Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 593

Chapter 593: Demon

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"Sister Meng, you see that is Jialan!" The scar suddenly pointed to a team of soldiers not far away.

"This guy...he came out!" Kuang Jian's face was cold and murderous, and his body shivered with excitement.

"Don't be rash, both the bear and the fox are here, and..." Dantai Yimeng's face was very solemn, "and... he's here too!"

The crowd followed her gaze and couldn't help but take a breath.

"Feng Wuqin, son of the general, he would be with these three guys!" Zhu Geming's face was uncertain.

"I think he is just a strong player in the field of six heavyweights. Why are you so afraid of him?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously. He could see the behavior of this person. He didn't feel anything special about the other party. Why? You will be so discolored.

"He, he is the son of a general, dont look at his cultivation ability but the domain is sixfold, but we are not his opponent at all. He has a powerful baby on his body, even if the emperor comes, he cant help him, he is born He stood in an invincible position," Zhu Geming continued with a bitter complexion. "And he has gone through hundreds of battles and came out of the sea of corpses. It is rumored that his cultivation is young in the heavens and the world." It can be ranked in the top 100 in a generation. If you take out a large domain alone, there is no problem in the top five."

"It turns out like this!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "If you are afraid of this person, you can give it to us three. We are not afraid of the forces behind him. And you also underestimated Brother Long. He is a true dragon descendant. The young patriarch, although not necessarily able to suppress each other, will not lose!"

"Really?" The eyes of the five people looked at Long Qingtian in unison, and the light in their eyes could illuminate the ground below.

"Almost!" Long Qingtian glanced at Zhao Yuande fiercely, which meant that you pushed me out, and you should bear with me if something went wrong.

"The wind has no shortage but has the sword of killing should know this sword! Can you resist it?" Kuangjian was a little uncertain.

Killing the Immortal Sword... Zhao Yuande and the three of them couldn't help swallowing hard, and this baby was on this guy.

"Did he ever enter...hell!" Long Qingtian was shocked, the sky was dead, the four-handed fairy sword did not appear in the world, only the hell's Biyou Palace could get it.

"General Feng's ancestor is a disciple of Biyou Palace!" Zhu Geming nodded.

"No wonder!" Long Qingtian only felt a little dangling.

"Joke, what a great race is the Dragon race, the young patriarch must have extraordinary life-saving things, how can a killing fairy sword!" Zhao Yuande stood up and packed the ticket for Long Qingtian. "There is absolutely no problem."

"Really?" How dare people believe what Zhao Yuande said, the five pairs of eyes gathered again.

"Really!" How could Long Qingtian be false? Doesn't that mean that the Dragon Clan is weaker than Tongtian?

But he wants to beat Zhao Yuande, this guy is talking nonsense here.

"Brother Zhao, what exactly do you want to do? I don't know Donghuang Zhong soon, I'm not completely familiar yet!" Long Qingtian felt a bit big.

"I'm helping ourselves!" Zhao Yuande whispered, "We still need these five people to help us if we want to fight, in case something goes wrong with these five people, we're going to be blind, so helping them is equivalent to helping ourselves. ."

"What you said makes sense, but I am not sure about Fengxian's killing immortal sword." Long Qingtian continued his voice.

"Fine! Brother Long, don't be humble, Donghuang Zhong is not weaker than the killing fairy sword, you don't have to worry!" Zhao Yuande knows how powerful Donghuang Zhong is.

You must know that Donghuang is a powerful existence that is not weaker than Tongtian. How can his enlightenment be inferior to that of the Xianxian Sword? It may be stronger than Donghuangzhong.

"Okay! But you can't stand by at the critical moment."

"rest assured!"

At this time Jia Lan also noticed their existence, he smiled slightly at the crowd, and made a throat cut with his hand on the neck.

Zhao Yuande backhanded the little finger, his face full of contempt.

"Damn little bunny!" Jia Lan yelled angrily when she saw Zhao Yuande sticking her little finger to herself.

"Jia Lan, what's wrong?" Feng Wuxi glanced at Jia Lan.

"Feng Gongzi, that kid dared to despise me, I must cut him down!" Jia Lan pointed to Zhao Yuande and found that the other party was still provoking himself.

"Oh, it was Dantai Yimeng, this woman is not simple!" Feng Wuxun saw Dantai Yimeng beside Zhao Yuande, his face showed a very interested look.

"Feng Gongzi, are you interested in her? Would the three of our brothers take her down and send him to the bed of the young son?" A one-eyed man beside Jia Lan showed a yin smile on his face.

"How can Feng Feng see this kind of stuff, not gentle at all, and knows to kill and kill all day long." The remaining one was a fat man who was round and round, he pointed his eyebrows to Dantai Yishui with a certain intention. "That chick is the best!"

"Hugh nonsense, how could I do that kind of thing." Feng Wuxie pretended to be angry, but a pair of eyes looked at Dantai Yishui.

I saw that the girl was seventeen or eighteen years old, tender and beautiful, and it was indeed the type that everyone saw and loved.

The other three saw Feng Wuqin's eyes, and immediately showed a knowing smile. They all turned their eyes to Dantai Yishui.

"These three guys are not authentic, they seem to be thinking about Yishui girl." Zhao Yuande secretly voiced himself to Long Qingtian and He Yanxin, "He Xianzi really has self-knowledge and changed his appearance early, otherwise it is really not that big. Safety."


Everyone was still talking, and suddenly saw a roar of the beast roaring in this black desert, a black monster with a huge body rushed out of the black sand dunes, and roared repeatedly at the many practitioners in the sky.

These black monsters were covered with thick scales, and the scales shone cold and shiny as if wearing a layer of iron armor.

On these black monsters, a terrible monster shaped like an ape squats, his eyes cold, just staring at the people flying in the sky, which constantly flashes the light of wisdom.

"Discovered a large group of iron armor demon, which is mixed with ape demon!" a leader in front shouted.

"All the soldiers landed and beheaded these demons!" A white-haired old man in the middle of the team sighed coldly and waved his hand downward.


Thousands of powerful soldiers swooped down and rushed into the endless black desert, fighting with the huge monsters.


Just as they swooped down, the sky suddenly rolled black clouds, and a large black bird with a head of hundreds of feet was rushed towards the strong men in the sky.

"Broken, these black scaled crows are too powerful, we may be overwhelmed!" The white-haired old man headed was very unsightly. He punched and flew a **** bird, looking at the violent fighting below with some worry. .

"Those boys look at their character!" another old man sighed. "Hope this time is not a trap for the Demon Race, otherwise this time the losses will be hit!"

"Don't keep your hands, solve these black scale crows quickly!"