Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Hide

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"It's not easy to say, but I don't think Senior Zhang Ling could make that guy succeed!" Long Qingtian looked at Fengchi, a trace of sadness appeared on his face, "He is the Nine-headed Phoenix of the Phoenix family, so powerful, no wonder My dragons have been so weak these years, it turns out they are already so powerful!"

"Is the Dragon Clan weak? Is Zhulong the Dragon Clan?" Zhao Yuande looked at Long Qingtian and asked this question.

"Candle Dragon naturally belongs to my dragon family, but his old man is now gone. My family has not heard from his old man for tens of thousands of years." Long Qingtian said, suddenly looking at Zhao Yuande with surprise, "You ...Do you know where his old man is?"

"Sleeping at the top of the extreme north of the East Emperor Great World, I just went back to visit this time." Zhao Yuande did not conceal.

"What? In the world of the Eastern Emperor, I'm going back to report the ancestor, let the ancestor... Brother Zhao you say you are going to visit his old man?" Long Qingtian's face expressed surprise.

"Yes, someone asked me to send him something. I can't be trusted by anyone." Zhao Yuande took out the black bead and showed it to Long Qingtian.

"This is... the eyes of Candle Dragon! Isn't that..." Long Qingtian's face was unbelievable.

"Don't guess, this is the eyes of the son of Zhulong." Zhao Yuande put away the black beads. "Don't Brother Long want me to give Senior Zhulong a word?"

"No! I want to see his old man in person. Brother Zhao, you must help me." Long Qingtian looked at Zhao Yuande anxiously. "I know that Brother Zhao has a space spirit treasure. Just bring me when you return. Enough."

"This is no problem, I promise you!" Zhao Yuande readily agreed to the other party.

The dragon family is strong. If he can have a relationship with the dragon family, he will have an ally in the worlds of the heavens, and it will be more convenient to act in the future.

While talking, the two came to a low barracks with the strong armor.

A large group of strong men in armor looked at them curiously in front of the barracks.

"Since Brother Zhang handed you over to me, then I will start allocating. You will be grouped in groups of three in various combat groups. Tomorrow you will enter the battlefield with all the soldiers to kill the demon... The captain of the first group came over, and these three people were grouped into your first group..." The strong armor began to be organized in an orderly manner.

Soon, two hundred people were put into various groups. I don't know if the other party was intentional or unintentional. They assigned Zhao Yuande and Long Qingtian and He Yanxin to a group.

The leader of their group is a woman. She is wearing a blood-red armor. Although there is no enchanting style, it has a unique charm. It reminds her of a word at once.

The strong armor introduced to them that this woman is called Dantai Yimeng, but is an emperor strong. Among many teams, this team is very outstanding and outstanding.

"The three of you... there is even a little guy with a combination of yin and yang." Dantai Yimeng glanced at the three, and finally set his eyes on Zhao Yuande, seeing his cultivation as a brow, he couldn't help but wrinkle, "but This sister is not simple, you have already realized the way of the wind, you can be the scout of our team! And you, the little fellow of the Dragon family, is a thug in front of you."

"Sister Meng, don't we take this small drag oil bottle?" A big five-three big man walked into Zhao Yuande and looked up and down carefully. "He is too weak. If it is carried like this, I am afraid it will affect our team's record."

The big man's face was rough, and there were several scars on his face, which made people feel terrible after reading it. He was unwilling to speak in front of Dantai Yimeng.

"Okay, this is the task laid out above, we have to pick it up!" Dantai Yimeng waved his hand, and then said, "However, we are also not their nanny, there is no obligation to protect them, they It is no wonder we are killed by the enemy on the battlefield."

"Yes!" Dahan, and several other team members heard Dantai Yimeng say this, and then he was relieved.

Zhao Yuande pouted, refusing to say anything.

"Come on! Let's get to know each other." Dantai Yimeng brought several players to his side and introduced them one by one. "He is called Scar, the world's triple dominator, and he is good at close combat. He called Mad Sword, the worlds triple dominance of realm cultivation, is good at assassination. His name is Zhuge Ming, the emperors mid-term cultivation, good at defense. She is called Dantai Yishui, the emperors early cultivation, good at illusion, few of you introduce yourself!"

"My name is Long Qingtian. I have six territories in the field. I'm good at boxing, and I also have good defense."

"He Yanxin, six fields, good at speed."

"Zhao Yuande, Yin and Yang are in one state, strong in flesh, good at long-range attack!" Zhao Yuande took out Chi Tong's bow and shook it.

"Hey, you guys are wonder they can get here, and they are good at archery, but your danger is really not that great." Scar looked at Zhao Yuande, grinning, and said, "But you want to start by It is basically impossible to shoot the enemy with the bow in the middle, at most it can only harass."

"Why?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"Because all the iron armor monsters that have recently appeared on the battlefield are wearing heavy armor. Even the thickness of the armor can not be cut even if it is an innate spirit." The scar sighed, "You guys are not coming Time! If you come here three months earlier, maybe you can catch up with the small flame demonic wave. At that time, the military merit was praised as a cool."

"Okay, don't be wordy. We have just returned from the battlefield. The birds have faded out of our mouths. Hurry and go to the restaurant to sit down!" Kuangjian is a thin young man with a pair of eyes cold and clear. There is a sense of killing, standing beside him makes people feel very uncomfortable.

"Okay, I agree, this time I'm here to treat guests!" Zhu Geming didn't look tall, but his body was very strong, and it made people feel a sense of security at first glance, as if it were a big mountain.

"Let's go! This time Brother Zhuge invites guests, we must not miss it!" Dantai Yishui does not look very old, a little lively, and looks similar to Dantai Yimeng.

"Let's go! Come the three of you together!" Dantai Yimeng waved to the three people and turned to follow them.

"I think these people are not bad, at least there is no such kind of high-end stink problem." Zhao Yuande smiled at the two of them, "Study and study well with them, this time also expecting them to take us to the top 50 It!"

"Brother Zhao, you are hiding again." Long Qingtian looked at the bow in Zhao Yuande's hand and smiled mysteriously.

"Hey, you're wrong. The bow is really my strong point. I don't believe you will know it when you are on the battlefield!" Zhao Yuande smiled and put Chitong bow on his back. He really looked a bit archer.

"Then I will wait and see..."