Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 586

Chapter 586: Chaos Eucharist Disappeared

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"It's so beautiful! It's ten times more beautiful than I was...not a hundred times!" Su Qin'er's voice was shocked in mystery. "Is this our ancestor, the powerful existence that came out of the depths of chaos, she It turned out to be a woman."

"She was able to intimidate the heavens, overwhelm all the worlds, and cross the could such a powerful existence fall? Why would the bloodline she left behind be sealed? What happened to the gods in the past? "Zhao Yuande wondered, but no one answered him, making him depressed.

"I dont know. I was in a terrible disaster in the realm of life. If I didnt get the help of an ancient god, I would have died in the disaster! After I grew up, I was often attacked by an inexplicable and powerful presence. He committed a monstrous sin, was annihilated by the ancient god, and the dementors were suppressed on that small planet. I dont hate the ancient god. I deserve my sins, but I hate those who secretly count me. Being everywhere, powerful, as if...related to the Pantheon!" Su Qin'er told his secret to Zhao Yuande, let him remember carefully.

"Is the Pantheon? Is the black hand behind the scenes the Pantheon?" Zhao Yuande murmured the name silently, with a killing intention in his eyes.


Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt a violent shaking in the palace, and there seemed to be a fierce battle outside.

"Don't be distracted, the ancestor summoned you must have something to pass to you, I will guard it for you outside!" Su Qin'er flew out of Zhao Yuande's soul and quietly guarded behind the gate.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly pushed the sarcophagus completely away, but I saw a **** bead floating on the chest of the woman. This bead seemed to contain a force that made Zhao Yuande very close, and there was a kind of blood source contact.

The bead seemed to sense Zhao Yuande's existence, and he burst out of the sarcophagus and rushed directly into Zhao Yuande's blood of Dantian.

This bead seemed to have its own consciousness, and it turned around in the blood sea of Dantian for a week. It seemed that he suddenly felt something and rushed directly into the blood sea.

"Huh? Actually..." Zhao Yuande smiled on his face.

A small tree protruded its head from the sea of blood, and it seemed to have been supported by some kind of power, and it began to grow rapidly, but in a short moment the small tree had grown into a towering tree, and It is still expanding and growing.

This is exactly the undead tree that Zhao Yuande got from the god's ruins. Since getting the undead tree, Zhao Yuande has no time to realize the mystery of this undead tree. At this time, the undead tree grows wildly, and it must have gained the power of the bead Or related to that bead.

Where is that bead? Zhao Yuande suddenly found that the trace of the bead had disappeared, as if disappearing out of thin air.

The beads are gone, and the undead tree is growing wildly. Could it be that the undead tree has absorbed the power of the beads... Zhao Yuande suddenly found that the growing trend of the undead tree in the blood sea is really scary, but in just a few breathing time, he is known as endless The sea of blood was overgrown by this undead tree.

Each leaf seems to be formed by condensing blood jade, perfect and flawless, let people feel a strong qi and blood transmitted through it.

And the blood in his blood is constantly decreasing, and then decreasing, and finally saw the bottom of the blood.

A thick, undead tree rooted in the bottom of the blood sea, constantly absorbing those sperm blood, and then turning the sperm blood into nutrients to continuously moisturize the undead tree.

In the end, there was only a little bit of essential blood left in the blood sea, and the bottom of the blood sea was not covered.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had a very weak feeling, as if his body was overdrawn, as if he were an old man with a wind and candle.

"This... what the **** is going on?" Zhao Yuande was also shocked when he was puzzled. This is the first generation of Chaos Eucharist. She shouldn't hurt me. There must be something she didn't understand. .

"You... how can your breath be so weak, why did your chaotic body disappear?" Su Qin'er, who was at the gate, looked at him suddenly and shocked.

"Has the chaotic sacred body gone?" Zhao Yuande looked strange, carefully sensing that the chaotic sacred body no longer existed in his body. He is now an ordinary cultivator, and even his blood is somewhat vague.

"I understand! Really understand, haha! I know how to get through the field disaster!" Zhao Yuande laughed suddenly, he didn't expect there was such a way.

He carefully sensed the undead tree and found that its branches and leaves had grown out of the sea of blood, and a small branch of a smile even entered his limbs and corpses, into his visceral bones, and became indispensable in his body. a part of.

A powerful unimaginable aura of wood attribute swayed in his body, like a vast ocean, the aura of wood attribute was surging, the rules of wood were instantly understood by her, and at the same time a powerful life wave rippling around his body , Formed the prototype of a realm of life!

"At this moment, I realized the rules of wood and the rules of life..." Zhao Yuande was overjoyed. In this way, his sense of wood fist will soon be enlightened, and the combination of eight kinds of fists will not know what kind of terrible things will happen. Variety?

The eight fisted nodules do not have to combine it into a roulette this time, let it change freely, determine its own shape, and maybe bring a big surprise to itself.

Zhao Yuande began to calculate carefully. In this way, the hope of promotion in the field can almost reach 70% or 80%. If I can get Ziqi East again, I am afraid it can be promoted to 90%!

Zhao Yuande was suddenly bright, and at that time his heart was completely put down. He already had some hidden expectations in his heart. Hurry up to the realm of the field. His cultivation practice soared all the way, becoming an ancestor, and crossing the heavens and the world. Explore the endless fairyland...

Was that bead really absorbed by the undead tree? How can I restore my Chaos Eucharist now? After the excitement and excitement, Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered this question,

Just when he was thinking about this problem in his heart, the undead tree in his body suddenly collapsed and unraveled, and instantly turned into an infinite sea of blood. A blood red bead slowly appeared in the blood sea, and the undead The tree regained its original size.

"This..." Zhao Yuande's eyes were almost straight. He seemed to have changed himself just now. The power of the wood attribute was surging like the sea. Even a powerful person in the Emperor Realm did not have such surging spiritual power. Hidden now!