Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 590

Chapter 590: Nine Headed Phoenix Bird

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"Brother Zhang Ling, this person..." The strong armor approached Zhang Ling and gently said in his ear, "This person's identity..."

"I know, this person's identity also needs Brother Feng to help me keep it secret, and don't give it away, otherwise it will cause endless trouble, and I will cover his breath." Zhang Ling waved his hand, and a silver light enveloped him Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande only felt that his breath was cut off by silver light. He knew that this was the secret seal that the other party had sealed in his body.

"Brother Zhao, what's your secret in your body? Even these strong men have to personally help you cover up?" Long Qingtian looked at Zhao Yuande somewhat curiously, trying to find out the difference in him.

"Oh! Not to say, not to say! But Brother Long will know about it sooner or later." Zhao Yuande smiled at him mysteriously and refused to speak again.

Many people have seen this scene and are also curious about Zhao Yuande.

"Let's go! Go and see many old friends." Zhang Ling looked and led everyone into the palace.

The strong armor leads the way ahead and talks with Zhang Ling very much.

"Isn't this Brother Zhang Ling? Haven't you been fined for ten thousand years? Why did you appear here? Did your apprenticeship at Bajing Palace start again?" A yin and yang strange voice sounded just after entering the palace.

A young man in white walking around Fang Bu, walked leisurely, he was very handsome, with a pair of eyes a little strange, among which flashing white brilliance.

There was a killing spirit in the hall at this time, and each wearing a war armor had a tense atmosphere. The young man in white seemed out of place with this environment.

When Zhang Ling saw this person, he couldn't help but frown slightly, but his cultivation was very good, but he gave him a light glance and said softly, "Fengchi, this is my business has nothing to do with you!"

"Huh! Really!" The young man in white saw the two hundred people behind Zhang Ling, his eyes lit up, revealing a trace of abuse, "Let me take a look at the potential of these little guys, just let me help you The Eight View Palaces are here to check."

Bai Guangdasheng in the eyes of the white-clothed youth was directly shrouded towards Zhao Yuande and others.

Zhao Yuande only felt that his knowledge of the sea was shaking violently, and his soul was pulled by this white light uncontrollably, slowly buffering out of his head.

"you dare!"

Seeing such a situation, Zhang Ling suddenly became furious, overhauled, and swept the white light directly. His eyes flashed coldly to his opponent.

"Fengchi, don't force me!" But Zhang Ling's murderous intention quickly slowly converged, looking at the other party's words with a little helplessness.

Many people all around here at this time, these people are very powerful in their cultivation, and they looked helpless in the eyes of the two. The identity of these two people is too sensitive, even if they are in Moyun City Seniors are not easy to say anything.

"Hey! Zhang Ling, you are still so useless, no wonder you will be given by your brother..." Feng Chi was unreasonable and laughed at Zhang Ling, "Yeah, I forgot, this is Zhang Zhang's life for you The pain of being betrayed by my most beloved brother, what exactly is it like..."

"Fengchi, are you looking for death?" Zhang Ling looked at the other party, but his eyes were turbulent.

But this look terrified the man in the armor next to him, but he knew his temper. The more this is, the more angry he is, and the terrible outbreak will follow.

"Do you have that skill?" Feng Chi squinted at Zhang Ling with contempt in his eyes. The other side's cultivation was clear to him, and he played against him several times, and this time he talked about Feng himself Tianjiu has become the sixth change, it should be able to defeat the other party!

The terrible atmosphere between the two was agitated, Zhao Yuande and others were protected by many powerful people early, otherwise the two would start to act, and I was afraid that Zhao Yuande would be shocked by the aftermath of terror in an instant.

Even so, Zhao Yuande felt the terrible depression in the space now, and even his breathing was not smooth.

"Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you." Zhang Ling raised his palm and shot towards the other party.

This palm is flat and indifferent, without any power, it seems like a normal palm shot.

However, Feng Chi's face became very dignified when he saw this palm. He glanced at a huge black bird's paw, and the nine colors of light on the bird's paw were shocked, a moment of terrifying energy of destruction. The entire hall was destroyed, the voids around the bird's claws collapsed, and a black flame burst out of the void, photographed towards Zhang Ling with endless power of terror.

"You haven't seen it for thousands of years, you are still obsessed with appearances, you are dead!" Zhang Ling saw this scene with a trace of ridicule at the corner of his mouth. "The real strong man controls the world, and you control only the world." The nine elements in it are just dead!"


The palm collided with the black bird's claws and made a tremendous loud noise. At this moment, the whole city began to tremble violently.

"Who is in my devil cloud city!" Four Huaguangs rose from the four directions of the devil cloud city, and four powerful beings instantly appeared in the battlefield of the war.

When the four people saw Zhang Ling and Feng Chi, they suddenly turned black one by one without saying a word. They began to seal the surroundings with all their strength, so that you should not destroy the whole city in the battle between them.


At the moment of the collision, Feng Chi shouted in horror, because his black bird claws began to crack, and immediately his entire person also began to show cracks.

"You... you even touched the realm..." The Fengchi story was not finished yet, and the whole person exploded at once.

The blood mist scattered all over the sky, a light flashed in the blood mist, and a nine-headed phoenix phantom sucked in the mouth to **** all the blood mist into the abdomen.

The nine-headed phoenix reverted to the appearance of Fengchi, but his face was extremely pale. He looked at Zhang Ling's eyes with fear.

"Let's go!" Zhang Ling glanced at Feng Chi and ignored him, but turned to look at the strong armor and thanked him gently, "Thank you!"

"Brother Zhang is polite, this is also my duty." The strong armor saw the brief confrontation just now, and immediately understood that Zhang Ling in front of him had not been the same as before. He had already touched the realm, and he would soon be with The strongest who became Buddhas and ancestors are in the same state.

"Brother Feng please arrange battle for them, I will wait for them to end the battle! I will visit those seniors first." Zhang Ling nodded at the strong armor and turned to walk out of the already ruined hall.

"He... so powerful!" Long Qingtian looked at Zhang Ling with some admiration. The previous battle seemed to make him firm again, and his determination to enter Bajing Palace. "His fighting power has far exceeded God's Realm, Even beyond the realm of my dragon ancestor dragon, Bajing Palace was really unfathomable!"

"Horrible! Take control of the world and turn the world into palms. It's strange that the other party doesn't die!" Zhao Yuande also murmured in a whisper. He suddenly felt a little alert, because the Feng Chi was looking at them with vicious eyes on this matter, "I think we The situation is not good, we will not be the victims of the two fight!"