Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 587

Chapter 587: Run Fast

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The death order in his hand made a cracking sound, and the time seemed to return to the moment when Zhao Yuande stood again alive at the place where he had just entered the passage.

"This..." Zhao Yuande hurriedly took another replacement order and held it in his hand. His eyes sparkled with light and whispered softly, "This is the power of time. Time goes back to the last moment...I understand! "

He rushed over again this time, rushing in the same direction without any defense.

"Brush!" His head was cut into pieces again, and the dead couldn't die anymore.

But at the moment of his death, he felt that the piece of death in his hand sent a murky light to wrap him up. Looking back at the next moment, he stood on the spot again.

"Curious and wonderful induction, able to wander between life and death three times without fear of life. This is definitely an experience that has never been seen before. It has a little inspiration for the realization of the power of time, but the most important thing is to let me live and die here. I felt a lot of things I couldn't feel before," Zhao Yuande said, taking out the last piece of death order. "This piece can't be wasted here. Make sure I can get out of the gate of **** safely."

Now that he knew that there was black light in the channel, Zhao Yuande started the plan to collect these black lights again. It took a little time to capture nine black lights in this channel.

In addition to the previous three, he now has twelve black rays. At first, these twelve rays were trapped separately, but in the end he felt that this was too much trouble, and he simply put all these black rays together.

But I didn't expect the twelve rays of light, as if they had gathered a certain amount together and attracted each other. The twelve black rays of light even connected one after the other, forming a long black light.

The black light lingers in the space, attacking the surrounding space from time to time, pulling out a crack in the space of the Eternal Tower!

The spirit of the Eternal Tower is still asleep, if Zhao Yuande didn't find out in time, this black light would be successfully jailbroken.

Zhao Yuande returned along the same way, carefully passed through the difficult obstacles with the pass mirror, and finally returned to the Nether Lake.

When he arrived here, he gradually let down his mind. There was no evil beast and evil spirit of **** here to find trouble, and his cultivation behavior was not afraid of other cultivators. He was here to practice cross-legged and wait quietly under the gate of hell. The time to open at one time.

One day passed quickly, and Zhao Yuande also sobered up from his cultivation.

Although some cultivators passed by him during this period, they could not find Zhao Yuande under the Tongyou mirror, so he quietly practiced for some time.

Zhao Yuande tried to combine the time of gold, wood, fire, earth, thunder and thunder, and eight kinds of boxing, but each time he failed in the early stage. Either he did not have a good time, or he had a chain reaction at the end of the mixing stage, or It was his insufficient supply of spiritual power.

However, when he gave up his time punch, the seven punches were easily merged together to form a bright semicircle. The seven colors of the semicircle seemed to be a rainbow after the rain, but it was more than the rainbow. Bright and bright.

Zhao Yuande just named it simply called Rainbow Boxing!

This led him to a conclusion that his current state can only allow seven kinds of punches to be united at most. He didn't have to reluctantly simply stop practicing, and began to meditate to realize the black light in the eternal tower.

Zhao Yuande feels that this light should belong to the power of space, which is also mixed with the power of yin and yang. It is very mysterious. If you can easily control the black light of the road, you can be surprised during the battle, and this black light has no terrorist atmosphere, even no. A sharp breath, the most suitable for sneak attacks, even his powerful body can not resist the cutting of this black light, its power is no less than the powerful innate spirit treasure.

But could the power of space be able to understand clearly in a moment and a half, and he didn't nod at all until the time came, and finally he could only shake his head helplessly.

Walking out of the lake and back into the misty space, a strong sense of depression came to my mind.

But soon a huge door of space was slowly revealed in the space, but it seemed that it was not time, and the door of the space was closed tightly.

At this time, groups of cultivators returned from all directions. They also saw the appearance of the door of space, and their faces all showed a relaxed smile.

Zhao Yuande swept among the people here, saw Long Qingtian hurriedly came, saw Master Xia, saw the real turtle, and saw many familiar faces.

He sat and looked and found that there was no trace of Zhengde. He couldn't help smiling. This guy might not be awake now.

"Hey! Brother Zhao." Long Qingtian saw Zhao Yuande appearing, and suddenly there was a trace of joy on his face.

"I don't know how Brother Long has gained this time?" Zhao Yuande looked at Long Qingtian to see how he answered.

"It has been very fruitful, and I have recovered the inheritance of my dragon clan in hell, but because the time is too short, I have not yet realized it." Long Qingtian regretted, "I have seen Zhengde, I heard him say you He did not explore with him. He also said that you are a bit greedy and afraid of death."

"Brother Long, facts speak louder than words. Its not that Im greedy for life and fear of death, but that he treats me like a monkey. He didnt tell me. Its obvious that he didnt trust me at all and wanted to use me as a pathfinder. I naturally would not help him unclearly, so I had no choice but to let go!" Zhao Yuande said slowly, his face showing an angry look.

"It turned out that this was true. I originally thought he was treacherous. When we first met, he took advantage of me to steal my death order. If it wasnt for someone who stopped me, I would have captured him long ago, but later because of us They are all cultivators in the world, so I gradually forgot the previous things. I didn't expect him to be... hey!" Long Qingtian said of Zhengde, and there were more words for no reason.

"Did you see He Xianzi, he hasn't returned yet." Zhao Yuande glanced around, and no figure of He Yanxin appeared, he couldn't help but get anxious.

"Relax! Although this woman He Yanxin doesn't like to talk, she hides deeply. She should be fine, I think she is just..."

Long Qingtian hadn't finished his words, and suddenly there was a rumbling noise from a distance.

When everyone looked in the same direction, they only saw a figure dressed in white, and the speed of coming was really shocking in this kind of environment where people were suppressed and cultivated.

"That's... He Xianzi!" Zhao Yuande's eyes widened, and he looked clearly at the man's appearance, exactly what He Yanxin they just discussed.

He didn't believe Long Qingtian's words, and felt that he was exaggerating. He didn't expect to be dumbfounded at first glance. Even if he can't reach this speed!


He Yanxin's speed has already exceeded the limit. He came to Zhao Yuande and Long Qingtian like electro-optic, grabbed the two one by one, and rushed into the distance like electro-optical flint.