Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 574

Chapter 574: Bloody Pill

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"Zhao Yuande, right! You dare to humiliate the inspector, today is your death!" The masked man's voice was sharp and turned out to be a woman, but the coldness in the words made people feel terrified.

"For the tiger, your death is only here!" Zhao Yuande put away the mirror sword in his hand and took out the halberd transformed from the eternal tower. He felt that the woman opposite was absolutely not simple. I am afraid that the fighting power is not far behind himself, so It started to be a little solemn.

"Brother Zhao, give me this girl!" Long Qingtian's voice came from behind, full of passionate fighting intentions.

"Since Brother Long wants to fight, let it be for you." Zhao Yuande waved his hand indifferently.

"Kill! Don't keep your hands! Start the killing battle!" The woman shouted, and her body backed away, trying to form a formation with the remaining nine people.

"Late!" Long Qingtian smiled coldly, "You have become my prey, come to my space!"

There was a golden light in his hand, which was a dazzling golden light from a small bell, which instantly enveloped the woman on the opposite side, and the two people disappeared in place.

The remaining nine people were all in a daze. This killing **** array required ten people to open. As soon as the masked woman disappeared, they were at a loss.

"Kill!" Zhao Yuande shouted and rushed towards the first of the nine.

The euphorbia raged across the sky, slashing fiercely towards the nearest person.


A sledgehammer in the man's hand greeted Zhao Yuande fiercely, and the two struck out a brilliant brilliance. The man's sledgehammer flew out of his hand, and he didn't hold it.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhao Yuande severely cut the euphorbia.


The man couldn't dodge, and one arm flew out directly.

"Three people form a formation to meet the enemy!" One of the nine black-faced big men quickly reacted, pulling away the man who lost his arm and forming a small battle with the other two to meet Zhao Yuande.

The other six people also formed battle battles together with Zhengde and He Yanxin.

Although He Yanxin is weak, but she has a lot of treasures, it is surprising that she flicked out a piece of golden amulet and formed a small defensive enchantment. No matter how the other party attacked, this defensive enchantment could not be destroyed.

Zhengde's hand was holding a copper-breaking furnace and killed three powerful men. Although the copper-breaking furnace was extremely powerful, the opponent's battle array was offensive and defensive. Ruyi's transformation combined the power of the three people together. Can't win.

Zhao Yuande also encountered the same situation, but he was originally a combination of yin and yang. In the face of the three relegated strong men, he had a huge advantage. Despite their ever-changing battle array, Zhao Yuande's euphorbias still broke their defense.


A person was directly pierced in the chest by the euphorbia, and the euphorbia emitted a bright thunder, which directly burned the person's body into a piece of coke.

This man was very fierce, and his eyebrows opened with a spirit of soul, and the spirits of souls were almost all solidified, holding a sword of the soul soldier, and rushed towards Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.

Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, he did not dodge, let this soul rush into his sea of knowledge.

When the soul of this man rushed into the sea of knowledge, the waves of waves suddenly burst into the sea of awareness, Zhao Yuande's soul condensed into a giant Baizhang, holding a jade net bottle with the mouth facing down, a huge force of pulling will The man's soul was pulled into the Yujing bottle.

The man screamed all the way, struggling hard, but in the end he still could not escape the fate of being sucked into the Yujing bottle.

This Yujing bottle was robbed by Zhao Yuande from the soul of Cang Xin soul. He didn't care too much about Yunben. He was only an ordinary soul soldier, and he didn't know that he had terrible power if he tried it.

The space in the Yujing bottle is vast and can hold mountains, rivers and rivers, and it has a terrible divine water called Falling Soul Shenshui. As long as it falls into the divine water, it will be dissolved into a pure stream for one to three moments The energy of the soul of the soul, this energy can be released to supplement the soul of the soul.

Zhao Yuande got this thing, such as winning the treasure, after studying for a period of time, it was found that this treasure is likely to be a very peculiar innate spirit treasure born with heaven and earth. The ranks of Lingbao, and if it is about power, it is equivalent to Chaos Lingbao.

The opponent's three battles were one less, and suddenly they couldn't resist Zhao Yuande's powerful offensive. The remaining two soon became embarrassed.

"Form a five-element battle!" the black-faced strongman shouted.

The three men who fought with He Yanxin seemed to have been prepared for a long time, and immediately dropped He Yanxin to form a large battle with the two to resist Zhao Yuande's terrorist attack.

"We just need to persevere and wait for the captain to return!" The black-faced strong man seems to be the second of the ten, constantly giving them all kinds of orders, so that the original disadvantages can be quickly reversed.

He Yanxin saw that the enemy was attacking Zhao Yuande, and he would chase after him.

"You go to help Zhengde to kill the three people. I'm going to see what they can do!" Zhao Yuande is fighting in his body, and the euphorbia in his hand is tearing the void into a **** mouth. The five players who formed a five-element battle array will be crooked, and they will be broken if they are almost unstable.

Numerous battlefields all around were affected by the terrorist attacks here. Several closer practitioners were torn apart by horrible halberds and scattered into residual limbs.

"Serve the Bloody Pill!" The black-faced strong man gave a gloomy order.

The five people simultaneously crushed a pill hidden in their teeth.


The breath of the five began to soar in an instant, and the terrible qi and blood rushed out of the head of the five like the five true dragons, heading straight to the sky.

At this moment, the strength of the five people has more than doubled in an instant, and the strength of the joint force has become more and more powerful, even pushing Zhao Yuande back again and again.

"You bully me less, right? One gasification and three clear!" Zhao Yuande killed violently, shouted, and his body fluttered with three avatars, each of which held this innate spirit treasure in his hands.


Zhao Yuande roared again and again, and the four strong men teamed up to attack and kill, and the defeat was reversed in only a moment. The five people who ate the **** pill were separated by one blow, and the five-element large array was instantly broken.

"This kid turned out to have become one gasification and three cleansings. Where did he get the exercises?" Zhengde was shocked when he saw this scene. He didn't give Zhao Yuande the complete exercises.

"Too powerful!" someone around exclaimed.

"This is one of the strongest exercises in the Bajing Palace. One person can evaporate three times. How can this person do this kind of exercise? Isn't he originally a disciple of the Bajing Palace?" Some people are puzzled.

"This is..." The black-faced strongman also jumped his eyelids, but gave a retreat order, "Retreat, all give me back, we scattered into the crowd to save our lives!"

"You still want to leave, let me stay!" Zhao Yuande and the three avatars chased and killed the five people. Zhao Yuande's body was the fastest, directly catching up with the black-faced strongman, and a halberd took his head. Split, strangling the soul in the sea instantly.


Suddenly a big crack appeared in the sky, and a figure rushed out of the big crack in embarrassment, it was the masked woman.

At this time the woman's clothes shattered, and shocking wounds appeared on her body.