Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 578

Chapter 578: Door Of Hell

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"Hey! That's the only way!" Zhengde shook his head helplessly, "but I warn the two of you, don't force it, the trip to **** is a crisis, don't be superstitious about any intelligence."

Both Long Qingtian and He Yanxin looked at Zhengde with a strange face, and always felt that he had something to say.

"Okay, Brother Zhengde, don't turn around, just say anything, the four of us walked all the way, there is nothing else to say!" Zhao Yuande finally couldn't hold back, patted Zhengde's shoulder, "Why should I let me With you, is there any conspiracy?"

"Brother, I am actually good for them too!" Zhengde looked at Long Qingtian with some regrets, and was a little embarrassed. "I'm really sorry, I really have some selfishness here. Actually, I didn't say anything. Whatever, both of them have a death order, and acting alone is definitely the most correct choice for you. According to your cultivation and combat effectiveness, you can be more than 70% sure that you can successfully get out of the gate of hell. There are three death warrants on my body, and I have two. I have a selfishness and want to use these five death warrants to find a treasure left by the family in the region!"

"Looking for the lost treasure? Brother Zhengde, did you make a mistake, we are going to try it!" Zhao Yuande looked at this guy inconceivably.

"That's a very important thing. It's the real purpose of my trial here. I stole Long Xiandi's death order because of it. As long as I take back this treasure, I will die without any regrets!" Zhengde Seeing the eyes of the three of them looking together, they couldn't help but tell the truth.

"What kind of treasure is that?" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhengde and was curious. Is this a chaotic treasure?

"That's a treasure from the family, called Sun and Moon Fighter. My grandfather was brought into the area. He took the grandfather and died in a dangerous situation in hell, and the treasure was also left in it. My father used to go to **** many times, and eventually died in that place because of insufficient replacement orders." Zhengde's face showed sadness and continued, "I have only two wishes in my life, one is an ancestor. Revenge, the second is to take back this treasure and bring the bones of father and grandfather home..."

"Okay, I know, I will help you with this matter!" Zhao Yuande patted Zhengde's shoulder, indicating that he didn't need to say more.

"I know, although I can't do much to help this matter, but if Brother Zhengde wants revenge in the future, my true dragon family can help you!" Long Qingtian looked at Zhengde, and there was a trace of decisiveness on his face.

It can be seen how much risk he took in saying this.

"The little girl will do her best!" He Yanxin even stood up at this time and said this, which made Zhao Yuande's view of her change somewhat.

In the past, he believed that Wantong Chamber of Commerce only exchanged interests, but did not expect this girl to have such a side.

"The gate of **** came out!" Suddenly someone screamed.

Everyone looked into the big crack, and saw a blood red light suddenly illuminate in the big crack, and a huge portal slowly emerged in the blood red light.

The portal was sculpted with two grisly and huge ghost heads. The fangs were trembling, and a gust of air wafted out of the gap of the portal. The air around them suddenly became very depressed. After a cold war, it was as if deep in the cold winter.

"After the opening of the gate of hell, there is only ten breaths, and you must enter it within ten breaths or you will be disqualified! The next start of the gate of **** is one day later, and the top 200 people who walk out of the gate of **** are eligible to proceed. In the following trials, the remaining people will be sent back to their respective worlds!" The quiet voice came again.

"What if you die in hell?" Some people questioned.

"If you die, you can't do it! If you are worried about death, you can quit now, and I can still send you back to your own world!" The answer was very simple, which made people feel cold.

The man shrank his head, and after a few breaths, no one offered to give up.


It was at this time that the Liangshan portal gradually opened, and a gray world gradually appeared in front of everyone!

"Let's go!" Zhengde looked up and jumped directly, the first one rushed to the gate of **** below.

The three Zhao Yuande glanced at each other, nodded silently, then jumped behind Zhengde behind a huge crack and fell towards the gate of hell.

Behind them, many cultivators also followed them, and thousands of people collectively jumped into the **** gate of hell. This scene reminds people of what moths are called.

As soon as Zhao Yuande entered the gate of hell, he suddenly felt his body was cold, and the spiritual power in his body was a little suffocating. The soul was suppressed, and he didnt dare to go out of the body. As soon as he appeared, he felt a terrible cold The intrusion of qi gives people a feeling of being frozen, and only the strong flesh emits a strong yang without restriction.

"Release the yang in the body and force those colds out of the body, otherwise we will soon be caught in the cold, and we will freeze to death before we get out of the gate of hell!" Zheng De's voice rang in his ears.

Zhao Yuande looked up and saw that they appeared in a gray misty plain. In front of them, a large lake could be seen vaguely. The strong yin gas escaped from the big lake, as if it were the source of the yin gas of this world.

More and more people entered the gate of Hell, Zhengde looked at the group of people with a worried expression, and said to the three people: "We will leave now, and if we are late, we may attract terrible things to watch."

"I'm going to the East." Long Qingtian randomly pointed in a direction, where a rugged path led to the distance.

"I'm going in that direction." He Yanxin looked in the other direction. It was a white misty mountain with a majestic outline vaguely visible.

The two nodded lightly at Zhao Yuande and turned to their purpose.

"They all have their own goals, which is probably the task given by their family." Zhengde glanced at the back of the two and pointed to the Great Lake Road. "Our destination is far away. We want to bypass this ghost lake and pass through A piece of Daze, don't delay any time, otherwise I'm afraid I can't return on time."

"What if we lose time halfway and the gate of **** is closed?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this question.

"Then stay in this world forever." Zhengde's voice bitterly said, "This is the road of cultivation, death is accompanied at any time, and if you are not careful, you will be lost."