Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Chongyang Palace? Blood Cloud Palace?

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"Damn! I didn't find any cracks in this time. If the kid was there, let him fight, I wouldn't waste a death order!" Zheng De gritted his teeth and took another piece of death order. In his hands, his face was so dreadful.

"Well, you are a virtue, even want me to play the front line, let me explore the way for you, I remember you!" Zhao Yuande heard his words, his face twitched, and he was angry for the first time.

Zhengde continued to go on the road, but this time he was a lot more careful. The passage of hundreds of meters long, he moved forward step by step, fearing that the matter just now would repeat the same mistakes.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande was curiously staring at the thin black hair, and suddenly he had a whimsy. If he could take this black light for his own use, it would definitely be another big killer.

If this guy is placed in the night, it is almost difficult to find, and its breath is very weak, almost impossible to feel, as long as the sacrifice is made, the opponent will be harvested and silent.

However, how to charge this made Zhao Yuande feel a little worried in his heart. He didn't know if the eternal tower could block the sharpness of this bright light.


While Zhao Yuande was racking his brain, Zhengde in front of him suddenly heard another miserable cry, between which one of his legs flew up and another black light flashed by.

"Stop it for me!" Zhengde's broken copper furnace in the palm of his hand waved the black light that followed the shadow.

"If the broken copper furnace is okay, the Eternal Tower is even more problem-free!" Zhao Yuande was immediately excited, but he didn't act immediately. This guy, Zhengde, was more refined than the monkey. Don't let him see the flaw.

Zhengde was fighting the black light at this time. The black light seemed to be attracted by Zhengde and kept rushing towards him. Zhengde's hand broke the copper furnace and blew the black light again and again.

In the fierce battle, he snatched back his cut leg and took it while the blood was still dry.

According to his powerful body, it is not impossible to regenerate a leg with infinite blood. It is now easier to directly connect the broken leg back, but the broken leg will be free to move again in an instant.

Zhengde speeded up and fled towards the end of the passage.

Although the black light is very sharp, but it has no wisdom. The repeated blows by the broken copper furnace, and the speed of Zhengde suddenly accelerated. The mysterious induction suddenly became weak, and began to float in this channel again. Swing around.

Zhengde looked back deeply at this passage, and there was deep unwillingness in his eyes. Then he turned towards the palace group without looking back.

"Now there are two black rays. If I put them all together, Zhengde would definitely find it back when he came back... whatever he did, let me talk!" Zhao Yuande showed his figure close to the first black rays.

The black light touched Zhao Yuande, and he seemed to be suddenly excited towards him.

Zhao Yuande didn't panic, just stood there quietly.

When the black light rushed in front of Zhao Yuande, a black hole suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Yuande. The black light rushed into the space without stopping the car.

This space is the space specially prepared by Zhao Yuande for the black light!

As soon as the black light entered the space, Zhao Yuande closed the space in an instant. The black light was trapped in the space as if angry, and began to cut constantly around.

But what level of spiritual treasure is the Aion, even the terrible baby such as the Vajra Bracelet cant lose a trace of it. Although this black light is very concealed and very sharp, it still has a little temper to the Aion, and soon It calmed down and swam around in this space.

Zhao Yuande was overjoyed, as he did, he captured another black light and sent it to another space.

All this did not waste too much time. Zhao Yuande quickly followed this channel to pursue Zhengde.

When Zhao Yuande left this space channel, a crack was cracked in the wall of the channel, and another black light was drilled out of it, followed by the second, third, fourth...

Before Zhao Yuande chased into the mysterious palace, he saw Zhengde wandering in front of a palace.

He opened his eyes and saw a black stone monument in front of Zhengde, with three words carved on it, Chongyang Palace!

Chongyang Palace?

Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled by the name. Isn't this the Taoist ancestral court in ancient legends? Why does it appear in hell?

The ancient Daoism thrived in the world, and the Chongyang Palace came into being. The bishop Wang Chongyang is known as the true ancestor of Taoism. Each of the seven disciples under the seat was established to deter the party.

Unfortunately, I dont know why. Taoism declined overnight. Wang Chongyang and his seven younger brothers disappeared in the Ten Thousand Realms. Their legends do not appear in the Ten Thousand Realms.

And what does it mean that the Chongyang Palace appears here? Did the true ancestor Chongyang die here? Who built the Chongyang Palace for him?

"No, there is only one chance to choose. I must not be reckless!" Zhengde wandered in front of the stone monument of the Chongyang Palace for a while, shook his head, and walked to another palace.

This palace is slightly larger than the Chongyang Palace, and three words are engraved on the stone tablet in front, Blood Cloud Palace!

Zhao Yuande is not very familiar with the three words of Blood Cloud Palace, but he can feel a very regular thumping sound emanating from that palace, as if there is a fresh heart beating in the palace This sound resonated with the blood in his body.

Zhao Yuande has a very strange feeling, as if his voice disappeared, his heart would lose vitality accordingly!

"The inheritance of Blood Cloud Ancestor is too strange to be suitable for me!"

Zhengde held his chess in front of the Blood Cloud Palace, but finally shook his head in the other direction.

This is a magnificent palace. On the stone monument in front of the palace, there are three characters written in the dragon and phoenix dance, Zulongting!

Seeing these three words, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but change his face, the real dragon fell, did the ancestral dragon also die?

A powerful dragon came from this palace. Even though it was far away, Zhao Yuande felt a terrible sense of oppression.

The previous Daoist ancestral court Chongyang Palace did not have this terrifying coercion. This may be related to the teachings of Taoism. Daoism pays attention to quietness and inaction.

If Long Qingtian knew there was such a place here, he would be crazy!

Zhengde hesitated for a while, and finally seemed to have made a decision, walking towards the gate of Zulong Ting.

The gate of Zulong Ting was tightly closed, with a golden seal on it, with mysterious text depicted on it, which seemed to be Sanskrit or divine!

But just when Zhengde wanted to break open the Zulong Court, Suddenly the Zulong Court in front of Zhengde was violently shaken, and a huge mouth was torn apart in the void above Zulong Court, a big clock from the broken void Fly out.