Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 584

Chapter 584: Magic Pen

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"It's you? Long Qingtian!" Zhengde's face changed, his body hurried back, and he looked at the man who came out of the big clock with some fear.

"Why isn't it me, do you think the news of my dragon clan is so blocked?" Long Qingtian looked at Zhengde. When he looked around, he didn't find Zhao Yuande's figure. He couldn't help but wonder, "Brother Zhao is not coming with you?" ?Why is he not here?"

"Huh! Zhao Yuande is greedy for fear of death and fear of danger, so he will go first!" Zhengde glanced at Zulong Ting and retreated slowly. "As for Zulong Ting, I will let you go. I will go to other places to choose ."

"Brother Zhao is not that kind of person! Could you have killed him!" Long Qingtian's eyes suddenly became fierce, and a murderous intention came out of his body.

"Humph! Do I have that ability? He is more powerful than the three of us combined. If you don't believe me, you can make an oath of heaven!" Zhengde didn't want to provoke this guy at this time. This opportunity is very rare, not here. The benefits are simply huge waste.

"In this case, then you go!" Long Qingtian knew that since the other party dared to make an oath of heaven, this matter could never be false. He came here to get the ancestral dragon inheritance. If it is delayed, the dragon family may wait. For a hundred years.

Long Qingtian took out a golden rune paper. The text on the rune paper and the text on the seal came from the same era at first glance. He pressed the rune paper lightly on the seal, and suddenly a dazzling light flashed into the sky. From then on, the seal slowly melted, and the door of the hall opened creaky.

Long Qingtian glanced at Zhengde not far away, strode into the ancestral dragon's courtyard, the gate slowly closed as Long Qingtian entered the second.

Zhengde glanced at Zulong Ting a little unwillingly, and after a sigh, he slowly walked to other palaces.

"That golden rune paper is the key, probably the key to unlocking these halls. Am I going to stun Zheng De this guy and **** it over?" Zhao Yuande calculated, his face gradually showing a determined color, "This guy has a bad mind, and I don't want to have any intersection with him in the future, it would be better to just do it twice..."

Zhao Yuande can imagine that if he stuns him again this time, Zhengde might be mad at spitting blood!

Zhengde continued to wander among many palaces. After many hesitations, he finally came to a magnificent palace. The text on the stele was Biyou Palace.

Biyou Palace?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little shocked. The name reminded him of a terrifying and terrifying figure, Tongtian.

The era of this great man was earlier than the Taoist ancestral court, and it was probably a congenital **** born when heaven and earth first opened.

This Tongtian priest has four swords, immortals, killing immortals, trapping immortals, immortal immortals.

The name of the four-handed fairy sword is a little bigger than that of the Tongtian priest. The tongtian leader is relying on these four-handed fairy sword to cross the world, and there are few opponents.

He didn't know why he became enlightened. After he became enlightened, he opened a court in Biyou Palace and recruited the world. As long as he is sincerely a teacher, he has no teaching, so the disciples, beasts, humans, aliens, and even demons.

It is precisely this that has caused a lot of trouble and made other forces at that time afraid of it.

Because it is too far away from that era, there is no text that can be verified, and no one knows where to go in the end.

But I didn't expect Biyou Palace to appear here. Will the inheritance of heaven be hidden in this palace? Will his four fairy swords be among them? Zhao Yuande's heart must be out of his throat at this time. He feels that if Zheng De wants to go in now, he must pat him on the ground.

Zhengde really took out a golden rune, exactly the same as Long Qingtian's golden rune.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had come to a place not far behind Zhengde and was preparing to flip it at the last moment.


But at this time, suddenly a loud shout came from a distance, and a figure flew by, and also came to the Biyou Palace.

When the figure flew close, I realized that this is not a human, but a big man with a dragon horn on his head and a long tail behind him. This big man is a bit sloppy, but his eyes reveal a fierce and violent man. breath.

"The real turtle, the realm of the sixfold heavenly realm, the spiritual turtle is an adult, and the body contains chaotic real blood..."

This person's strength is strong, and the blood in his body is extremely vast. Zhao Yuande is thicker than him. Even Zhao Yuande is a little daunted to see this person, let alone the always cautious virtue.

"This is the legacy of my ancestors, please leave!"

Gui Ling lively glanced at Zhengde coldly. He didn't know when there was an extra large seal in his hand. The large seal was very dark, and there was a power that made people feel the turmoil of the soul.

"Who is your ancestor?" Zhengde looked at Biyou Palace with some unwillingness. "How can you prove it."

"No need to prove, if you don't accept us to come to the last game, if you win the Biyou Palace, it's you and I choose another place. If you lose, you will get out of my way!" Dahan is fierce and seems fearless.

Zhengde glanced at Fang Dayin in the other person's hand, and he felt a fear in his heart. He could not guarantee that he could defeat the other party. There were hundreds of palaces here, so he turned around and walked away without any hesitation. .

"Humph! What a waste!" Turtle spirit glanced away at Zhengde with a disdain, and strode meteor forward to open the seal and entered the Biyou Palace.

"This guy is really cautious, and can also be said to be weak and incompetent. He was frightened by people's words and words!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look down on Zhengde, knowing that the practitioners go against the sky, and the practice is against the sky. What he did was against the way of heaven, but he was rebellious. This kind of person, this kind of heart, is harder to promote to the realm of God Emperor!

Zheng De continued to move forward with anger, and then stood still in front of a tall palace.

Standing in front of the stele and looking at the words on the stele, Zhengde couldn't help showing a happy face.

"Hey! Luck, luck!" Zhengde was inexplicably excited. "If it weren't for the two guys, I almost missed this great opportunity!"

After Zhao Yuande saw the words on the stone tablet clearly, his face also showed excitement.

"Hou Tu Gong? This is the palace of the ancient **** Wa Wa. Is there a Wa heritage here?"

Wa Yuandes name was first learned from the stone mans horn he was rescued by. He went back to look up the classics and finally got some words.

At that time, Wa could make up for mankind, and human beings might be Wa's children, able to create a group. This existence is at least a creation-level congenital demon.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but clenched the chaotic skymark in his hand, as long as Zhengde took out the golden rune paper, he would flip it over.

He was unwilling to wait for Zhengde to open the seal. He was afraid that if that were the case, he might be sloppy. There might be restrictions here.

"Wa! Mother of human beings, our common ancestors. Today I get your inheritance will definitely make humans stand on the top of the heavens and the worlds, please do it for you!" Zhengde's nagging worshipped in front of Hou Tu Palace , And then cherished a golden rune paper from the inner world.

After taking out the rune paper, Zhengde glanced around uncomfortably, and finally found no movement, which slowly walked towards the gate of Houtu Palace.

Just when Zhengde was about to reach out and press the golden rune on the seal, he suddenly felt a crisis coming, followed by a breeze behind his ears, and an unforeseen sign suddenly enveloped him, and he couldn't help but change his face.

Why is this scene so familiar? At this moment, Zhengde suddenly had this thought in his mind.

He wanted to dodge, but it was too late at this time.

Zhao Yuande is already familiar with shooting the back of the head with Chaotianyin, especially the back of Zhengde, which gives him a feeling of temptation at first glance. His shot is really unsolvable for Zhengde, and it is simply a stroke of magic.