Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 589

Chapter 589: Zhang Ling

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"Brother Zhao, what the **** did you do to him? Why did he hate you so much?" Long Qingtian looked at Zheng Dehyster and asked a little curiously.

Even He Yanxin cast a curious look at this time. She didn't know the beginning and end of the matter, so she was more curious in nature.

"After I was separated from him, I kept quietly following him, trying to see what he wanted to do, and then following him and revealing the stuffing, I said I wanted to use me as a pathfinder , As a result, I stunned him as soon as I got angry, and accidentally took away his rune paper..."

"Uh..." Long Qingtian was speechless. Did he know that Zhengde was unlucky? Or did Zhao Yuande go too far?

"Actually, what you did is right. As a friend, he hurts your heart first. If I do the same, it's fair." He Yanxin's idea was the same as Zhao Yuande's, and he rarely published himself. 'S opinion, "You should actually kill him to prevent future trouble!"

"It's not so good!" Zhao Yuande always felt that he couldn't do anything.

"Now that he has confirmed that he wants to harm you, this is not bad, weed out the roots!" He Yanxin didn't speak, so the two people were shocked by her fierceness and determination.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande admitted that the other party said very well, but he said again, "But he eventually confronted the enemy with us and had a life and death experience."

"I saw this person at first glance and felt a bit wrong. When he looked at you, his eyes often showed a cruel light. At first I thought I was wrong. Now I think he has just started. Malicious to you! If it were me, I would never let it live easily. Now you have left a live mouth, and you have left endless trouble. You have no relatives and friends in the world of the East Emperor, you need to be careful "" He Yanxin said this, and he didn't say more.

But Zhao Yuande was full of solemnity at this time. The other party's words instantly made him feel pressure. Will this Zhengde really do that kind of thing?

They were quickly teleported to a small planet, and there was only one huge starry teleportation array on this small planet, which should be a teleportation point in the Bajing Palace.

"You, two hundred of you are now qualified for further trials, but the next trial will be more dangerous and horrible. You first determine whether you want to give up." A strong man with a gentleman appearance appeared in In front of them, this person is the strong man sitting in the town and Qiankun's gossip furnace, a personal disciple of the owner of Bajing Palace.

There is no waves in this person, there is no terrible majesty, but no fierce killing, only a wonderful sense of harmony with heaven and earth, as if this piece of heaven and earth are united with this person, if you want to defeat this person, you will break this Piece of earth.

Broken this world, I am afraid that even the world-class congenital gods and demons can't do it!

"It has reached the point of being united with Heaven and Dao anytime, anywhere. This kind of state is unpredictable. Fighting with people is inherently invincible." Zhao Yuande was secretly shocked, and the apprentice of the master of Bajing Palace was so terrible. It is unimaginable how powerful the master of Bajing Palace is.

"Senior, I don't know where to go for the next trial?" Someone saw the man's gentleness and asked questions with courage.

"The next step I will send you to the Devil Cloud Star Sea, let you fight the Demon Race!" This person looks at the distant starry sky, seems to be recalling a passage, "I was like you, but the place where I fought was the Devil Abyss... "

"The Devil Abyss..." Someone suddenly exclaimed, "Isn't that the Devil Clan's old nest in our heavens and the worlds? Senior, you... how did you survive..."

"Hey... things were fun hundreds of millions of years ago, I forgot..." The person shook his head gently, as if he didn't want to mention it, "Have you given up, if not, we will start, I will always be there to supervise you!"

No one spoke. Since these people came here, they ran to the goal of the disciples of Bajing Palace. No one would give up at all.

"Let's go! The magic cloud star sea is waiting for you." This person's finger lightly, a white light was injected into the large array, and the large array suddenly inspired a huge ripple, wrapping everyone in it, and then lost Off track.

Zhao Yuande they just felt that the starry sky was turning upside down in front of their eyes, and the time seemed to flow in front of them like flowing water, and they appeared in a huge city at the next moment.

"This is Moyun City, but it is a line of defense against the Demon Races in my heavens and the world. You are here to fight against the Demon Races with the strong men in Moyun City. The qualifications for the trial will be disqualified and will be sent back to your own world." He glanced at everyone and finally set his eyes on Zhao Yuande, nodded gently to him, a voice in Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge Echo gently, "Remember what I said to you!"

Zhao Yuande was stunned for a moment. He didn't expect this person to remember that he couldn't help but feel a good impression on him. Such a strong man can stick to his promise and remember his character as a ant in his heart. It's not easy.

"Come with me!" This person led the way and told everyone to say, "From now on, you are an ordinary soldier. Whatever your prominent identity was, it is no longer useful. No one in this city will know. Care about those, so you want to get the following qualifications, you must go all out!"

"Brother Zhang Ling, you are here in person!" In front of a huge palace, a strong man in armor greeted him from the palace, arched his hand at the person, and his face was even more respectful. .

This strong man has a terrifying breath, and everyone feels a smell of death very far away from him. Zhao Yuande felt it for the first time. This person is best at life and death.

He wanted to use the appraisal technique to see the other party's truth and reality, but the result could not be identified, and a series of question marks appeared.

Zhao Yuande suddenly understood that this person's cultivation might have far exceeded his imagination, beyond the realm of the Divine Emperor, and cultivated into immortals or gods and deities. The realm of the devil.

However, this realm of gods and demons is acquired spirits, not innate gods and demons.

Outside of Zhao Yuande, many people saw the horror of this person. Most of them looked at this person in horror.

"Brother Feng, you don't have to be rude. This is the once-in-a-year ceremony of apprenticeship. Among these people, maybe there are my brothers and sisters. I naturally have to come in person." Zhang Ling seemed to have a good impression on this person. A warm smile appeared on his face.

"That's what it is! Then I have to take good care of these little guys!" The strong armor glanced at everyone, and suddenly nodded secretly. Among these people, he felt many familiar breaths, including dragon and demon. And the Buddha... and...

The strong armor set his sights on Zhao Yuande and carefully looked at him up and down, and soon a slight difference appeared in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande immediately knew that the other party must have discovered that he was the reincarnation of the universe.