Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 598

Chapter 598: Eye For Eye

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"These words seem to be the words of that era, and the words above seem to be a battle of the ancients..." He Yanxin looked at the words on the blue stone, a little dazed.

"What kind of battle is it?" Zhao Yuande was very curious. The remains of a battlefield, this lake will not be all bones!

"Ancient Myth War!" He Yanxin took a deep breath, "Countless innate gods and demons are fighting here, a respectable ancient **** is falling here, only the strongest remaining in the heavens and the world, embarking on the road of return here ......This is the burial ground of God, and the rise and fall of the heavens and the world are here!"

"This... how is this possible? Why is this happening, does the Demon Clan invade my heavens and earth and choose the camp around here, just for here?" Feng Wuque's voice trembled, and he felt his legs were shaking, It's too dangerous here.

"No, it is impossible for the Mozu to know all this. They discovered it later, and they wanted to invade it, but that happened, and then the pace of their raids slowed down, so that we had time to breathe. "Dantai Yimeng whispered," my ancestors had witnessed that scene, the overwhelming powerful demons swept the entire world, including countless **** emperors, **** emperors countless, but after passing this **** lake All of them died here inexplicably at that time! Even the strongest of my heavens and the world have countless people lay dead by the black lake, so no one dared to approach this lake since then, and this lake has become my A dividing line between Tianwanjie and the invading demons."

"I know!" Feng Wuxu suddenly remembered something, and he said with a trembling, "The palaces in hell, the dead powerful existence, all fell in this battle!"

"Yes, I'm afraid this is the place where the strong men bury their bones! I'm afraid there are many great treasures hidden under the lake. If we can go down and see, maybe it can be..." Endless greed was revealed in the eyes of Feng Wuqin .

"It turns out that I said that my clock was restrained. It turned out that there was a stronger baby hidden under the lake!" Long Qingtian looked at the bottom of the lake, even his eyes were eager.

"What kind of treasure is there in the Great Lake? Jump down to see the truth..." Zhao Yuande looked at the dark lake and couldn't even see through the sky.

"Those demons retreated." Dantai Yishui pulled Sister La's clothes and pointed to the distance.

"Great! They finally retreated from the difficulties, and we are saved!" Jialan's eyes suddenly looked at the wind without missing, with an inquiry in his eyes.

"Very well, let's take a break here first. If there is no danger, we will go down to the lake to explore!" Feng Wuqi shook his head gently at Jia Lan, then nodded again.

Everyone saw the Mozu retreat, and they all breathed out, and their mind suddenly relaxed, especially the scar was sitting on the ground with a butt, breathing heavily.

"Brother Long, He Xianzi, ready, we are about to act!" Zhao Yuande whispered to the two of them. He saw the brows of Feng Wuqi and Jia Lan, and he seemed to have a bad idea in mind.

"Dantai girl, let your people be careful, and a war will happen soon!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Dantai Yimeng again, but they could not let them loose and suffer a big loss.

"Huh? What a battle?" Dantai recalled her dream for a moment, but soon looked at Feng Wuqi and Jialan, and she suddenly had some thoughts in her mind.

"They should attack Brother Long first. I hope you must protect him. If his baby is lost, you will die!" Zhao Yuande continued to tell him that he was really afraid that these people would not be on the road.

"Got it!" Dantai looked at Zhao Yuande strangely, and always felt that this guy was a bit unusual, but he hadn't been exposed to the mountains, and now he finally spoke.

But this can only be said that his brain is still easy to use, and the combat effectiveness is still unknown.

"Brother, what clock is that, won't it be the legendary Eastern Emperor Bell!" Jialan leaned over and smiled at Long Qingtian, seemingly wanting some news from his mouth.

"Bald head, let my brother stay away, otherwise don't blame me for being merciless under the arrow!" Zhao Yuande raised the red bow in his hand and aimed at Jia Lan.

"Hey, you kid, are you looking for death? You dare to threaten your grandfather with me! Believe me or not, I slapped you!" Jia Lan looked at Zhao Yuande and waved at him hard.

"Kill!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold, and the bowstring pulled away an invisible arrow and shot.

"Hey, I see who dares to save you today!" Jia Lan rushed towards Zhao Yuande when he got up, but felt his body froze, unable to move at all.

"Bang!" The East Emperor Zhong in Long Qingtian's hands smashed Jia Lan's head fiercely, smashing Jia Lan's head directly.

"Look, don't kill!" Zhao Yuande shouted again, and once again shot the arrow of time towards the one-eyed dragon on the side.

"Hurry away!" Feng Wuxu finally changed his face at this time. He clearly felt the power of time contained in Zhao Yuande's arrow. The killing immortal sword in his hand pierced Zhao Yuande's sword, and the sword gas was vertical and horizontal. Zhao Yuande shrouded in, "This kid plays pigs and eats tigers and dies to me!"

After being warned by the wind, the one-eyed dragon flashed away from the arrow of time, and his backhand fired an arrow at the sword madman he had already set.

"I had expected you to be like this. Today we will let you pay for your blood!" Jian Kuanghong rushed towards the one-eyed dragon. His figure fluttered in the air, and he came to the one-eyed dragon in an instant. To his heart.

"Roar!" The fat man roared. He didn't know when to grab a pair of giant hammers in his hand. He yelled towards the water at the nearest Dantai Yishui. He didn't know anything about Xiangxiangxiyu.

"Fat fat man, your opponent is us!" Zhuge Ming giant shield stood up and directly bounced back the fat man's sledge hammer. The scar was silently rushed towards the fat man.

"Give me a hand!" Dantai Yimeng saw Zhao Yuande being shrouded in the sword spirit of the killing fairy sword, and immediately screamed and attacked the wind without a want, wanting to save Wei from Zhao.

"Today I must kill you!" Feng Wuxi gritted his teeth and ignored the attack of Dantai Yimeng. He was confident that the other party would not dare to kill himself, and he would certainly kill this bad guy with his sword.

At this time, Long Qingtian saw Zhao Yuande being attacked by Jian Qi. He smiled and didn't care. He waved his fists and rushed towards the one-eyed dragon.

And He Yanxin was even more simple, and Yufeng appeared at the moment in front of the one-eyed dragon, and a sword pierced the one-eyed dragon's throat.