Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Synonymous With Bad Guys

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"What happened?" Zhao Yuande and Long Qingtian didn't react, so they were dragged and ran out for dozens of miles. Zhao Yuande turned around and looked back, "then... that is... He Xianzi" Have you stabbed Li Guihu?"

Zhao Yuande saw a black rush coming from behind, like a black cloud sweeping across the earth, and a closer look turned out to be a fierce ghost.


These roars of severe ghosts were passed to Zhao Yuande's ears at this time, and their eardrums throbbed for a while.

"Sorry!" He Yanxin replied a little timidly, "I saw a ghost flower just now, I think...the result is like this!"

"Hey! Nether Flower, that is the Holy Flower of Hell worshipping, don't you dare to pick it up, didn't the Wantong Chamber of Commerce tell you?" , Otherwise we can't live!"

"Ah!" The horrible group of fierce ghosts are extremely fast, and several cultivators who have not had time to escape are torn apart by a group of fierce ghosts.

"But... the ghost flower is very valuable!" He Yanxin took out a jade box, a little bit reluctant.

"Is it higher than all of us' lives?" Zhao Yuande was almost mad at her, grabbed the jade box directly, and threw it directly into the air, "Flee in other directions!"

He Yanxin heard and hurriedly fled in the other direction.

After tearing some cultivators, the horrible fiendish ghost finally found the jade box.

They opened the jade box respectfully and bowed to the light blue nether flower in the box.

"My mother, let's go back quickly!" Zhao Yuande saw this scene, and then they breathed a sigh of relief. "Hey, He Xianzi put us down! It's really uncomfortable to be carried by you like this!"

"Yeah!" Long Qingtian's face was even more unsightly. As a descendant of the true dragon, he was even put in the hands of a woman. If it spreads, he must not be laughed at.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He Yanxin blushed before thinking of putting the two down.

They dashed all the way back to the door of the space, but they saw that the door had been opened at this time, and many people had rushed into the door.

"It won't be too late! If it's too late, we will be killed injustice!" Zhao Yuande and the three rushed into the space gate.

When they came out of the gate of the space, they looked down at a heart around them, and then let go. There were only thirty or fifty people standing around them, far from the number of two hundred.

Zhao Yuande took a breath.

Zhengde this guy should wake up now, what will happen after he wakes up? Could it keep up with the closing of the space gate?

Zhao Yuande was looking forward to Zhengde's performance at this time!

At this time, Zhengde, as Zhao Yuande thought, opened his eyes slowly in a dark corner.

"Ah! It hurts!" Zhengde touched the back of his head and wobbled out of the dark corner. He hadn't responded yet, and only felt a headache.

Suddenly, the gate in the palace not far away opened, and the two almost identical Hans came out of the palace. They laughed when they saw Zhengde.

"Haha! Look at that guy, he's bare ass, he won't be a fool!"

"Have you ever seen a fool who can enter hell? I have seen him. He is also a member of the trial. You see that he is confused and his eyes are blind. He was probably beaten by a sap and knocked out. I haven't recovered my soul yet!"

"Who is so kind, he didn't kill him?"

"People probably want to read his jokes..."

"Let's go! Looking at his eyes, it's almost like eating people. I'm afraid the door to space has already been opened. Although we don't plan to go to the Bajing Palace, we can't be the last one to go out. Go, go!


The two laughed and flew away.

Hearing the arguments of the two men, Zhengde's eyes suddenly turned red, and he remembered what had happened.

"Ah! Zhao Yuande... again and again! I'm going to kill you..." Zhengde was crazy, a face was angry with purple, and white smoke rose from the top of his head.

He jumped up and down, and even without clothes, he started running around the palaces of all sizes.

"I...Zhao Yuande...I am incompatible with you!"

"I want to catch you, eat your meat and drink your blood..."

"I'm going to strip you and bind you to the head of Wanjie City, so that the whole Wanjie will know you..."

"I need to"

Zhengde didn't know how many laps ran around these palaces, how many words he cursed Zhao Yuande, and how many ways he had come up with to torture Zhao Yuande, and then he slowly stopped.

This stopped, he suddenly felt a cold body, and then found that he did not stay dry, only wearing a pair of pants.

"My baby... mine... Ah! I'm going to kill you, Zhao Yuande...Zhao Yuande!"

Zheng De hysteria snarled a few times, and then he gradually eased his breath. He took out a suit from the inner world and put it on.

"I was confused by this **** thing, and I would be trapped in **** if I didn't go out!" Zheng Deqiang rallied and galloped back along the same path.

I don't know if all his bad luck has been used up, or he started to transfer. Zhengde was unblocked all the way, and he didn't encounter a little danger.

When he returned to the front door of the space, the door was slowly closing. Several people who came late like him took advantage of this opportunity to rush into the door of the space before he went out of hell.

"When the time is up, the first two hundred people are qualified to continue the trial, and the rest of you will be returned to your own world!"

Zhao Yuande they only felt that a white light was falling in the sky, a force of space was constantly rippling around, and two hundred of them were to be transported out of here.

"Zhao Yuande... I'm going to kill you!" Zhengde saw Zhao Yuande looking east and west as soon as he exited the space gate, and suddenly rushed toward Zhao Yuande.


A white light swept away, and Zhengde was swept away directly. The bones of the whole body made a clicking sound. A blood arrow was sprayed in the air. A pair of eyes were still staring at Zhao Yuande, and the bitter eyes were eye-catching. I couldn't help feeling cold.

"Zhao Yuande, you snatched my chance and hid my treasure... I won't let you go!" Zhengde continued to growl while lying on the ground.

Zhao Yuande couldnt help covering his mouth and chuckled when he saw Zhengde. He had some regrets. Shouldnt he be merciful, leaving this guy unwise!

Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but feel a little contempt.

Zhao Yuande's four people were eye-catching, and the limelight was very good, so many people remembered their combination.

Without knowing the cause and effect of the matter, they only saw the surface and determined Zhao Yuande's evil deeds. He even started to deal with his companions, thinking of evil and inhumane.

In the future, if you want to stay away from him, this kind of person should be remembered. Many people remember Zhao Yuande's appearance and pass his great deeds back to the big world where they are, so that Zhao Yuande can instantly change in the world. It became synonymous with bad guys.