Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 585

Chapter 585: Call From The Sarcophagus

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"Zhao Yuande..." Zhengde shouted. At this moment, he wanted to shatter the golden rune, so that Zhao Yuande could not get the inheritance.

Unfortunately, just when he was born with this idea, Chao Tianyin was already slammed on the back of his head. A powerful soul-suppressing force calmed the spirit of Zhengde, making him become muddled at this moment.

Then the golden rune paper in his hand reached Zhao Yuande's hand.

Zhao Yuande raised his arm and continued to use chaos to stamp on Zhengde's head for a dozen times, but this time it stopped.

"Hey! Sorry! Brother Zhengde, you really disappointed me, otherwise I would have done such a thing." Zhao Yuande apologized to Zhengde, who was lying on the ground like a dead dog, sincerely, " Brother Zhengde, for your safety, I will throw you into a dark corner! You lie here for a while, it is estimated that if you wake up, if you are fast, you should be able to escape the gate of hell! As for your baby, you 'S heritage, hey, it's mine!"

Zhao Yuande touched Zhengde for a while, stripping him up and down, and looting him again.

Zhao Yuande can actually choose to kill Zhengde, but the other party hasn't had time to do anything that is not good for him, and the two of them have been together for a while.

As for Zhengde's inner world, he has no time to explore, because now a half day has passed, and I don't know how much time it takes to accept the inheritance!

Now he suddenly understood why so many disciples of powerful forces tried so much to test the Bajing Palace. They turned out to be able to enter the hell, and there is such a mysterious place in hell!

"Here it is, this guy from Zhengde is still more discerning. Wa's inheritance makes me feel a little bit moved!" Zhao Yuande smiled. He felt that if he could get a powerful method in this Hou Tu Palace, he would definitely treat himself. Future practice will be of great help.

Just when Zhao Yuande wanted to use gold rune paper to unravel the seal, suddenly a non-existent voice rang in his ears.

"Come...come...come here..."

Zhao Yuande raised his head suspiciously and looked in one direction. There was a palace there, but the scale was very small, almost the smallest in this palace group.

"Why is there a voice coming from the palace? Is there still a living person in the palace?" Zhao Yuande was shocked. The names of these palaces could shock the world, and it seems that they are all inherited from ancient times. Undead will definitely be like the owner of Bajing Palace.

"Come on"

The voice was getting lower and lower, and finally Zhao Yuande could hardly hear it.

"Let's go and see!" Zhao Yuande was driven by curiosity and walked towards the small palace.

The more he walked into this small palace, the more Zhao Yuande felt a sense of familiarity, a kind of kindness originating from the blood and the spirit of the gods, which made him feel an urge to enter the palace.

He resisted the curiosity and impulse in his heart, and walked to the stele to read the words above, Chaos Holy Palace!

"Where is this? Why did I feel sour as soon as I saw the name, and my tears couldn't stop wanting to fall! Chaos Holy Palace, is there any connection between Chaos Holy Body? The name is not worse than other palaces, or even stronger, but why is this group of palaces so small?" Zhao Yuande muttered to himself, tears all over his face unconsciously.

"Where is this?" Suddenly a woman's voice rang from Zhao Yuande's mind, turned out to be the chaotic holy body Su Qin'er who claimed to be Zhao Yuande's ancestor. She didn't know why she woke up, and her breath was full of shock and excitement.

"This is hell!" Zhao Yuande's emotions were still not calmed at this time, and he whispered.

"Hell...Palace group...Inheritance..." Su Qin'er's voice was full of shock. "Could it be that the legend is true? In **** there is a tomb of the gods, and my ancestor of the Chaos Eucharist Long buried here! Could it be the graves of the gods? Why did you get into **** and you came here... I know, you must have participated in the trial of the Bajing Palace, this is the only way, Only the masters of Bajing Palace have the ability to get through **** and the world!"

"Do you have a charm to unblock it?" Su Qin'er's voice gradually calmed down, and he thought of this key issue.

"Yes! Just got it!" Zhao Yuande raised the golden rune in Yang's hand.

"Go in, go in right now, maybe you can find the answer, maybe you will embark on a road to heaven!" Su Qin'er's voice was a little low, "Unfortunately, unfortunately I have lost my body, only a residual soul is left, unfortunately ah !"

Zhao Yuande doesnt hesitate any more, although Was inheritance is good, Zulongs inheritance is good, but it may not be suitable for Zhao Yuande. Its his chance to get here. Careful arrangement of bit presence.

But these are not important, the most important thing is suitable, the best is the best!

The seal opened, and Zhao Yuande walked forward into the palace.

The palace was dim, not as magnificent as Zhao Yuande imagined, only a huge sarcophagus lay quietly in the center of the hall.

"There is only one sarcophagus!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a kind of sadness, and such a powerful existence finally slept in such a humble place, even no one worshipped.

He walked toward the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus was carved very simply, without trimming, but the stone was very special.

"Chaotic stone mother, born in endless chaos, unbreakable..."

"This is in line with his identity. Zhao Yuande nodded slowly. It is already very simple to be able to use this chaotic stone mother to carve a coffin. I am afraid that even an ordinary congenital demon cannot be in this chaos. There was a trace on the stone mother." Zhao Yuande stepped forward and gently stroked the sarcophagus.

He felt an unusual intimacy in the sarcophagus, a voice was calling him gently, with anxiety, excitement, and a kind of joy to taste in the voice.

"Open it! There might be something unexpected." Su Qin'er's voice was quiet, but it was still difficult to conceal a trace of regret.

Zhao Yuande did not hesitate, he gently pushed the corner of the coffin lid open.

Inside the sarcophagus lies a womans body. This womans unbelievable beauty looks as if it is the most perfect masterpiece in heaven. It makes people feel ashamed when they see her face, even if the state of mind is calm like Zhao Yuande. At this moment Can't help but stunned.