, that's how your Shangguan family enforced the law, really let us know for a long time! Haha!" A bald man in the distance crowd laughed at the bald head with impunity.

"Yes! Yes, good sons of the Shangguan inspectorate, you are embarrassing today!" There are two others beside the bald man, both of them are gangsters, they don't look like good people at first sight. The one-eyed dragon, with a scar on his face, grinned uncommonly.

"Shangguan Jingyun, I think you still serve a soft confession, maybe someone will look at you as a good son of an inspector and a good son, and will let you go!" Another person with a mask and only a pair of thieves in his eyes The voice of the raw male duck is almost able to spread throughout the city.

The cultivators all around saw these people get together and stepped back as if they were very afraid of them.

" three mice in Nancheng dare to come here to talk nonsense!" Shangguan Jingyun could not calm down anymore. He was really afraid of something. He looked at the three people with distorted faces.

"We are the three heroes of Nancheng, OK! You are surrounded by people now, it's the mouse!" The bald man touched Zheng Liang's bald head, hey hey shouted to Zhao Yuande several people, "Several brothers from the beginning, tried to ravage him To make him remember long."

"It's better to strip them off and show them in the city!" The one-eyed dragon followed.

"It's okay to give us Nancheng Sanxiong. I've long wanted to beat this little white-faced ass!" The voice of the masked male duck's throat was still so harsh.

"You don't force me..." Shangguan Jingyun looked at Zhao Yuande's five people with a distorted face. "You are no good for pressing me. Now let me go and there is a turning point!"

"Yes, Grand Duke is the heir of the inspector, don't you mess up!" The young tiger tiger felt a humiliation. He followed the Grand Duke for so many years and has been doing great things in the city. I did not expect to encounter a few bold people today. It has forced the eldest son to a desperate situation.

"Hands on!" Zhao Yuande saw that his situation was almost complete, and sprinted towards Shangguan Jingyun first.

Others were determined to follow Zhao Yuande and continue to do so. Even if it is a concession today, it will be useless.

Don't look at the fact that Guan Jingyun is a strong man in the Emperor Realm, but his fighting power is indeed not good. Zhao Yuande and Zhengde took him away in a few breaths.

The Tiger Eye Youth is only a strong man in the world's triple dominance, and he quickly surrendered obediently under the compulsion of Long Qingtian.

"Shangguan Jingyun left all your things to me, the right should be the compensation to us!" Zhao Yuande started to move up and down his hands against Shangguan Jingyun, but in just a few breaths, Shangguan Jingyun was killed by him Peeling a clean light, Bai Huahua's body was exposed outside, and Shangguan Jingyun's face flushed red, but he was suffering from his inability to move now, and his eyes turned from anger to fear.

"Haha! Shangguan Jingyun you have today too, haha!" The bald man laughed wildly.

"One big Aries just released, the brothers of the beginning world simply sold this big Aries to me! I must make a good price!"

"Shangguan Jingyun used to be **** and pee on our brother's head, but now you have become a prisoner, how do you feel now?"

The three heroes in the south of the city laughed unscrupulously and ridiculed Shangguan Jingyun constantly, while the others now felt that something was really going wrong. If the Shangguan inspector knew this, he would inevitably be angry, and their bodies gradually receded. , But don't want to be struck by these crazy guys.