Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 571

Chapter 571: Three Pictures

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"I also came to participate in the trial." Zhao Yuande looked at this girl and couldn't help but want to laugh. At that time, he captured him in the fortress beside the Ganges and exchanged a lot of magic medicine. It was his lucky boy.

"I, I'm going to kill you!" Dong Menzhen looked at Zhao Yuande with a distorted face, and suddenly shouted at the young men around him, "Whoever can kill him, I will marry him!"

Everyone's eyes were straight, and when they looked at Zhao Yuande, a strong murderous intention erupted.

"Don't make a fuss, although there is some contradiction between the two of us, but a couple of hundred days a day, you don't really want to kill me!" Zhao Yuande frowned at Dongmen Zhen.

"What nonsense are you talking about? I killed you!" Dongmen Zhen's face turned red, and he flew towards Zhao Yuande.

"Don't make a fuss, let's go back, we mustn't let outsiders see it here!" Zhao Yuande's fighting power is getting stronger every day. It's no longer time to fight Dongmen Zhen. Zhen's arm brought her gently into her arms.

"Ah!" Dongmen Zhen was ashamed, angry and annoyed, desperately fighting Zhao Yuande, the tone of his mouth was almost high to pierce the eardrum.

Zhao Yuande raised his slap and slapped it directly on her butt.

"Honestly, otherwise you will be arrested and thrown into the little black house again and again!" Zhao Yuande threatened indifferently.

"You...oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo strong!" The powerful Rudong Menzhen even cried under the large crowd, and he was very sad!

She almost thought of death at this moment. When he thought of being locked in a small black house by Zhao Yuande, he felt his body tremble, and his own reputation was thus corrupted by this bad guy. No wonder the Xuanyuan family would deny this door Family matter.

This scene shocked everyone present. All of them looked strangely at Zhao Yuande and Dong Menzhen, and their thoughts gradually appeared in their eyes.

Those men who were just eager to try just now left with disappointment in their faces.

Huang Xuetian's face was full of doubts in the back. How could this Dongmen Zhen have something to do with him? Isn't the son-in-law of the blood-blooded family already determined to be Xuanyuan Huang?

That's not true, if it is the Emperor Xuanyuan, the Dongmen family will not allow other men to approach her. Is it because the Xuanyuan family regrets getting married?

While Huang Xuetian was full of doubts, Zhao Yuande released Dongmen Zhen and walked to another person.

"Hi, brother, I missed you for not seeing it for many days!" This man was talking to the people around him. He didn't notice Zhao Yuande's arrival at all. He only heard a familiar voice ringing in his ears. When he turned around to take a look, Suddenly the head of the snake flew, and this person turned out to be the ten thousand snake that Zhao Yuande had once caught.

"Brother Wan, what's the matter? Do you know this person?" He was talking with Wan Snake, a strong man with a tall bear head. When he saw Wan Snake's expression was wrong, he immediately turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

"Don't be angry, we are destined to meet each other. How about drinking a few cups of joy when we smile?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile on his face. "Look, Dongmen Zhen and Huang Xuetian are also here, we are really The people should sit down and talk together!"

"I talk about your mother!" Wan Snake's face was fiercely punching Zhao Yuande. The black poisonous mist erupted from his fist. Many powerful people around him accidentally inhaled into his abdomen and instantly turned into a puddle of pus. water.

"What dare to dare to be here!" A big hand fell in the sky, and a snake was held in a cold, merciless voice, "You have lost the qualification to try, I will banish you into the void, you Let yourself die!"

There was a sudden panic in the surroundings, and they were exiled into the void. In the vast void, maybe for thousands of years, they may not be able to find a living planet. The average person will go crazy or even commit suicide in the process, which is basically equivalent to Sentenced to death by Wan Snake!

There was a violent shock around the void, a void gate appeared, and Wan Snake roared wildly and was thrown into the gate by the big hand.

Everyone at this time listened to the screams of Wan Snake, all of them shivered, knowing that the law enforcers were absolutely cold and ruthless.

At this time, Zhao Yuande waved his hands at Huang Xuetian and Dongmen Zhen.

Only then did these two people know what Zhao Yuande was doing, and he was killing people!

Seeing this scene, Zhengde and others couldn't help but nodded secretly. This guy was too insidious to do such a thing, but he did it well!

There is already a dead enemy between the Desolate Realm and the Beginning Realm. There is an insolvable contradiction between them, no matter what means is used on them.

Everyone who saw this scene couldn't help but have a fear of Zhao Yuande, this guy is too sinister!

"I repeat once again that no one can fight in the square, and the discoverers will all be banished into the void! Now I start to divide you into ten groups of 10,000 people each, and the first challenge you meet is the battle of perception! "

After this sound fell, ten huge light masks were suddenly dropped in the sky, covering all of them.

Zhao Yuande looked at the mask falling in the sky and felt the pressure of terror. Almost everyone's face changed greatly at this time, because they felt that their cultivation practice was instantly suppressed to the union of yin and yang. No pressure is felt.

"Hey, now here is my world!" Zhao Yuande looked at the geniuses around, and he knew that if hands were allowed, no one would be his opponent here.

"Boy, you're proud!" Zhengde looked at Zhao Yuande, and he couldn't help expressing an envious expression on his face. He knew that Zhao Yuande's cultivation practice had not been suppressed at all, and now he was not his opponent at all.

"Hey! Average!" Zhao Yuande smiled unmodestly.


Suddenly a picture appeared in the sky, this is a picture of a cultivator fighting, the picture is three centimeters, each one is a trick.

"You self comprehend the tricks in these three pictures. After one hour, you can play in groups and only use the tricks you realize, otherwise you will fail!" The voice rang again, and everyone no longer dared to despise it, just Silently began to understand the three pictures.

"This is..." Zhao Yuande saw the three pictures as if he had seen them from somewhere.

This is a giant man with a red upper body. The first picture is that he punched the body of a wild dragon with a punch!

This fist seemed to sink into the sky, and the world was dark, as if entering the end of the world.

The second picture is that he punched a big star down with a punch, and the surrounding starry sky was affected by the power of terror, breaking out huge cracks.

The third picture is that this giant man stood on the ground and broke the sky with a backhand punch, and countless golden divine lights fell from the cracked sky!

This is the skill of making fist. Zhao Yuande saw a faint sense of familiarity in seeing the three fists, and finally he was sure that it was a skill fist!

Is this giant man the old man of fortune? Zhao Yuande looked at the giant man in the video with some doubt, and always felt that he could not get in touch with the old man.

"However, these three pictures have been very helpful to me. I have to take a good look at it, maybe I can get a real sense of skill in my boxing skills!"