Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Master's Death

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"No..." Numerous people cried helplessly at the same time. This palm covered hundreds of miles, and there was a terrifying atmosphere.

"Give me!"

A strong man with a tall body like a mountain rises from the sky above the Donglin Mountain, and the giant palm is facing the sky, trying to stop the arrival of the inky black hand, but this is just a tribute to the car!

"Is the world's strongest man! You..." This tall strong man is the realm strongman in the realm here, but it is a pity that his cultivation base is a long distance from the master of this big hand.


Under the cover of the dark black hand, the entire Donglin Mountain was directly crushed, and countless practitioners were wiped out under this palm, and the entire outpost was annihilated.

Zhao Yuande, who had just flown out of Huoyun Mountain, just saw this scene. His body tremble, and two lines of tears suddenly shed in his eyes!


He squatted on the ground and clutched his hair painfully, hating that he didn't get the news early.

Although this master has not been with him for a long time, his concern for him is unquestionable. The so-called one day is the teacher for life and father, Gu Tiande is like his father, although he is not good at expressing his feelings, But the inadvertent concern touched him.

"Golden pupil demon clan! I must destroy your whole clan, I have comforted the master in the spirit of heaven!" Zhao Yuande red eyes, swearing at the sky.

At this moment, destined for the destruction of the Golden Eye Demon Clan in the future, they never dreamed that a strong reincarnation of the Divine Emperor had hatred them!

After Donglin Mountain was crushed, Zhongyu Alliance was furious!

A powerful person in the world, directly breaking through the void, appeared in the wild mountain, and also wiped out thousands of monsters.

Half a day after the confrontation between the two strong men, they finally returned to their camps.

After occupying the wild mountains, the Jintong demon clan began to spread to the south and occupied cities and cities. Some ordinary humans who had not yet had time to evacuate suddenly became the food of these fierce and evil people.

Nanhai Wanjianzong also sent strong men to stay in the dust-covered city, defending the golden pupil demon clan to the south of the dust-covered city, so that they could not invade the mountains and rivers in the South.

After the golden pupil demon occupies the middle half of the small half, they began a crazy plunder, uprooting some mines, Yaoshan and even the spirit land.

Human cultivators can only give up this low earth, let the golden pupil demon clan do whatever they want, and the war between the two clan gradually entered a period of gentleness.

Zhao Yuande returned to Huoyun Mountain painfully, and only after the investigation did he know that the appointed characters were from Wei Chilei and Brother Wei Chifeng.

Zhao Yuande, who was a man of the two worlds, immediately guessed that there must be an unknown conspiracy, probably because he killed Ling Feng and Long Tiannan himself and brought a chance to the master.

He returned to his cave house and blamed himself. If it were not for him, Master Zuo and Uncle Luo might not be okay now!

"Brother Zhao! Brother Zhao!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly walked out when he heard someone calling out outside the cave house.

"It was Brother Song!" Zhao Yuande barely smiled.

"Sister Zhao, Uncle Luo is back! He was seriously injured and is resting in his cave mansion! I think you should go to see him!" Song Zhende lowered his voice, fearing someone would hear it.

"What! Uncle Luo is still alive!" Zhao Yuande's face suddenly showed surprise, "Thank you Brother Song for reporting! This is a bottle of true Yuandan!"

Zhao Yuande handed over a bottle of top-grade Zhenyuan Dan, but he hurried toward Luo Jingdong's dungeon.

Song Zhende held the Dan bottle in his hand and smiled on his face. He just had a slight affection for Zhao Yuande. He always felt that he would have great achievements in the future, so he walked closer to him.

Unexpectedly, the other party's shot was so generous, and the whole bottle of Zhenyuan Dan was just given to himself. It was really generous! This time the report is worth it!

Outside Luo Jingtian's cave house, there are two cultivators of the blood-sea **** fetal realm guarding. They were not disciples in the Huoyunzong Sect. They saw Zhao Yuande's face suddenly alert.

"I came to visit Uncle Luo, it's convenient for the two to walk by themselves!"

"Well! What's your name, I'll go in and ask!" The two men saw the immortality, and their faces suddenly showed joy, and one of them entered the cave.

Instantly the man came out and beckoned to Zhao Yuande: "Okay, let's go in! Remember not to bump into the league's predecessors!"

"Thank you Brother!" Zhao Yuande nodded gratefully.

There was a medicinal fragrance in the cave, Luo Jingtian exposed his upper body at this time, and a terrible wound on his chest was still bleeding.

Luo Jingtian's expression leaned on the bed, and his eyes showed endless sadness.

At this time, there are three powerful practitioners in Dongfuzhong. One of the old-fashioned, white-haired old men is looking at Luo Jingtian's injury.

The remaining two people, one of them looks arrogant, seems to be a big man who has long been in the top position. The other person's face showed respect, but it was Wei Chilei.

As soon as Zhao Yuande entered the Dong Mansion, Luo Jingtian saw him, and there was a trace of glamour in his eyes.

When Zhao Yuande saw the other person's expression, he suddenly knew what he was doing, and he only blinked,

"I've seen a few seniors!" Zhao Yuande was very polite to the big-eyed big figure and the old man with white hair, but he only ignored Yu Chilei.

Yu Chilei was extremely embarrassed, his face turned blue, but he didn't dare to attack here.

"Well! You are a disciple of Dan Fool?" The old man with white hair turned to look at Zhao Yuande, a trace of sadness in his eyes.

"The juniors are the disciples of his old man!" The sadness on Zhao Yuande's face could not be concealed. Speaking of Master, he always felt blamed unconsciously.

"Dan idiot gave his life to the Alliance, the death was vigorous, and the Alliance planned to send him a rejuvenating grass to reward him, and reunit his soul into the reincarnation!" The white-headed old man could not help secretly seeing Zhao Yuande's expression nod.

"Resurrection Grass..." Zhao Yuande's heart moved. If it was really Resurrection Grass, the Master had hope to rush into the reincarnation, but there are a few treasures of Resurrection Grass, how can the Alliance return so generously?

"Why, don't you doubt that the Alliance can't come up with a rejuvenating grass?" The big-faced arrogant man, seeing Zhao Yuande's expression, immediately understood what he was thinking in his heart, and said coldly, "If not, Luo Jingtian made In case of major news, the Alliance will not promise him this request!"

It turns out so! Zhao Yuandun knew the whole story and couldn't help but feel very grateful to Luo Jingtian. This is the so-called brotherhood.

"Okay! You talk to him! But his injury has not healed, don't let him be excited!" The old man with white hair was slightly embarrassed, but he concealed it instantly.

"Let's go!" The arrogant looking man waved his hand and walked out of the cave first.

The old man with white hair and Wei Chilei followed, but Wei Chilei gave Zhao Yuande a fierce look, which was full of anger.