Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 597

Chapter 597: Black Pupil Lake

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"Ah! Master Feng, we'll be able to withstand it soon!" Jia Lan screamed at this time. He was attacked by the three-headed shadow demon and nearly got pierced by a black hole from the shadow demon.

Without the help of the four strongest men, Scars, Sword Madness, Long Qingtian, several of them have been backed up by a large number of Shadow Demon. The battle circle is getting smaller and smaller, and they will soon form a surround!

Zhao Yuande was also caught in the shadow of the shadow demon at this time, but he was not afraid, because he and Long Qingtian's real backers had not yet come out, as long as there was the protection of the East Emperor Zhong, even if the God Emperor came, they would take them There is no way.

"Damn, you hold up, or we will all die here! That's..." Feng Wuxue followed the killing of the immortal sword, sent out a sword gas, and hacked a black ant. He suddenly had a strong sense of crisis, and looked up Looking in the distance, I saw a queen queen dune actually exploded and burst out dense black ants from them again. These black ants swallowed each other... Another dozen large black ants screamed and rushed over.

Indistinctly he also saw a huge figure slowly sneaking into the underground!

"Run! If you don't shoot anymore, you're really going to die here!" Feng Wuxi suddenly turned his killing sword, and slashed towards the dozens of shadow demons behind him. .

"You... are crazy!" Sister Dantai suddenly withdrew her spiritual power, and Dantai Yimeng yelled angrily, "You attacked your companion.

As soon as the spirits of the two women withdrew, the sword that killed the Immortal Sword suddenly collapsed.

"It's over, there's no time, we're about to die!" Feng Wuqian pointed in horror and pointed at the black ants rumbling in the distance, and the undulating sand waves in the black desert.

Sister Dantai saw the direction of Feng Wuxie's fingers, and her face was also white, but they did not regret the withdrawal of their spiritual power. They and Feng Wuxie were not a kind of person. They could not send their companions to **** for their own escape. .

"Kill! There is still a chance to kill!" Zhao Yuande saw Feng Wuqian and the two women lost their fighting spirit, and immediately shouted, "That direction, that direction seems to have the least enemies!"

"Brother Long, don't let go of the work, and quickly bring out your killer tool, otherwise we will die here!" At the same time, Zhao Yuande also sent a voice to Long Qingtian to let him work hard.


Suddenly the bells lingered, and the sound of the bells swayed people's hearts, making everyone's souls clear instantly, and the golden lights rushed to the surroundings like a tide. It seemed to be burning, and there was a burst of burnt smell.

The hill-like black ants, after being struck by the bell, were a daze for a while, as if the bell struck them silly.

Everyone's eyes burst out of the raw light, and they all focused their gazes in the direction of the bells.

I saw Long Qingtian dragging a slap-sized golden small clock, and the small clock oscillated lightly.

"This...this is..." Everyone stared at Long Qingtian with a stunned look.

Especially the light is hot in Feng Wuqian's eyes, a kind of red fruit fruit possessive is written on his face.

"Hurry up!" Zhao Yuande shouted.

"Long Qingtian is all protected, we evacuate in that direction!" Dantai Yimeng saw the greed of the wind, and immediately let everyone protect Long Qingtian. They took Long Qingtian as the center and moved in the direction Zhao Yuande said. Evacuate.

Although there is a greedy light in Feng Wuqian's eyes, he is not stupid now and he must never be surprised. He winked at Jialan three people, and the three people nodded.

The power of the East Emperor Bell was far beyond everyone's expectations. All the shadow fiends were burned with golden light, and the black ants were turning around like fools, but the monsters lurking in the sand did not stop. Still closely behind everyone.

"There are no black scale birds in the sky anymore, can we..." Scar said.

"No! Do you see the dark clouds in the sky? They are all black-scaled birds. The sky is the most dangerous place on the battlefield." Dantai Yimeng waved his hand immediately.

"There is a **** lake over there, it seems like the legendary black pupil lake!" Kuang Jian suddenly saw a black water shadow flashing in front.

"Black pupil lake! We will come here like this?" Feng Wuqi exclaimed, "This Keli is only thousands of miles away from the Demon's base camp. We cannot escape in this opposite direction. road!"

"Look, all directions are the shadows of the demons, but there is only the direction of Black Eye Lake, there is the only way of life!" Zhao Yuande looked at the big lake not far away, instinctively felt that there might be A touch of life.

"I won't run away, I'll die if I die. There are enough Demon Races killed by Lao Tzu. I'm not dead!" The scars gritted their teeth. "Today Lao Tzu is out and fighting with Mo Clan!"

"No, we should set off to Black Eye Lake. Have you forgotten the legend of Black Eye Lake?" Dantai Yimeng suddenly remembered something and nodded to the crowd. "Maybe that legend is true, we may be able to Go out alive."

"Sister, do you mean..." Dantai Yishui suddenly blinked.

"Don't go on, this is a taboo!" Dantai Yimeng covered her sister's mouth, "Careful, let's speed up!"

Zhao Yuande looked at the black lake with some curiosity. What kind of legend is there?

Their speed was very fast, and they came to the black lake in a blink of an eye. At this time, the East Emperor Clock in Long Qingtian suddenly stopped suddenly, and the light gradually condensed, as if it had become an ordinary little clock, let Long Qing How the sky urges him, it seems that his power is like a mud bull entering the sea, and he can't mobilize anything at all.

"What's the matter? Why is this happening? What happened?" Feng Wuxie watched the shadow demon and the black ants who had lost their deterrence chasing them frantically, and some shadows formed a siege around them. The situation, surrounded them firmly before the **** lake.

"There is a force in the Great Lakes, a very powerful force, which restricts it." Long Qingtian looked at Donghuang Zhong with a serious face in his face. The shock in his heart was even more unspeakable.

What kind of terrible spirit treasure Donghuang Zhong is, he knows better than anyone else, but that is the treasure of chaos, there is nothing in this world that can restrain him, why did it lose its effectiveness before this big lake?

"Let's go to the little island on the lake!" Dantai Yimeng stepped on the lake and quickly entered the center of the lake. There is a small island in the center of the lake. There is no bare plants on the lake, only a big blue stone. Standing in the middle of the island, some words were carved on the dashi. These words seem to be old, and the font is very old. They couldn't understand it for a while.