Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Ambush

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"Okay, now we forgive them for the time being, lets talk about the cooperation!" Dantai Yimeng stopped everyone behind him, not letting them speak, but nodded lightly to the wind, and signaled him to continue Keep talking.

"I know you actually want to cooperate with me too. The killing sword in my hand is very powerful. If I do my best, I am afraid I can only barely split the five swords with my cultivation. After the five swords, I will be exhausted. In a few words, we will combine the spiritual power to exert the horror power of killing the fairy sword. It should be able to kill those demons, and then the queen sand dunes will be left to us to slaughter, even...even we can control these ants. After the sand dunes to deal with the demons." Feng Wuxi said the brighter his eyes.

"Okay, Feng Gongzi. We promised to cooperate, but don't think about controlling the queen. Our divine soul power is simply not enough to control them. Now let's discuss how to eliminate those demons!" Dantai Yimeng Interrupted the windless daydream and pulled him back to reality.

"Yes, I was whimsical..."

Twelve people got together and quickly worked out a plan.

"Every demons are attentively manipulating their own souls and trying to turn the queens into their pets, so they have not found our traces yet, but I always feel a little uneasy, these demons will definitely not With such a wide open door, there must be some defensive measures. We'd better attack the queen dunes from a distance, and try their reaction..."

The crowd soon determined that Zhao Yuande and the one-eyed dragon holding the bow first attacked the queen sand dunes.

"Wind Master, can I not go!" The one-eyed dragon looked pitifully at the wind, and he didn't want to be a tester.

"No!" Feng Wukui stared at the other party fiercely. "You see this little brother, although the cultivation of Yin and Yang is in one place, but everyone is not afraid, what are you afraid of?"

"He..." The one-eyed dragon looked at Zhao Yuande and found that the other party was smiling at himself. He suddenly didn't hit his heart. You kid is not afraid of death, but I'm not a fool. This is obviously letting us be a bait. Okay to die there.

"Huh?" Feng Wuxi was slightly angry, and his face sank suddenly.

"Okay! I'll go, can't I go?" The one-eyed dragon knows that this young man's heart is ruthless, if he doesn't go, I'm afraid he will be killed here on the spot.

"Go! Try to keep yourself safe." Feng Wuque nodded in satisfaction.

The one-eyed dragon looked back at the crowd one step at a time, this bitterness in his heart!

He is nothing but the world's threefold cultivation practice, in case the Demon Race wants to kill him, he can escape without confidence.

Zhao Yuande pretended to take an arrow and put it on the bow string, his face showed a dignified expression, followed behind the one-eyed dragon, step by step close to the nearest queen dune.

"Boy, you shoot an arrow first!" Ten miles from the sand dune, the one-eyed dragon glared at Zhao Yuande and let him shoot an arrow.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande didn't refuse, and when the bow opened the full moon, an arrow swooped out and shot at the queen dunes.

However, when the arrow flew out of seven or eight miles, it suddenly lost its accurate head and landed on the ground crookedly.

"The boss of the one-eyed dragon, it's not that I didn't work hard, it's really that my cultivation is too low, and I can't shoot at all!" Zhao Yuande's face was embarrassed, "Shall we go forward?"

One-eyed dragon glanced at Zhao Yuande with disgust: "His mother is really useless. Is it for you to cultivate food like this? Lao Tzu personally!"

The one-eyed dragon pulls a bow and shoots an arrow, the arrow is like a wind, and it instantly spans a distance of ten miles, and it is shot fiercely in the middle of the queen dune.

The strong explosion blasted half of the queen's dune in an instant, and dense black ants burst out of the dune.

These ants are not very large, only the size of human thumbs, but they are fierce and unusual. Instead of rushing towards Zhao Yuande, they began to kill each other and devour each other.


I don't know when, the crowd only heard the sound of wind around them, and a black shadow rushed out of the black desert and rushed towards the crowd.

"It's a shadow demon! Everyone defends with all their strength, don't let them take advantage of it!" Dantai Yimeng's face suddenly changed when he saw these shadows.

"No, we're in an ambush!" Feng Wuqian's eyes revealed Li Mang, and a long sword in his hand made the sound of a snarling sword. Split in two, black blood sprayed.


The power of the wind without a sword, originally wanted to deter other shadow demons, and wanted to make these shadow demons retreat, but did not expect to have the opposite effect.

The swarm of shadow demon, seeing this scene suddenly bloodshot eyes, as if falling into extreme anger, the body is black light, the fighting power has instantaneously doubled.

"Run! Let's run!" Jia Lan suddenly changed his face when he saw this, "We can't escape until the enclosure is closed."

"Humph! Something timid as a mouse, come back to kill me, otherwise I will cut you off first!" Feng Wuqian's face is very ugly, these three characters are not reliable at all, greedy for fear of death, no discipline, It really made him lose everyone.

Jia Lan suddenly felt that her younger generation's cold hairs were upright, and turned to see that the unblemished wind-killing sword had been aimed at herself. She was so scared that she almost **** out and hurriedly turned around to kill the shadow demon who was rushing over.

In fact, the fighting power of these shadow fiends is not strong, but it is very difficult to kill. It is ok to take out the trapped people. If you want to kill, you need...

When everyone tried their best to resist the shadow demon, Zhao Yuande and the one-eyed dragon also fled back. Behind them, dozens of black ants like hills were grinding their long jaw teeth against them.

Dantai Yimeng suddenly realized that these black ants are the real killers!

"Wind Master, kill these black ants with all my strength, otherwise we will die!" Dantai Yimeng shouted anxiously.

"Come and help me, we will work together, maybe there is hope."

Feng Wuqin is also a little scared. Each of these black ants has the fighting power of the emperor, and they are all weapons around them. Even the breath is sprayed with terrible poison gas. If they are approached, I am afraid they will be instantly Kill half of the people.


Tantai Yimeng's sister Xiu Xiu was the highest, plus this convenient round fat man, the four of them joined forces and the spirit was full of excitement.

A thick, mountain-like sword gas shot out of the killing sword, and instantly cut the three black ants rushing in front into a pool of blood mud.

However, these black ants were too big. After slashing three heads, Jianqi lost their strength, leaving only a blood stain on the fourth black ant.

"Keep going!"

Seeing the victory report, Feng Wuxu finally showed a happy face, and continued to manipulate the killing sword to shoot out the Dao Jianqi, beheading the black ants.