Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 595

Chapter 595: Cooperation

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"Why did the chick escape there? That's the black ant's den, and it must die!" Jia Lan kept paying attention to Zhao Yuande's direction. Seeing that they were fleeing there, they couldn't help screaming.

"Black Ant's Lair?" Feng Wuxun looked at everyone's back and thought a little, "We are also fleeing there, there is a way of life!"

"But..." What did Cyclops want to say.

"Shut up, if you don't believe me, just go, I'm gone!" Feng Wuxi was too lazy to explain to these people, and turned to escape in the direction of Zhao Yuande.

"What else is verbose, let's go!" The plump fat man gave a blank look to both of them, keeping up with the pace of the wind, "My son is waiting for me, I'm here too!"

"We're here too!" Jia Lan and the one-eyed dragon glanced at each other. They had no choice but to keep up.

Zhao Yuande they flew a distance towards the black ant's lair, and suddenly saw a black hurricane in front of them. This hurricane was sweeping across the endless land. The rocky hills and plants on the ground were all swept away after being swept through!

"That's the black ant colony. Wherever they go, they can't grow grass. Even a divine emperor can't escape from their mouths. Only the Divine Emperor controls the origin of Heavenly Dao and may be able to defeat it!" Dantai Yimeng watched in horror. With this hurricane, "we'd better go around carefully, otherwise they will be found, and we will have no bones."

Everyone carefully circumvented the black hurricane, but did not go far, and suddenly saw huge sand dunes bulging on the black ground, and there seemed to be creepy creatures in the sand dunes.

"Yes... Queen, how come there are so many queens, this is not normal!" Dantai Yimeng looked very dignified.

"What's wrong? How could there be so many black ants without queens?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Look, there are exactly 18 queens dunes. The arrangement of these queens dunes is in a certain see they are all under control!" Dantai Yimeng's dream covered his own. Mouth, try to keep your voice down.

The crowd followed her gaze, only to find that a vague figure was shaking behind each huge sand dune.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the eyes, and suddenly found that these figures are all the powerful demon clan, and each of these powerful demon clan is a powerful emperor in the realm of emperor, and eighteen powerful emperors in the realm of emperor. undoubtedly.

"It really is a Demon Race, what do they want to do? Control these queens and produce an endless army of black ants... Are they going to destroy the entire Black Cloud City?" Dantai Yimeng looked at these giants in shock dune.

"We want to destroy their plans, and we must not let them succeed. Although the cultivation of this group of demons is very strong, but we are not without opportunities." Zhuge Ming stared at the sand dunes, "We can use that thing. ..."

"You mean the two soul-eating **** thunders?" The scar eyes widened. "That's our last hole card, and there are only two, and there are eighteen queen queen dunes in front of us."

"Perhaps... maybe we can join forces with them and use the power of the killing sword." Zhao Yuande pointed to the back, and the four figures appeared and disappeared.

"When did they keep up with us?" The scars saw the four men's faces suddenly changed, and the long knife they held was a little tempting. "Cooperating with them will undoubtedly seek cooperation with the tiger. Don't move this idea, they may be in While cooperating, stab the knife in the back."

"This is absolutely not possible. They are all bad guys, and they have killed our companions. We can't cooperate with them!" Dantai Yishui was also very excited, and tears came out of his eyes.

"No, I would rather die than cooperate with them. You don't deceive people here, believe me or not!" Jian Jian stared at Zhao Yuande with flames in his eyes.

"Now this is the only way. Using the horror killing power of the Immortal Sword, it should be easy to kill those queens." Zhao Yuande ignored the fierce words of others, but looked at Dantai Yimeng with a scorching eye. He knew that this woman was the backbone of the team, and what she said would convince everyone.

"Okay!" Dantai Yimeng thought for a while and nodded gently. "Don't be excited, these people are insidious and cunning, but now we can only rely on them to destroy the plans of these demons. I believe they are not. Stupid, cooperation is the only way now. As for them, we must be careful to prevent them from attacking us after the plan is successful. Come, let us all discuss..."

"What are those people whispering?" Jia Lan looked at the eight people at this time, seeming to be communicating, but the other party blocked the space and could not hear a bit of voice at all.

"They are discussing how to cooperate with us." Feng Wuxie looked at the huge, regularly arranged sand dunes in the distance, and there was also a worried expression on his face, and said lightly, "Actually I also want to cooperate with them."

"Cooperate with them? They wish they could eat the three of us." The Cyclops was startled.

"If you want to eliminate those Demon Races, if you want to lift the crisis of Moyun City, if you want to leave alive, you can only work with them, otherwise we will probably all die here." Feng Wuxan glanced at the three, "You It is forbidden to make any crooked ideas before successfully destroying the Demon Race, otherwise I will not be spared!"

"Ah!" Jia Lan was taken aback, but quickly tasted the taste in the other party's words. "You mean, Master, as long as the Demon Race is eliminated, we can do it at will?"

"Huh! I didn't say that." Feng Wuxue took a big step, and walked towards Zhao Yuande with their fairness, "Go away, remember my words, otherwise don't blame me for killing the fairy sword mercilessly!"

"Yes! My son!" Jia Lan's three faces showed a knowing smile and hurriedly followed the pace of the wind.

On the side of Dantai Recalling Dreams, they hadn't negotiated a good countermeasure, they saw that Feng Wuqian, the four people, no longer hide their bodies, came in large strides, and they all felt nervous immediately.

"Don't be nervous, in fact, I came here to find you to cooperate with the demon team!" Feng Wuxie laughed, "In fact, there is no unsolvable hatred for everyone. They just lost their hearts last time, this time I let them apologize to you, and dont be distracted during the cooperation, otherwise it will affect the overall situation."

"Feng Gongzi, we have no problem cooperating with you, but why should we cooperate with them?" Although the scars were afraid of the wind, they were really deeply complained about the three people of Jialan.

"Fine scar! Listen to Feng Gongzi." Dantai Yimeng waved his hand to stop the scar.

"Jia Lan, you haven't come to apologize to Dantai Fairy." Feng Wuxu turned his head to look at the three people behind him, and glanced coldly at them.

The three of them wanted to say something, but when they thought of the strength of the wind, they immediately bowed their heads obediently and came to the crowd to apologize.