Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Abyss Evil

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"Uncle Shi, how are you?" Zhao Yuande hurried forward to see everyone leaving.

"I'm fine! But brother he..." Luo Jingtian showed sadness in his eyes.

"It's all ghosts from Brother Yu Chi. I will kill them one day and use my head to comfort Master's spirit in the sky!" Zhao Yuande's eyes turned red, and his fists clenched loudly.

"The Huoyunzong dynasty survived, and Brother Wei Chi stared at you, you took your brother's things, left here, and went to the Falling Snow Holy City!" Luo Jingtian sighed, his voice a little decadent.

"I can't go. If I left Brother Yuchi, wouldn't I have thrown my anger on Uncle Shi!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. He didn't want to escape, which was not in line with his character.

"In order to protect myself, I have joined the Zhongyu Alliance, and Brother Wei Chi did not dare to treat me. You will immediately take away the things in the Brother Xifu Cave, otherwise, Brother Wei Chi will send someone to get ahead!" Luo Jingtian suddenly Thinking of this, anxiety appeared on his face.

"These two scumbags, they dare!" Zhao Yuande rushed out of the cave house angrily and headed towards Danfeng.

Although Dan Feng was occupied by an alliance strongman, no one in Gu Tiande's Dong Man moved.

Far away, Zhao Yuande saw two disciples outside the ancient Tiande Cave House, looking east and west.

"What are you doing here?" Zhao Yuande rushed outside the cave and questioned the two.

"Zhao Yuande, the ancient elder is dead, here is the ancestral gate, and the relics of the elders belong to the ancestral gate." One of the disciples was very hard-hearted, and he was not afraid of the aggressive Zhao Yuande.

"Get out of here!"

Zhao Yuande was simply too lazy to fly with him, and slammed him out, and the powerful force covered the disciple, Fan De, with blood on his face, and hit the wall outside the cave house.

"Zhao Yuande, you are the opposite!" Another disciple seized Neili, his body kept receding back, and his face was scared pale.

At this time, other people on Danfeng heard the fighting sounds from here, and they all came to this place, most of them were disciples of other sect.

"Who's outside!" Suddenly a voice came from Dongfu Zhong, the door of Dongfu opened wide, and a figure walked out of Dongfu.

Seeing this person, the disciple with a pale face suddenly became courageous, pointing at Zhao Yuande and scolding, "Brother Er! It was this rebellion. He wounded Brother Sun and wanted to **** Zongmen property!"

"I'm **** your mother!" Zhao Yuande's body flashed, and the next moment appeared in front of this disciple.

He was anxious that the disciple was black and white, and his palm protruded violently, grabbed his neck, and poured it into the ground!


Although this disciple's cultivation practice was in the early stages of the Blood Poseidon's birthplace, it seemed like an unresisting baby in his hands. The entire head was directly slammed into his chest, and the dead could not die anymore!

"This guy is so cruel!" All the onlookers took a breath of air when they saw this scene.

"You see his cultivation behavior is just the middle of the **** sea environment, is he a strong body refiner?" Some people were shocked when they saw Zhao Yuande's cultivation behavior.

"It's very possible! But even the strong body-builders are too strong!"

"..." At one time everyone was talking.

Brother II saw that Zhao Yuande didn't give himself a face, and directly killed his brother in front of his face, and suddenly his face showed rage.

"You! Be bold!" The second brother, obviously a strong man, has already reached the peak of Lingtai's mid-pregnancy realm, even better than Ling Feng.

He turned into Dapeng, his wings flew towards Zhao Yuande, and a long white hook in his hand had pointed to Zhao Yuande's throat.

"Good to come!"

Zhao Yuande took out the acquired Lingbao Euphorbia from the Zhoujia Treasury. Although he had lost his spirit, it was far more tenacious than the top-grade spirit weapon.

Zhao Yuande has never used weapons since he entered Huoyunzong, and today he took out the euphorbia in a rage, just to cut this guy here!


The sound of gold and iron clashes sounded.

Brother II only felt that his arms were numb, and he was almost unable to hold the soul-snatching hook in his hand. Then he began to face Zhao Yuande's strength.

"Today you have to die here!" Zhao Yuande succeeded in a blow, and was unreasonable. The euphorbia in his hand was screaming, and a terrifying vigor split the sky, surrounded by rocks, trees, and buildings. , All turned into wreckage.

"Boy arrogant!" Brother Two released black smoke as he dodged the terrifying euphorbia.

The horrifying monster in the smoke roared loudly, and the audience around the quake continued to retreat.

"Humph! This kind of ghostly spooky dare to take it out and embarrass!" Zhao Yuande swayed in Dantian's aura, and suddenly opened his mouth to the black smoke.

The powerful qi and blood accompanied by horrible sound waves directly shook those monsters into powder, and the black mist also dissipated in the air invisible.

"It's so powerful! What a powerful blood!" someone exclaimed around.

"This guy is terrific, and he is basically invincible in the **** sea!"

"More terrible than my patriarchal clan!"

"Damn it! Damn it! You forced me!" Brother II's face suddenly became very dignified. He took out a knife and cut off one finger directly.

Blurred in the air, outline a strange pattern.

The pattern seemed to be a door to the underworld, and a breath of death was revealed from it.


Brother II directly threw his little finger into the pattern.

"Click! Click!"

Everyone only heard among the patterns, as if someone was chewing on the bones.

"Hey! Weak and humble human! What the **** are you calling me?" A skull full of thorns, black hair and fangs squeezed out of the pattern, opened a vicious mouth toward Brother Two. At this time, bone debris was still visible in the mouth.

"Abyss evil spirits, the unique evil spirits in the abyss condensed, have a powerful spirit, low-level ingredients, match the recipe "phantom dream", a small increase in the power of the soul, ingredients list, abyss evil spirits, fern deep grass, phoenix Ye Lian, Demon Blood Mad Wolf Brain..."

Seeing this information, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see in his eyes. Although he had actually come to the abyss world in his last life, he didn't know that this thing could enhance the power of human soul!

You must know that the power of the Divine Soul can only be obtained through the arduous practice of the Divine Soul. After the cultivation reaches the Yin-Yang unity, each additional point of the Divine Soul Power will increase your combat effectiveness by a large amount.

Other materials are easy to say, except that things like Demonblood Wolf only exist in the abyss world. If you can't enter the abyss world, you can't get enough of this material.