Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 580

Chapter 580: East King Bell

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"Ah! I finally escaped from that area!" Zheng De was sitting on the ground with his buttocks exhausted, breathing heavily, his face showing the expression of the rest of his life.

"What's going on here? Why is there heat coming out of the underground?" Zhao Yuande and Zhengde sat together, feeling the warmth from the underground, and asked some curiously.

"Does the cathode produce yang, the anode produces yin, don't you understand this?" Zhengde teased, "Yin and yang interact with each other, this is a place of extreme yin, one of the three most cold places in hell, ordinary people think that this is The dead road will not be close to here, but they dont know that there is a yang vein here, and it is by the lake! As long as we walk along the lake, we guarantee that any ghosts and ghosts of **** will not dare to approach us. This is the whole The safest place in hell."

"That is to say, as long as we stay here for a day, and then go out to be qualified?" Zhao Yuande's eyes are bright, he can be scared by the evil sea devil and white tiger, even now he is not this The enemy of two terrible monsters, not to mention that once you get out of this area, you will be infinitely suppressed. Going out is simply unpredictable!

"Boy, you won't fight back!" Zhengde looked at Zhao Yuande with some anxiety. "You promised me to go with me to find the treasure left by my family. You can't count."

If Zhao Yuande is missing, Zhengde feels that his chances are slim.

"Okay! When Zhao Yuande has never spoken, I will accompany you." Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly. This was indeed what he had promised. This is how he as long as he has promised things, even if he is in danger. To do it, this is the principle he insists on.

"It's your kid's conscience." Zhengde let out a breath, a smile on his face.

"Okay, hurry up, don't delay time, I don't want to stay in this dark place forever," Zhao Yuande urged.


Suddenly there was a sound of Long Xiao in the distance.

"That is, a real dragon!" Zhao Yuande looked at the direction from Long Xiao, only to see a huge real dragon flying in the mid-white clouds.

"No! That was the dragon born after the death of the real dragon..." Zhengde looked solemn and whispered, "That direction is exactly what Long Qingtian chose! What is he doing?"

"I hope he is fine!" Zhao Yuande silently worried for Long Qingtian in his heart.

"He is a cautious person, there is a death order in hand, there should be no problem." Although Zhengde said this, but the worry on his face could not hide it, "Hey, I knew I didn't steal him from the beginning. Order for death!"


Suddenly there was a loud sound of Hong Zhong Da Lu in that direction. A golden clock floated in the air. The big clock suspended and covered half of the sky. The whole **** shining was bright. Even the terrible power was Zhao Yuande. The feeling is clearer than that of Nether Sea Devil and Hell Devil Tiger combined.

The big bell rang long and oscillated, and the terrible dragon in the sky was restrained by the bell. At the next moment, a grey light flew out of the body of the dragon, as if the baby swallow came back into the big clock.

After losing this gray ray of the dragon, it seemed that it lost its vitality all at once, and the body began to fall apart, turning into the gray energy of the sky.

The big clock slowly shrank and then disappeared into the air.

"He has the East Emperor Bell, and we are still worrying about it! Go away, don't delay the time." Zhengde rolled his eyes and turned away.

Zhao Yuande felt relieved. It seemed that Long Qingtian's mission was completed, and he looked in the direction He Yanxin chose. I wonder if this silent girl would return safely?

Zhao Yuande followed Zhengde along the lakeside of Nether Lake, and probably walked for more than an hour, and it was really safe.

Soon they appeared in front of a Sancha junction, one direction leading to an endless Daze, where the white mist filled the Daze, a huge corpse was traversing in Daze, with a low voice 'S roar came from the depths of Daze.

The other direction is a dry wood forest with rugged rocks and a **** bird shaped like a crow squatting on a dry tree branch and watching them quietly.

"Hell Raven, a seventh-order beast, can discern the true knowledge through the netherworld, and has a very keen insight into Reiki..."

"The **** ravens are not simple. If you grab a few and go back to tame to find the veins, it should be very good." Zhao Yuande looked at these **** birds and couldn't help but feel a little moved. A chamber of commerce will not worry about funds in a short time.

"Don't think about it, although these ravens are keen on Reiki, but they can't get out of hell, they will be burned by yang as soon as they go out, and they will instantly become ashes." Zhengde glanced at the **** ravens, laughing, "Dont underestimate these guys. Hell spit out of them has a powerful lethal effect on our flesh, one or two doesnt matter, but as soon as these guys appear in groups, think about that scene. Feeling scary."

"Okay! I didn't say it." Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly.

"We are going to enter this Daze, remember not to panic when you encounter a powerful beast, even if you can't beat it, you can't run. You must hold your breath and stay still. The beasts here are all amblyopic, they only deal with moving objects. Interested in the body." Zheng De warned very solemnly.

"That's what happened to the Netherworld Devil Kun just now?" Zhao Yuande thought this guy was unreliable.

"It was an accident, it was too powerful, and gradually had its own consciousness, otherwise it would not notice us at all." Zhengde explained, "All the beasts and ghosts in this **** have long lost their consciousness, Relying solely on instinct to control your own actions, a powerful existence like the Dark Sea Devil will not exceed the entire number of hands in hell."

"Okay! For the time being I believe you, let's go quickly!" Zhao Yuande urged.

The two walked into Daze, and the soft ground made them always feel insecure, as if there would be a scary monster rushing out of Daze at any time.

They were very careful every step they took. After walking out for ten miles, nothing abnormal happened, and even Zhengde felt a little strange. Isn't this piece of Daze not as dangerous as what Zu Shang said?

"Not good... Rewind!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that Daze was shaking under his feet, as if there was something terrible to rush out of under Daze.

The two bodies quickly backed away, and at this time a large basin of blood came out from under the ground, biting hard at them.

There was a very smelly smell in the big mouth. The rows of white fangs made people feel hairy. A long blood-red tongue flashed out from the big mouth and swept toward the nearest Zhao Yuande. .

Zhao Yuande stepped back sharply, and the mirror sword slashed fiercely toward the blood-red long tongue in his hand.


When the tongue collided with the mirror sword, a metal clash sounded. Zhao Yuande only felt that a strong anti-shock force came, and his half of the arm felt a numbness.

"What kind of monster is this!" Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart. You should know that the sharpness of the mirror sword has exceeded the ordinary innate spirit treasure. Even if his physical body can not block the strike of the mirror sword, I did not expect that a tongue of the monster could even Low-end living, this monster's repair is simply unimaginable.