Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Eat Him Polished

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Everyone around felt the powerful momentum from this head and shrank back. They didn't want to be injured accidentally.

"I want you to kill that person!" Brother II stretched his finger to Zhao Yuande, a cold and evil smile appeared on his face.

"Humph! It's just an ordinary cult of evil spirits!" Zhao Yuande looked at the head with disdain and grinned, "This evil spirit is weak and terrible, I am afraid it is only the lowest level of existence in the abyss world!"

"Damn it! You dare to laugh at Lord Sbag! Lord Sbag is going to tear you off today!" The head jumped like a thunder, desperately tearing the three-foot-long pattern, revealing his huge body Out of the upper body.

"The greatest weakness of the evil spirits is Zhiyang Flame and Thunder! Today you met me, it was bad luck for you!" Zhao Yuande rushed forward, but the euphorbia in his hand was violently shaken, and a flame was burning, towards The abyss evil spirits burned in the past.

Before the abyss evil spirits rushed out of the totem, they were covered in flames, and they burst into wailing pain.

Zhao Yuande sneered, his body rushed, and the powerful soul turned into an invisible sharp arrow, which directly penetrated the evil spirit's head.


The evil spirit shrank like a pierced balloon, and finally turned into a slap-sized black ball, which fell into Zhao Yuande's palm.

The euphorbia in Zhao Yuande's hand crossed a dazzling brilliance and directly cut the second brother in half.

Everyone around saw that his face could not help but changed, and he killed a strong man in the midst of the blood-sea **** fetus with Zhao Yuande's cultivation in the midst of the **** sea, which differed by two big realms.

Although the other party was a little careless in preventing the abyss evil spirits, it still showed Zhao Yuande's power.

"Hey, who is this man? Why is it so powerful?" Some strong outsiders saw this scene and couldn't help but ask the people around them.

"He! It's a different number, with the most powerful waste body,'chaotic holy body'!" Some of them knew Zhao Yuande's physique against the sky and explained, "Unfortunately, it can only be invincible before the Yin and Yang unity. World!"

"It turned out to be this physique! It's a pity!" The audience around all couldn't help but shake their heads and sigh.


"You..." The disciple who had previously passed out and died, just woke up at this time, seeing the whole body trembling here that could not help but scare, he no longer had the guts to stay here and fled stumbled.

Zhao Yuande took off the storage ring of Brother II's hand injury and dived in, and then nodded in satisfaction.

Inside are the objects in the ancient Tiande Cave Mansion.

Zhao Yuande stood quietly for a while in Master's Dong Mansion, and there was a trace of nostalgia in his heart, missing the crazy crazy man who was insanely insatiable.

"I will definitely avenge your old man! I hope your old man will be able to enter the reincarnation as soon as possible. If we are destined, our mentors and disciples will meet again!" Zhao Yuande remembered some legends about reincarnation.

"Zhao Yuande! How brave you are to dare to kill your fellows, what should you do?" At this time, an angry roar came from outside the Dong Mansion. It was Yu Chilei who heard that the second disciple was killed and came to Xingshi to blame.

Zhao Yuande walked out of the cave and saw Wei Chilei a distorted face.

A killing intention shrouded Zhao Yuande, although Yu Chilei held his identity, and it was no longer the Huoyunzong of the past. In case he shot and killed each other in front of everyone, Luo Jingtian would definitely come to the door in the future.

Luo Jingtian's current identity is very sensitive, not only the deacon of the league, but also the former master of Li Rushuang. The relationship is intricate, so he has some scruples now.

"It turned out to be Lord Master!" Zhao Yuande sneered with a grin. "I don't know if the Lord Master came to Xingshi to blame, or came to **** the relics left by my Master?"

"Junior Hugh wants to talk nonsense! How can I do that kind of inferior thing!" Wei Chilei heard Zhao Yuande's words, and his face suddenly calmed down. He felt that the little devil in front of him was really difficult to deal with. He went in.

"Master is dedicated to the alliance, and even the senior officials of the alliance have praised it. Just now, there are a few thieves who did not know where they were. They wanted to **** the relics left by the master. I blamed them for killing me. In desperation, I can only kill them. Are these evil thieves my'common disciples'?" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

"You... you are full of nonsense!" Wei Chilei exasperated, scolding, "That's my second disciple, how can it be a thief! You are clearly in the middle of Hu's trouble, I will take you down to the Alliance Elder!"

"I'm so distracted?" Zhao Yuande sneered and pointed to many onlookers who still didn't leave. "The Sect Master doesn't believe it. You can ask these people. They saw the evil thief summoned the abyss evil spirits. Is the Sect Master's disciple actually a demonic cultivation?" "

When Yu Chilei heard the word Moxiu, he couldn't help but his eyelids jumped. Moxiu was hidden in the boundless waters of the South China Sea. He often collided with the powerhouses of the four domains. Although they were humans, they were disliked by the powerhouses of the four domains.

His eyes wanted to sweep away the crowd around him. Sure enough, the audience around him nodded, feeling empathy, and watching his eyes even have a slight hostility.

"Humph!" Yu Chilei knew that he couldn't help Zhao Yuande today, snorted coldly, and walked away.

However, in his mind, he was brewing a way to deal with Zhao Yuande.

When Zhao Yuande saw Wei Chilei leave, his eyes showed an undisguised murderous opportunity, and one day he would kill this guy himself to avenge his master!

The next day, before dawn, Song Zhende knocked on the gate of Zhao Yuande's cave.

"Brother Zhao, Brother Zhao!"

"Brother Song, what's the matter? What's the matter with me coming so early?" Zhao Yuande awakened from his cultivation and let Song Zhende into the cave.

"Hey! Your errand is here!" Song Zhende shook his head and sighed. "The command above said that you haven't participated in the battle and asked you to go to the front line to support it for a month!"

"I guessed it already!" Zhao Yuande smiled. "Wei Chilei can't let me go. He didn't dare to commit suicide. He could only let me go to the front to die!"

"This is a warrant. You go to the front with the report of the Chinese army!" Song Zhende handed Zhao Yuande a warrant and left in a hurry.

"Are you killing the enemy on the front line? It is exactly what I need to hone!" Zhao Yuande weighed the warrant in his hand, his mouth slightly wide, showing a cold smile.

"Hello, are you here, brother?" The black bear pushed open the door of the cave house and walked in with great care.

The black bear looked around as soon as he entered, and the big tongue in his mouth kept licking his lips.

"Brother Xiong, I'm going to the front line for a month. You can bear with me this month!" Zhao Yuande knew that the other party's gluttonous problems had been committed again, and he could only shake his head helplessly.

"He's a **** egg, it must be the ghost of Yu Chilei's bunny. One day Grandpa Xiong will squeeze his egg!" Black Bear heard this, his heart was even brighter, and his teeth were biting. Boom.

"Brother Xiong, why don't you go with me?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought that this was also a big help. If he could take it with him, he would be less dangerous.

"Does this work?" Black Bear's eyes lit up.

"Why not? Whoever has the right to control you in this Huoyunzong. Moreover, there is a lot of meat on the front line waiting for us!" Zhao Yuande suddenly painted a huge pie for the other party.

"Yes! Grandpa Bear can't control anyone. Let's set off now, kill him upside down, kill him into a river of blood, eat the gang of turtles and grandchildren under the ground!" The black bear's eyes protruded and his mouth wide open. , Waving a huge bear paw vows.

"I think only the last sentence is Brother Xiong's words!" Zhao Yuande laughed.