Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 582

Chapter 582: Tail

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To know that he has seen many means of this virtue, and has seen the other party's fierce determination, a person who can do everything for the sake of revenge is really too dangerous.

He turned around and walked away, no matter what. While he was really sorry for him when he was in the Desolate Realm, he was also attacked by the other party and almost lost his life. What is most fresh to Zhao Yuande is that Zhengde heard The first reaction of his true identity turned out to be to seize himself and force himself to help him ascend to the emperor realm.

Zhao Yuande has a set of his own rules of life. If someone else is sincere to himself, he will never do such a thing. He is such a person who exchanges his sincerity for his sincerity. If the other party has evil intentions for himself, he is also Will definitely kill ruthlessly.

Now Zhengde obviously has his own secrets. Although he doesn't know what the other party has, he is very curious about it.

"I will follow you quietly to see what the **** you are doing." Zhao Yuande turned the Forever Tower into a suit for insurance, and put it on his body. This suit cannot be used even in the Xuan Ming just now. Break through his defense.

The body was covered with a spectacle mirror outside. Although it can't be said to be foolproof, he still has three replacement orders in his hand. In case the crushing of the replacement order is not possible, it will block the death.

He concealed his body and traced towards Zhengde, and soon saw his trace not far away.

At this time, Zhengde was fighting a black-scale big fish jumping out of the swamp. This big fish had a dragon horn and two long whiskers, like two long whips, and the space pumped out collapsed.

Although the big fish is powerful, Zhengde's combat power is also terrifying. Within a few strokes, the black scale big fish was killed.

"Hey! It's a pity, if the kid can come, I don't have to spend so much effort!" After killing the black scale big fish, Zhengde sighed and set foot on the journey again.

He beheaded dozens of black-scale big fish along the way, and finally came to a shoal covered with tall grass.

On the shoal, a **** bird wandered at random, rummaging for food among the water plants.

These big birds are similar in appearance to cranes, but their bodies are much larger than the cranes, and their legs are very thick.

"Black water crane, eighth order beast, life bred in the black water of hell, like to devour ghosts..."

These black water cranes are not simple. Zhao Yuande felt the power of these black water cranes for the first time. They seemed to have a natural restraint on human souls, and people felt a little intimidated when they saw them instinctively.

Zhengde was standing in front of the shoal at this time, frowning and looking in one direction of the shoal. There was a colorful passageway. The passageway showed various colors like a kaleidoscope, as if it were a broken space-time passageway.

This channel looks a little out of place in this world where black and white are the main colors.

Before this passage, a giant black water crane, which was larger than the ordinary black water crane, lay quietly there, plucking his head as if he was tasting some delicious food.

This guy has a strong breath, at least it is also the cultivation of the semi-beast, especially the long beak like a sword exudes cold luster, I am afraid that it is even sharper and stronger than the innate Lingbao.

Zhao Yuande took a closer look. In front of the giant black water crane was the head of a black beast who didn't know what a fierce beast was. At this time, there was a black smoke in the head being torn by the black water crane. .

I don't know how this guy faced this group of black water cranes? Do you want to break out?

Zhengde looked here for a while, then sighed gently, took out a black sail and wrapped it around himself, and suddenly his whole person became a black shadow.

In this dim world, a black shadow fluttered, and did not attract the attention of those black water cranes. Zhengde came so easily to the colorful passage.

But at this time, the giant black water crane seemed to sense something, and its long beak pierced towards Zhengde like a sharp sword.

Zheng De thought that the inspiration of this giant black water crane was so keen, he was stabbed directly in the body with a long beak, and a blood arrow spewed out, and he was exposed from the darkness all at once.

The eyes of the giant black water crane suddenly lighted up, and his eyes looked like the hungry ghosts who had not eaten for three days saw the food and gave out a green light.

A crane sounded, and the giant black water crane's long beak pierced towards Zhengde's head like electro-optical light.

When He Mingsheng remembered, all the black water cranes wandering on the shoal were all excited.

"This guy is going to be unlucky. Although these black water cranes can't kill his life, it is enough for him to have a headache!" Zhao Yuande knows that Yuande still has many followers, and the ghost of the green cow has not yet appeared. As long as these black water cranes appear in front of them, they should be able to deal with the past calmly.

He quietly drifted through the air, and found a safe and clean place to see how Zhengde had overcome the difficulty.

One leg of Zhengde was penetrated by a long beak, and the blood could not stop splashing outward, like a flood that broke the embankment. And the wound gradually turned black, it seems that the black water crane has a very terrible poison on its long beak.

"Damn! Damn! If the kid is there, it's OK to use his invisibility method in the past, how can it be so embarrassing now! It seems that this thing can't be left." Zhengde panicly escaped from the long black water crane. In the beak, I even complained about how much I was in my mouth. I took out a black mud pill and gently crushed it and waved it toward the tide of the black water crane.

When the pill crushed Zhao Yuande, he immediately smelled a pungent odor, and Zhao Yuande immediately guessed what it was.

This is a kind of dung, with a trace of terror in the strong smell.

The black water cranes smelled this scent, felt the slightest pressure, and suddenly their heads darted into the sand, their bodies shaking.

At that moment, the giant black water crane was the most unbearable because of the nearest distance. At this time, his legs twitched and lay on the ground. His head did not know where to drill, but he made a frightened cooing sound.

"Hey! I used it so early, what should I do next?" Zheng De looked at the frightened black water cranes with some reluctance, and jumped into the colorful passage directly.

This multicolored passage is not long, and the end can be seen with the naked eye. At the end of the passage, it seems to be another time and space. Inside the black palaces stand, these palaces are not high, as if they are small bunkers.

Just when Zhao Yuande saw Zhengde halfway and wanted to keep up with him, he suddenly saw Zhengde not knowing what had been blocked by his waist.

Zhao Yuande's eyes opened and found that the thing was just a black ray of thick and thin hair. This ray of light seemed to have identified Zhengde, shuttled back and forth on him, and cut him into countless pieces in the blink of an eye.


Zhengde's body shattered, and suddenly a black light disappeared, and Zhengde appeared quietly in the passage not far away.

I saw that Zhengde's face was pale, and he had a broken death order in his hand.