Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 572

Chapter 572: Out

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He began to dance his fists slowly, all these three strokes repeatedly.

Soon he found that the first-style punch contained the meaning of the five elements of golden wood, water, fire, and earth. The power of the five elements blessing suddenly increased tenfold, but he did not use this one, and his rules of wood have not yet been understood. What a pity.

The second is to smash a big star with one punch, but it is the power of Yin and Yang in time and space. These four terrible forces blend together, and the erupting power can destroy the big star!

However, he can't use this trick. His time rules have just been introduced, and the other three are not yet in sight.

In the last punch, twelve kinds of boxing intentions were gathered, especially the mysterious boxing combination of other eleven kinds of boxing intentions, exerting the terrifying power of ruining the world.

Each of these three punches is a new combination, and each punch is a new world, which makes Zhao Yuande a treasure.

He also understood the truth that these twelve kinds of boxing intentions can be combined at will, and each combination can exert unique strength, which shows that no matter where and under what circumstances, there are artificial boxing skills in the hand can sweep all!

What he thinks further is that if the three avatars and their own bodies use the artificial boxing technique together after they have been gasified for three times, do not know how much power they can increase?

The more he wanted, the more excited he felt, the road ahead was smooth, and he was no longer worried about his attack being too simple.

"Time is up!" The voice appeared again, and the three screens disappeared at once. Many people sighed after sobering, and the time given to them was too short, otherwise they would definitely be able to learn more from it!

"The two are fighting, the losers are eliminated!" The voice just fell, and everyone found that they could not help but move into a void of space and time, and their opponents appeared opposite.

Zhao Yuande's opponent is a red-haired man. This man is very arrogant, and there is a trace of contempt in Zhao Yuande's eyes.

"Boy, you admit defeat!" The red-haired man looked arrogant and despised Zhao Yuande.

"Come on!" Zhao Yuande doesn't lie in the opponent's irrationality, he has absolute confidence to defeat his opponent.

"If you don't see the coffin, you won't cry. Eat me a punch and break the stars!" The red-haired man swung with a punch, and the world changed color, as if another big star was falling in the sky.

"It doesn't work!" Zhao Yuande sneered at the corner of his mouth, and his body and fist were as if a flash of electricity crossed the sky.


The rumbling and falling star burst into pieces, the red-haired man flew out, his mouth spouted blood, and his eyes showed an incredible expression.

"Too weak, too weak, only learned a trace of fur!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, feeling bored.

There was a flash of light in front of him, and something appeared in front of him.

This is a middle-aged beautiful woman, can be said to be a peerless beauty, if you are younger, I am afraid that it will be the super beauty of Yimenggui's level.

"Little brother, how did the sister win this game?" The middle-aged beautiful woman has a plump figure and thin waist like a willow, and the two groups with heavy chests make people wonder how her thin waist can withstand that weight. of.

All her smiles with infinite temptation made people feel like a flame was burning in her heart.

Even Zhao Yuande almost nodded and agreed.

"No! This sister, this time we are trying to compete, not Meigong. If you say that, you may be judged out of existence by that person!" Zhao Yuande quietly pointed to the sky.

"Okay! That sister is welcome!" The middle-aged beautiful woman sighed softly, and the enchantment emanating from her body dissipated instantly. Turned into a heroic heroine, "Since you don't want to admit defeat, then I will let you lose heart and mouth!"

"Sister, please!" Zhao Yuande is confident and invincible, and you will never be your opponent if you undergo thousands of changes.

"Dragon Dragon!"

The middle-aged beautiful woman gave a slap in the mouth, punching out the world with a punch, and the three colors of gold, red, and blue rose into the sky, as if the three-handed swords were slashing towards Zhao Yuande.

"The power is fair, but the moves are loose, and it's too slow to hit people at all!" Zhao Yuande's body flicked past three brilliances with a flash of light, backhanded, and golden light sprayed.

The fist of gold hit out, the golden light scattered all over the sky, almost shining the whole earth into a piece of gold, the golden middle-aged and beautiful woman flew up in disbelief, did not know how far away, and suddenly disappeared into space among.

Although Zhao Yuande is not a person who pity the fragrance and the jade, but the middle-aged beautiful woman has no intention of killing him, he really can't make a killer, and can only let her fly!

"Hey! Invincible and lonely!" Zhao Yuande stood bored in the space and looked around, waiting for the arrival of the next opponent.

Light and shadow flashed, and an acquaintance appeared, Huang Xuetian!

"Zhao Yuande, I finally wait for you! I will show you today what is called the comprehension ability of the sky!" When Huang Xuetian looked at the enemy on the opposite side, he suddenly showed ecstasy on his face. Four strong men made his confidence burst, and he was naturally excited to see Zhao Yuande appear.

"Hey! For the sake of ten magic medicines, I won't kill you today, but the elimination is sure!" Zhao Yuande waved his hands innocently, revealing a row of white teeth to him, "If you go out by yourself Best, if you dont know what to do, dont blame me for hitting you out!"

"Boy is arrogant!" Huang Xuetian didn't even believe that he would lose. He punched Zhao Yuande with a punch. The punch contained five colors of light, and he actually put together the five elements of gold, wood, fire, fire, and earth. Is a strong enough to crush the same realm, "You die for me!"

"Since you play really, don't blame me, let me crush five rounds of fortune!" Zhao Yuande punched the void, and a five-color roulette burst out of the void, towards the five-colored **** of the Phoenix Blood Sky Fist crush.

Five-color Shenquan and five-color roulette collided together, and the judge was judged.

The horrible crushing pressure of the five-color roulette crushed Huang Xuetian's hands directly into two blood mists. Huang Xuetian yelled in pain, and looked at Zhao Yuande with a terrible face, and then seemed to have made a certain determination. , Zhangkou spewed a golden flame towards Zhao Yuande sweeping away.

"Huangxuetian, you fouled!" Zhao Yuande stopped the crushing of the five-color roulette in his hand, and just stood quietly in place without hiding the golden flames.

"Then you have to kill you first!" Huang Xuetian gritted her teeth and showed a crazy smile on her face. This golden flame was the most precious nirvana fire of their blood Huang clan, claiming to burn all their flesh.

"Really? Then I will let you know what is called regret!" Zhao Yuande's hand blazed with a cyan fire. The cyan fire seemed to be a child who had just woken up, and seemed to be despondent, but when Nirvana fire struck, Suddenly the blue light turned into a huge blue lotus, the petals of the lotus spread out, and all the Nirvana fire that had struck was sucked into the petals at once.

Huang Xuetian suddenly felt that Nirvana had lost contact with himself.

"Return my nirvana!" Huang Xuetian shouted in horror. This was his own bodyguard. If he lost it, he would change his account with the family.

But at this time, there was a voice in the sky, "Privately use other exercises, Huang Xuetian is out!"

A large hand appeared, grabbed Huang Xuetian and threw him out.

Zhao Yuande was still able to hear the screams of Huang Xuetian and the roar of fear.